Lawyer Criticizing Lawyer in Gasser v. Lukasik Suit

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission:

Algonquin Township – Attorney Gooch takes Township attorney James Kelly to the wood shed


McHenry Co. (ECWd) –


What more can you say to the clear chastising James Kelly recieved from Bob Miller’s Attorney, Thomas Gooch III. 

The communication should be of great interest to the board and the citizens.

One note of interest is Bob Miller having direct communications with James Kelly, who is not his attorney in this case but has represented Miller in the past, both for the Township and for the Association Miller started and ran from the Township offices.

All that aside, it is clear Gooch now sees what we have been witnessing for over a year.  

Algonquin Township Attorney Jim Kelly

Kelly is about delay and billable hours. 

It’s as if it’s part of his business model. 

Glad to see others in the field of law calling Kelly out for his actions as a Township attorney.

Once again, we urge the trustee’s circus clowns of Algonquin Township to terminate James Kelly as their attorney and stop the real cause behind out of control legal bills. 

Nice to see Gooch agrees the board would be better served with a different attorney.

Gooch to Kelly: 

“for your own selfish reasons you do not want this settlement to happen”

“Did you ever tell the Board that you were going to be disqualified by Mr. Hanlon”

“You evidently told him that what was important was passing the budgets, that you didn’t trust Mr. Hanlon, ( this is the pot calling the kettle white), and you “don’t know what to tell him (Bob) regarding the approval.”

“You further told him that its really not important as the board had agreed in executive session.”

“You know perfectly well that they need to vote in public.

So your final shot to my client, was “they will have to just schedule a special meeting”

When they do Jim, how are you going to delay or stall that one?”

“Frankly I think the interests of all concerned would be better served were the board getting their advice from someone other then you or connected to you.”

“In another life when I was both a Township Attorney and a Village Attorney I always made sure the agendas and notices were correct in ample time to proceed with business without additional fees due to special meetings. You might consider getting back to the basics.”

You can download a copy of the entire communication at this link.


Lawyer Criticizing Lawyer in Gasser v. Lukasik Suit — 15 Comments

  1. Hysterical!

    A private lawyer is giving an ethics lesson to a government lawyer.

    Can anyone tell us what the detailed discovery was that Gooch mentioned in his Email?

  2. The discovery includes depositions and the last thing these lawyers want is their client being questioned under oath.


  4. Kelly should be run out of out town on a rail. A rail set on fire.

  5. I’m not sure the board can fire Kelly.

    Isn’t the power to fire the Township Attorney in the hands of the supervisor?

    Can the board ask for his resignation?

    Why has Lutzow kept him around?

  6. That is what Judge Michael Caldwell ruled in the Grafton Township case brought by Supervisor Linda Moore.

  7. Cal, can you expand on his ruling?

    Did he say only the supervisor could fire the attorney or that the board could rescind there consent?

    I dont have the case at my fingertips today.

  8. Kirk? You wrote yourself on August 8, 2018
    “…It is clear, the legislature did two key things as it relates to Township Employees.

    1. Excluded their power to employ for three Township Offices (those offices have that specific power-see below)
    2. Provided no power to delegate their employment powers to another elected official.

    With those facts in mind, one only need to read case law and apply it accordingly.”…

  9. Cindy, what is your question?

    As your comments may relate to my question to Call, I agree case law has spoken, I just dont have a copy in front of to say what the answer is for sure.

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