Algonquin Township Raod Salt Payment Rejected Again

Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser ordered road salt without bidding last fall.

In October, Trustee Rachael Lawrence asked law enforcement for a “proper investigation.”

After delivery, the amount billed by Compass Minerals was $107,095.43.

When Gasser realized his bidding mistake, he asked for bids and Compass came in with the same price. No other firm bid.

The matter was referred to the McHenry County State’s Attorney, who referred the case to the Illinois Attorney General.

That state office concluded that criminal prosecution was not warranted.

The road salt bill again came before the Algonquin Township Board Wednesday night and again the Trustees refused payment.

When the bill was reviewed by the Township Board, Rachael Lawrence said, “As we know, ‘unlawful’ doesn’t always mean ‘criminal.'”

Township Attorney Jim Kelly commented, “That still doesn’t change [the fact] that it wasn’t bid.”

Lawrence oved toremove the bill from those offered for approval.

The motion was passed 3-0.


Algonquin Township Raod Salt Payment Rejected Again — 7 Comments

  1. We should listen to Sippy Cup, at least she has experience with both the civil and criminal systems.

  2. Lawrence, STOP the games and take care of business.

    The incident has been vetted, reported, studied, has passed law enforcement action and atf complied with.

    Now pay the salt company and then resign!

  3. Ah yes, the law is convenient to enforce – except when an idiot like Gasser assumes office without knowledge of competitive bidding requirements requisite in assuming your job.

    This is why you need a professional highway commissioner; the job should not be an elected post, rather vetted based on experience – of which – Gasser had NONE relevant to the job.

    The taxpayers deserve better than Uncle Meatball, the social media gobbing buffoon who is famous for living with his mom and getting tea-partiers in space.

  4. How long will this issue drag out. it’s over, pay the damn bill already.

    As a board you won’t approve the bill for the road district and yet won’t move to to consolidate the bodies.

    You as a board are now becoming bigger children than Gasser.

  5. Gasser’s doing a good job.

    The rats don’t like being exposed and that’s why they’re after him.

    Front Page, it’s rather obvious who you are.

    Gotta tell ya, I’d rather be a ‘meatball’, than a hot dog!

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