Algonquin Township Board Schedules 5:30 Friday Meeting To Consider Payment of Attorney Robert Hanlon’s $170,000 Bill

The Algonquin Township Board has scheduled a Special Meeting for 5;30 on Friday afternoon at the Township Hall.

Whether this will be soon enough to meet the five-day deadline remains to be seen.


Algonquin Township Board Schedules 5:30 Friday Meeting To Consider Payment of Attorney Robert Hanlon’s $170,000 Bill — 14 Comments

  1. I read the contract.

    It’s clear that the game being played by the AT board is an invitation to lots of trouble.

    Nob your post to the biased article of the NWH has nothing to do with payment on a contract that specifically points out that there is no guarantee of an outcome.

    Plus unless the dismissal is with prejudice the judge is asking for an amendment to the pleading.

    That happens every day at the Courthouse.

  2. Maybe east Main Street Cary 🇨🇦 Should return all they Stole and then some

  3. The lawsuit was nonsense, the funds were available as needed to pay road district billing.

    If this billing exceeded the budget then there is a issue, if not it should of been paid already, as should the salt that wasn’t bid out property.

    Gasser is abusing his Highway Comm. power just like he claimed Miller did, is that what the people voted for?

  4. The Judge as much as said no harm no foul.

    The only people inconvenienced by this was the dogs and their attorney when they went to look for their payday, they as much started this whole mess.

    Frank is the NWH anymore biased than the Dogs?

  5. To the AT board, do the taxpayers a favor, pay the bills, fire Kelly, consolidate the road district and then resign. You are a complete joke.

  6. Stephen: I couldn’t agree more on your position that it’s time to pay the bills and fire Kelly, but I disagree that consolation is the answer.

    Elimination is the answer!

    Do you honestly believe anyone on that board truly believes in good government?

    They complain about legal bills and they think the solution is more legal bills.

    It’s so moronic!


    If the township has no obligation to pay the Millers’ fees then they should stop paying them.

    Problem solved, easy peasy.

    What is Nelson going to do to settle the lawsuit?

  7. YES, Totally agree with Pokorny.

    Pay the bills, fire Kelly, resign – ALL of you!

    In case you all can’t comprehend ALL – Yes, you too, Lukasik and Lutzow- ALL

    “you are a complete joke” is too kind!

  8. Better question:

    With whom will he settle it if Hanlon is not there?

  9. Jack and robin mohr need to go with Anna May 🇨🇦 Leaving Robert and Dave Miller to run lake jullian joke on

  10. Observing, Yes elimination is the ultimate goal, but this needs to be done in an orderly process.

    Step one consolidate the position.

  11. Cal:

    Has Hanlon pulled the plug on the Miller/Lukasik case?

    If not, it may be premature for the Millers to celebrate.

  12. If any of you guys think that gassers attorney is really going anywhere, I think your crazy.

    It’s All a part of the game.

    Boards going to pay his bill and to be right back at it!

    screenshot this so we can talk about it later!

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