State Board of Elections Dismisses Bob Anderson Complaint about Pro-Township Campaign Group

From Carol Perschke, treasurer for the Citizens for Facts First campaign:

The NWH ran a big article with Bob’s picture stating he was filing a complaint with the Board because – in his mind- we did something illegal with regard to campaign finance & reporting.

The article inferred we were wrong because he uncovered something!

He complained that we didn’t show 2 donations from Bob Miller.

IF Bob Anderson knew or understood campaign financing reporting, but he doesn’t, those donations were received before our campaign hit the $5000 mark, when you need to set up a campaign.

Campaign reporting does not require the details of the beginning balance. 

Transactions did take place prior to reaching the $5000 requirement.

His second complaint was that we should have listed the $$ spent by Mr Bob Beltran for the legal fees used in all the court objections as in-kind donations.

Mr Beltran set up a go-fund-me thing on Facebook using our campaign name for donations.

When Craig Adams noticed that name he asked Mr. Beltran to change the name since those funds were not for our committee, but to pay his attorney. 

Mr Beltran then shut that down, collected the donations & gave them to me for deposit.

I, in turn, wrote a check to his attorney for the same amount.

His attorney provided an affidavit that was submitted to the elections Board stating our campaign was not one of their clients.

Anderson rambled to the hearing officer that our campaign could or would have benefitted if the question were kept off the ballot.

He testified Tina Hill, who worked on our campaign, was at the hearings therefore we were a part of it. 

Regardless of his paper shuffling & rambling the single affidavit was the evidence.

The purpose of this message is to provide the NWH with the ruling that dismissed the complaint – not to have been filed upon justifiable grounds..

I also request the NWH run an equally sized article, wasn’t his run on a Sunday, that shows the baseless complaint was unfounded, another one of his attention grabbing efforts for public support. 

This is proof positive he gets things in his head then acts on them without knowing the details, only hoping to make someone not on his bandwagon look bad.

Him filing that complaint wasted State tax $$ from the hearing officer & then the board members.

It wasted a half day of my life since I had to go to the Thompson Center to provide the evidence because he didn’t know the law plus my out of pocket costs, which will be shown as an in-kind on the next cycle of campaign reporting.

The Hearing Examiner’s report and the State Board of Elections decision follow:


State Board of Elections Dismisses Bob Anderson Complaint about Pro-Township Campaign Group — 6 Comments

  1. Carol Pershke …. I didn’t know she was still alive.

    A lot of explaining to do.

    Tina Hill and Bob Miller were on her side, giving her money?

    That’s enough for me.

  2. Poor Pershke”to have to waste a half a day of her important life!”

    Boo Hoo!

    After cheating taxpayers with an incredibly poor job of assessing property and still sucking pension money, she shouldn’t have a complaint in the world.

    The taxpayers have paid and are still paying for her incompetence.

  3. The fact is Bob Anderson has wasted a ton of tax $$$$$ playing political games without any facts to back up his claims.

    Bob Anderson and his supporters should to the work and prove the claim townships should be eliminated with facts based on actual numbers or shout the ….. up.

  4. The nob, aka Bob Miller has diverted far more $ to himself.

    Cayman Islands.

  5. Not Bob, so what proof do you have of so called Miller Cayman Island $$$$$?

    Just running your lips right?

    There is a big mess at AT, Gasser and Miller!

    There is enough unfavorable info out there about the whole crew of elected at AT without adding BS like so many do.

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