Illinois Leaks: “Bring It On”

On top of a stinging court defeat for Algonquin Township by the Edgar County Watchdogs, a.k.a., Illionois Leaks, Township Trustees had to withstand criticism from John Kraft during the Public Comment period Wednesday night.

John Kraft

He called the second subpoena of his not-for-profit’s Drop Box account “a waste of money.”

The subpoena was quashed by Judge Thomas Meyers earlier in the day.

“You know you’re not going to get it.

“You’re costing taxpayers money.”

Kraft also informed the Board that the Township had violated the Freedom of Informaton Act when its attorney, Jim Kelly, “refused to supply the proper documents to the Attorney Genral’s Office.”

If the Township continued to violate the law, Kraft said, “Bring it on!”

He called for the Trustees to dismiss Kelly.

Finally, Kraft observed that he “couldn’t find the agenda on the township web site,”


Illinois Leaks: “Bring It On” — 15 Comments

  1. **”You know you’re not going to get it.

    “You’re costing taxpayers money.”**

    LOL – I hope you give the exact same advice to Gasser in his fight with L150.

  2. Kraft has forgotten more earbites and eye-gouges than any of these Township sissy’s have ever learned.

    Go ahead Township, ask for a rematch with ole ‘Knockout’ Kraft.

  3. Twisted Alabama presents himself as if he is on the side of the tax payers.


    As for John Kraft, he is absolutely right!

    Now, let’s all get to the polls on election day and get rid of Jack Franks!

  4. Franks is an experienced liar, that’s for sure.

    He panics when faced with irrefutable proof of his lies, he tells his wife she can trust him.


  5. Shakes – not a chance.

    Gasser is their boy, he can do no wrong and they absolve him of any mistakes or incompetence.

    Not a word on the last court order that Gasser will likely ignore, he has a history of ignoring them.

    The dogs weren’t to concerned about the taxpayers when they got their $55,000.

  6. Unlike myself, Kraft takes no pleasure in abusing the mentally challenged, handicapped of the Public Sector.

  7. I wouldn’t regard it as a stinging defeat or think anyone cared what he said.

    More disinformation taken out of context

  8. Franks has a sordid past in old Springpatch. His wife found out. Bye bye State rep job. Bye Bye Mr. Madigan.

    “I’ll be good now, I promise. I was bad, but now I’ll be good”

    Really Jack?

    What about L?

  9. Wow ‘anti-semitism’ really?

    I don’t see it. You must be a paid Franks twit.

  10. Front – Where are the Anti-Semitic remarks?

    Because people don’t like Jack the Hack we are anti-semitic?

    It’s not about his heritage, it’s about his politics.

    You sound like Angel, If we are against open borders we are racist.

  11. If the people unseat Jack Franks that takes away some of the power Mike Madigan has over the people in Illinois. Removing Franks and Madigan is the road to reform in Illinois.

    Further, Franks supports the dysfunctionals like Lauren Underwood and Carlos Acosta.

    There is no anti-semitism. Do not swerve and deflect because people tell the truth about Jack Franks.


  12. Jack not so nimble,

    Jack pretty sick,

    Jack got impaled on a candle-stick

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