Andrew Gasser – Falsely Accused of Intimidation & Extortion

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission:

Algonquin Township – Victor & Lawrence’s claim in Sheriff complaint proven false


McHenry Co. (ECWd) – We reported on the criminal complaint of intimidation and extortion filed by former Trustee Melissa Victor and current Trustee Rachael Lawrence in this article on May 23, 2019. 

In that article, we listed a series of questions that the public officials and their attorney refused to answer.

Melissa Victor

According to the police report, Victor stated that she was threatened on 01/09/19 at 2215 hrs, during the executive board meeting that took place at Algonquin Township.

Lawrence stated that both she and Melissa were present during the meeting and both heard the threats that Andrew had made.

“Rachael stated that both her and Melissa were present during the meeting and both heard the threats that Andrew had made.”

100% false!

Rachael Lawrence

To our surprise, the Township produced the closed session recording and it proves key claims by Victor and Lawrence in their police complaint are false.

While we understand the need to have an outside agency investigate potentially or believed to be criminal events, filing such a report with completely false information could be a crime of its own.

Within their complaint was a claim that the entirety of the conversation at the Algonquin township was recorded and on record.

When reading that statement just sentences after the false claim they made, it comes across as if their claims would be proven with the recording.

Turns out, the recording was nothing but what the actual words describe, a recording of the entirety of the conversation at the Algonquin township. 

Yes, a recording of the entirety of the conversation of the meeting, which did not contain one shred of what they insinuated would be on that recording.

Questions we asked have now been answered:

  • Was Andrew physically present during this meeting in question? NO!
  • If not, how did you hear Andrew during this meeting?   They did not hear Andrew say anything at that meeting!
  • Was his conversation with his attorneys on speaker phone?  If so, was that because the attorney was present in executive session?  No Speakerphone conversation, just an attorney representing the Road District. 
  • I am trying to pin down exactly how this alleged threat was “heard” considering Andrew claims he was not present. The recording proves they did not hear Gasser say anything because he was not there, just as he claimed to the police.
  • Was Attorney Kelly present during this alleged threat? Yes.
  • You claimed to have heard Andrew intimidate and Extort during an executive session.   How is that possible if he was not there?  It’s a pretty simple question. Unanswered by those making the allegation, now answered by the recording that proves their claim is false.

You can listen to the recording below. 

What is interesting is to hear how Mellisa Victor, near the end of what sounded to be negotiations with attorneys representing the Road District, verbalize that the proposal from the Road District was blackmail.  

One would think, with numerous attorneys in the room directly involved in the negotiations, had there been any actual form of intimidation or extortion they would have reported it.

Download and listen to the audio (HERE).

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Andrew Gasser – Falsely Accused of Intimidation & Extortion — 12 Comments

  1. This shit is unacceptable, they need both need to be charged with filing a false police report, disorderly conduct , normally the police will investigate allegations then send it to SA for filing, punishable by 1 -3 yrs in jail, considering she is married to a peace officer, first she should have considered his situation, 2nd being a trusted servant of the people she should have never committed such a horrible act, Illinois law is clear, Charge them both

  2. Lawrence is another Smollett hyperventilating false witness.

    And the shyster Kelly should be held accountable!

  3. You’ll have to act quick before they make their getaway, to some Appalachian hideout and change their names to Tammy Jo and Lurleen

  4. And since we learned about Sippy Cup’ Lawrence’ willingness to falsely accuse a cop of battery, why should we be surprised over her telling police she listened to the threat that was never made?

    What exactly is the reason these two hate Gasser so much that they would stoop so low as to call the police and falsely accuse him of anything?

  5. When the hairdresser & the sippy cup spiker aren’t falsely accusing someone they’re threatening to.

    Their hatred for Gasser is immense but he’s not the only one on their bullseye.

    To answer I’m not a fortunate one’s question, fear is what generates such hatred.

    The fear of being exposed for who they really are.

    Fear of their attempts to conceal corruption being exposed.

    They thought they could be elected to a government office in order to cloak themselves with some credibility and virtue, then no one would know who they really are.

  6. Murmuring Mutton: although you nailed it, the problem is that these two have cloaked themselves with the appearance of credibility because the local rag propaganda chief, Jon Styf, can’t or won’t report the truth about these two.

    Maybe Styf can direct our attention to his crack coverage on these deplorable acts.

    I doubt he has the fortitude to do that. He’d rather please Franks with more propaganda.

    I think it’s clear that because he’s been a cheerleader for Lawrence he would never print anything based on records (police report and recording) that would reflect her true character.

  7. Still no charges?

    Lets all waist the police officers time and efforts with false accusations and deliberate lies, see how fast you are charged!!

    Our police have far more things to keep them busy than to follow up on false accusations, Charge them or Charge no one else.

  8. This needs to go to Grand Jury and if charges are warranted charges should be made.

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