Wrongful Death Suit Possible by AJ’s Siblings

From the Daily Herald

‘This is an egregious case’: AJ Freund’s estate considering lawsuit against DCFS

The Chicago Tribune reports that a wrongful deathsuit is a possiblilty on behalf of murdered AJ Freund’s siblilngs:

The boy’s 18-year-old brother, who is in college, recently filed a petition to open the probate case and asked that the judge appoint the bank to serve as independent administrator.

Though AJ at 5 did not have a will or assets, St. Charles attorney Ted Meyers said the probate case allows the estate to subpoena documents related to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services’ involvement in his life and tragic death, as well as other confidential paperwork.

Meyers, who represents the bank on behalf of AJ’s heirs, who also include a 4-year-old brother and newborn sister, said he hopes to bring change to state law regarding parental rights in child abuse and neglect cases.

He signaled a potential lawsuit is likely, though against whom remains a complicated question because DCFS and its workers generally have immunity from negligence claims in state court…

“Based on what we have seen so far, this is a really egregious case,” Meyers told reporters outside court Monday. “(DCFS) ignored a lot of obvious signs.”


Wrongful Death Suit Possible by AJ’s Siblings — 13 Comments

  1. Unfortunate for this young man but here’s an opportunity for a lawyer to get a piece of the action !

  2. It may be worth his piece of action if it means they have to release vital information that has been withheld.

    Something is definitely wrong here and it goes beyond Mr.Acosta and DCFS.

    Here is to hoping that all involved that could have helped this child will be exposed and held accountable.

    ALL involved.

    Who payed who to look the other way?????

  3. Yep, someone did a favor for someone in this case.

    Andrew Freund is well known in this community.

    Did someone accept some money some where?

    It sure looks that way.

    Hopefully, the Attorney will subpoena the records from the Non Profit organization Acosta was involved in.

  4. DALA, I kinda figure you have been in McHenry County for a number of years, has there been any rumors about Satanic Activities, still lingering in the County?

    I had a Park Police Officer, from years ago, mentioning activities at Veteran’s Acres.

  5. Roar, never publicly threaten a lawsuit it doesn’t pay.

    Either sue or don’t sue.

    Why give your adversary a heads-up?

  6. Isn’t Satan a regular commenter in this very sunshine blog, pride of beautiful McHenry County? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  7. AJ is one lightning rod indicative of a government gone off the rails.

    This is absolutely nothing new in the history of man.

    When government stops caring about the people it governs and then actively starts murdering them the historical path and result are always the same.

    In this case a functionary charged with protecting a child actively participated, by negligence, in the child’s murder.

    This is not a Democrat problem.

    This is not a Republican problem.

    This is not an issue of left, right, liberal or conservative.

    This is an issue of a foundationally broken government with all sides complicit in its dysfunction.

    Acosta never should have been elected to begin with as he’s incompetent but now he’s directly involved in a murder.

    When the Citizen abdicates oversight of government you get murderers as your leaders.

    What will motivate you from commenting here to WORKING???

    Get to work.

    Not one government stooge in office today is unreachable, untouchable or above Common Law.

    Crush this beast before history inexorably grinds out its path toward awful dislocating balance.

    It’s coming.

    With the murder of children it’s unavoidable.

  8. Sorry but really confused about Angel’s “stay tuned…tick, tock, meooow” deal with EVERY post.

    Can someone explain if this is supposed to be funny?


    ” only when a white kid is involved do the media and politicos jump on the wagon for reform”

    A Racist who hates white people.

    Shame! Shame ! Shame!

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