National GOP Steps into Casten Race after Democrat Calls for Trump Impeachment — 6 Comments

  1. It must be true if low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard believes it to be.
    The vacuum between his ears keeps reality at bay.

  2. This is The Issue the RNC is worried about?

    Not foreign crises, healthcare, the deficit, corruption, security?

    With Trump approval consistently 10 points underwater?

    Man this is going to be fun.

    I’m worried about Abe by the way.

    Does anyone check on him? He seems even more obsessive and disoriented than usual.

    Is he not taking his pills?

  3. Is this buffoon tronald chump still president? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

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