NWH Reports on $8,400 in Attorney’s Fees Levied Personally against Andrew Gasser in Case Involving Operating Engineers’ Labor Agreement

I don’t have the details about Judge Daniel Jasica ‘s court order, but the Northwest Herald does.

Find the article here.


NWH Reports on $8,400 in Attorney’s Fees Levied Personally against Andrew Gasser in Case Involving Operating Engineers’ Labor Agreement — 21 Comments

  1. Let’s see I think we all can agree the judge’s order is pretty much what it is a judge’s order.

    Now the Watch Dogs we all know will be going to spin it, this way, that way, anyway, they possibly can.

    Now if it’s untrue what the Northwest Herald reported that’s terrible, if it is true I’d like to see the dogs response cuz you know it’s going to be good!

    And of course they’re just going to say where the facts!

    fortunately they just didn’t get them fast enough sorry, problem is when they get the facts they won’t report them.

  2. So I’m assuming the trustees are going to cover this.

    After all they are proposing to settle the previous Road Commissioners personal liability penalties, let’s see.

  3. Also, an additional $33k that the road district is on the hook for. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

  4. I could never understand why Bob Miller turned the township into a unionized hellhole after he lost the election other than to sabotage Gasser.

    I always voted for Miller because I though he was OK.

    Why did he scrub the township computers before he left office?

  5. What’s with the new useage of the white supremacist “white normies” phrase on this blog?

  6. What “secret courts” are you talking about?

    You can walk into any courthouse and observe any proceeding and access all pleadings and orders, in any case, including this*.

    *but not juvenile court proceedings or documents.

  7. Stacker – he signed that contract to protect his family from what he knew Gasser would do and did.

    Kirk – you of all people should know you can find any documents for the court order at the court house, you are just biding your time to circle jerk an answer and make it look like Gasser is the victim, because after all he can do no wrong.

    How will you defend this?

    Gasser received a court order, so what he doesn’t seem to follow them anyway.

  8. Stephen, you are correct, the information is in the courthouse.

    I’m 5 hours from their so I have to wait for a FOIA response.

    I want the transcript for publication so people can read what was said first hand rather than reading selective quotes from the paper.

    Is that really so hard to understand?

  9. You know everything that Gasser is involved with. Another Circle jerk answer.

  10. “white supremacist” why is everything racial for these democrat ‘community organizers’? They are the race baiters every time.

  11. Stephen, seek help.

    You’re obsessed with the term “circle jerk” which tends to make people think you have a real issue with that particular activity.

  12. The circle jerk is when you talk in circles to defend your position. Where is your mind at.

  13. Mr Gasser needs to say …..

    ” Your Honor , you can kiss my *** !”

    “Pucker up Buttercup ! “

  14. Stephen, I am not talking in any circles.

    Nor do I use sexually descriptive language in my discussions with civil people.

    I have not taken ANY position on a court order and transcript which I have not seen.

    If you wish to dispute a single article and prove our reporting wrong, then please do so. Otherwise, go pound sand as your false allegations are well past old.

  15. https://www.blr.com/HR-Employment/Unions/Unions-in-Illinois

    The Illinois Public Labor Relations Act protects these workers’ right to unionize and bargain collectively and regulates the conduct of union elections and the resolution of labor disputes.

    So ya first have the union declared mute for legal reasons, although they still get to form one anyway if they want later.

    Then quickly let go whoever ya want with no worries.

    Not how it happened, nope.


    IMO, they probably would of quit anyway considering personality conflicts with the poor new unexperienced leadership.

  16. Seems like I always hit a nerve with you.

    Your articles and answers to questions always go in circles.

    I don’t believe for one minute you don’t know anything about a the court order.

    You are just biding time to circle jerk an answer to absolve gasser of looking like an idiot or will avoid it if you can’t.

    To bad if you think I’m getting old you are also getting long past old.

    I can pound sand.

    You on the other hand are such a tight sphincter you poop diamonds.

  17. Pokorny, you’re not making much sense. the courts are in the hands of union stooges.

  18. Stephen, no nerve at all.

    You say the same disgusting thing over and over.

    I did not say I don’t know anything about the court order.

    I said I have not seen it so don’t know what it says.

    I also have not seen any transcript so not sure what the judge actually said.

    When we get hose types of records we publish them for everyone to read, not just selectively quote from them and then not provide them.

    Thanks for showing your true colors.

    You choose to believe something without a shred of evidence to support your belief.

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