Evelyn Sanguinetti in Crystal Lake

Republican Precinct Committeeman John Pletz, who is an active Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce member, reports that GOP congressional hopeful Evelyn Sanguinetti was in Crystal Lake this week.

Then again at 7:30 AM on Thursday morning at WiM3 meeting.

Former Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti has been in Crystal Lake twice in under 39 hours.

He writes,

John Pletz hosted Judge Justin Hansen and Chamber Ambassadors.

Tuesday evening at the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce’s after-hours mixer at the Comfort Inn.

There she gave a speech to McHenry County business women and shared her “Personnel Story”, encouraging all the business women in the room to get involved in making a difference by running for political office and not allowing circumstances determine your life, your destination or your influence in life.

In my estimation, she is a dynamic woman who has risen from the streets of poverty and despair to become the 1st Latina Lieutenant Governor in the United States of America.

Angela Pletz and Evelyn Sanguinetti

And the epitome of the American Success Story.

Evelyn has said nothing negative to me about Ives.

She did, I believe, share one of Ives’s main drivers and I was impressed by what was shared to me about Ives.

I believe Jeanine was a part of our losing the Governor’s office.

I, like her, am pro-life, but I’m also about saving Illinois from the financial ruin of generations of politicians avoiding the financial responsibility required, or in reality-avoided, by them.

It is incumbent upon both, and or any candidates to avoid the blood letting and bitter contentions of winning the nomination by the venue they choose to return our district to the conservative values that should run our county, state and country.

To win at all costs, is to lose at great costs.


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  1. Are they serving RINO kook aid at these events?

    Sanguenetti is the path to Casten’s victory!

    Go Ives!!!!

    Did Pletz & Co. ever bother to examine Sang.’s record?

    it REEKS.

  2. Let me get this right. Ives is responsible for Rauner’s defeat?

    Wow, Sanguinetti lost no time in proclaiming her RINO dead end bona fides.

    I’m surprised she didn’t blame Trump, too!

    Sanguinetti has her ‘good friend’ ex-gov Quinn in her ‘brain trust’?

    Why doesn’t anybody call her on that?

  3. Pletz, who did you vote for in the 2018 primary, Rauner or Ives?

  4. Something hit me while reading the captions to the pics for this article, particularly, this one:

    “In my estimation, she is a dynamic woman who has risen from the streets of poverty and despair to become the 1st Latina Lieutenant Governor in the United States of America.” (emphasis added)

    That election was in 2014 when Sanguinetti won election.

    It was 4 years after the first Latina Governor was elected in the United States — Susana Martinez of New Mexico.

    Like Sanguinetti, Martinez won as a Republican.

    One would expect the first Latina lieutenant governor to be elected prior to the first Latina governor.

    That did not happen.

    Sadly, Governor Martinez was term-limited out of the New Mexico governor’s mansion in Santa Fe at the end of last year (terms in NM begin at Midnight January 1).

  5. Stop voting for “firsts”.

    That’s how we got Obama!

    Besides, Who cares?

    Policy is what we have to look at.

    Evelyn S. Is pro-illegal and sanctuary cities, which is anti-American and anti-law enforcement.

    On a brighter note- Jeanne Ives announced her candidacy and I’m pretty sure that will obliterate Evelyn S’ campaign.

  6. My post had nothing to do with “voting for ‘firsts'”. It was just an observation that the first Latina governor was elected in 2010, four years before the first Latina lieutenant governor won election in 2014. Both women happened to be Republicans.

    As far as which of these 2 women is the superior candidate to be the Republican nominee in the 6th district, that is going to depend on the issues, combined with their records, competitiveness and elect-ability. Per my update today, let’s see both women put forward where they stand on the issues, beginning with taxes. I’m looking for more than abstracts. And as I also said in that update, Sanguinetti has had 3 months to put forward where she stands on the issues, and she has yet to do so.

    And 3 months from now, we’ll see how they’ve done with 3rd quarter fundraising when their FEC reports are filed, which will also give primary voters an idea of who can be competitive, let alone electable, in a match-up with the incumbent.

