Casten Brags of Having Raised $1.1 Million, Underwood Has Similar Amount

From Former Quigley Supporter:

6th & 14th Congressional District Update 7/8/19

Congressman Sean Casten announced he raised $700,000 in 2nd quarter, bringing total receipts for 2019 to $1.1 million.
From Casten’s campaign Facebook:

Currently, he has not yet filed his 2nd quarter report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), so cannot see who his contributors are. 

Here is what he had raised, spent and had on-hand at the end of March:

At this point, there has been no response from Republican Evelyn Sanguinetti to Casten’s fundraising, or her own fundraising for the 2nd quarter.

Underwood did not release her fundraising results through social media (at the time of this writing), but print media, both the Chicago Tribune and Shaw Media, reported the similar $700,000 2nd quarter fundraising, and the year-to-date total of $1.1 million.  Here is what Underwood at raised through the end of March:

None of Underwood’s announced Republican challengers who have filed FEC documents (Ted Gradel, Danny Malouf, James Marter, Jim Oberweis) have filed their 2nd quarter FEC reports.

At midyear of 2019, the Republicans see what they are up against.  A successful candidate does not have to have the most money, but they have to have enough money to get their message out, both in TV advertisements and materials to support grass roots campaigning.  Time will tell if the Republicans can rise to the challenge.

One 14th District GOP hopeful, Ted Gredel, has repliled:


Casten Brags of Having Raised $1.1 Million, Underwood Has Similar Amount — 6 Comments

  1. If a bunch of imbeciles threw me a mlllion.

    I’d not only throw my hat in the ring, it would be from the top rope, with my head still inside the hat.

  2. All this proves is that the Devil doesn’t have trouble getting funds to do his evil works.

  3. DJ – I’m betting that you probably aren’t talented enough for that to happen.

  4. Your just feeling the pain of being accurately described by my post.

  5. 6 Republicans with zero money vs one Democrat with over a million.

    This is either the boldest electoral strategy in the history of ever or these candidates are just not serious people.

    Knowing the Illinois Republican Party and most of the people who are running, it’s probably the latter.

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