  7. The republikkklan party: fighting tooth and nail for Latinos and all minorities. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…



    LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR, State of Illinois (January 2015 to January 2019)
    First Latina Lieutenant Governor in the nation elected statewide to represent the people of the State of Illinois.
    Chair of Governor’s Rural Affairs Council (GRAC) and the Illinois Institute for Rural
    Affairs at Western Illinois University. Led government agencies, academic institutions and rural
    advocacy groups to improve the economy, environment and health of Illinois’ rural communities. Served
    as a link between state and local agencies to improve the delivery of state services. Supported innovative
    rural development initiatives, and recommended programs and policies to help improve the quality of
    rural life in Illinois. These communities are home to 1.6 million Illinoisans.
    Co-Chair of Governor’s Opioid Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force.
    Developed and implemented statewide strategy to reduce opioid overdose deaths.
    Co-Chair of Governor’s Telemedicine Task Force. Created a comprehensive telemedicine
    strategy for the Medicaid program to help improve access to healthcare for Illinois residents.
    Chair of the Illinois River, Mississippi River, and Wabash and Ohio Rivers Coordinating
    Councils. United citizens, nonprofit organizations, river enthusiasts, industry, and state and federal
    agency stakeholders to coordinate agency strategies, policies and initiatives for the preservation,
    restoration, and economic viability of the watersheds in Illinois.
    Chair of the Military Economic Development Committee. Preserved and protected military
    missions, assets, and installations in the State of Illinois from base realignment and closure (BRAC).
    Encouraged defense related businesses to expand or relocate to the State of Illinois. Identified emerging
    trends and supported the long-term viability of the military and defense industry in Illinois. Assisted
    Illinois communities impacted by BRAC. Served as an information clearinghouse by providing military
    installation information and recommendations to enhance the military value of Illinois defense
    installations to the Governor, General Assembly, congressional delegation and state and federal
    government officials.

    Chair of the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force.
    Conducted a comprehensive review of state laws relating to unfunded mandates and local government
    consolidation. Identified opportunities to repeal unfunded mandates and to consolidate, streamline, or
    eliminate duplicative governmental bodies.

    Member of the Illinois School Funding Reform Commission. Met for more than 100 hours and
    discussed legislative strategies to improve financial and academic adequacy and equity. Testified
    regarding the issue of bilingual/ELL education and the need for increased funding. Made
    recommendations to the General Assembly leading to the revision of the current school funding

    Adviser to Governor, Clemency Review. Provided counsel to the Governor on Prisoner Review
    Board clemency and commutation recommendations, dramatically reducing the backlog of clemency
    requests inherited from the previous administration.
    2 | P a g e

    COUNCILMAN AT-LARGE, City of Wheaton, Illinois (May 2011 to December 2014)
    Elected citywide to represent the people on the Wheaton City Council. Rendered executive and policy decisions
    for approximately 54,000 Wheaton residents.

    ADJUNCT PROFESSOR OF LAW, John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois
    (January 2007 to May 2013)
    Taught Lawyering Skills II and Herzog Moot Court Competition courses to second and third semester law
    school students.

    STAFF ATTORNEY, Maisel & Associates, Chicago, Illinois (November 2004 to March 2014)
    Defended commercial insureds and governmental bodies in all aspects of tort and civil rights litigation.

    ASSOCIATE, Bond, Dickson & Associates, P.C., Wheaton, Illinois (March 2003 to November 2004)
    Engaged in diverse municipal, local government and corporate representation. Practice included state and
    federal civil litigation and appellate practice.
    ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL, Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Chicago, Illinois (June
    1998 to March 2003)

    Represented state agencies in federal and state court on the following labor and employment issues:
    employment discrimination actions before the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois; prosecuted
    and defended administrative review actions before the Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division;
    prosecuted for the enforcement of Illinois wage laws before the Circuit Court of Cook County; and represented
    state agencies before the Illinois Merit Board and Civil Service Commission seeking to discipline and/or
    discharge state employees.


    John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois, May 2018. Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa
    John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois, January 1998. Juris Doctor
    Florida International University, Miami, Florida, 1993. Bachelor of Arts, Music


    • The Chicago Network (2017 to present)
    • Women in Government Leadership Program (Class of 2017)
    • National Lieutenant Governors Association (2015)
    • Aspen Institute – Rodel Fellow in Public Leadership (Class of 2015)
    • Board Member, DuPage Business Council (2013-2014)
    • Rotary, Central DuPage (2010 to present)
    • John Marshall Law School, Alumni Board of Directors (2006)
    3 | P a g e


    • 2018 Ed Rapp Leadership in Action, ICAT – Innovation in Construction Asphalt and Transportation
    • 2018 Esther Rothstein Award, Women’s Bar Foundation
    • 2018 Friend of Conservation, Association of IL Soil & Water Conservation Districts
    • 2018 Outstanding Mujer, Aurora Regional Hispanic Chamber and Reflejos Newspaper
    • 2018 Outstanding Leadership & Dedication to Excellence, God First Ministries
    • 2018 Outstanding Statesman Award, Asian American Coalition (Chicago)
    • 2017 State Transformer, Transform Illinois
    • 2017 Biotech Leadership Award, John W. Maitland Jr.
    • In Appreciation of Sharing Our Core Values: Tolerance Justice Peace Progress (2017), Islamic Center of
    • 2017 Distinguished Public Service Award, Association of Latino Professionals for America
    • 2016 Fuel Up to Play 60 Champion, Midwest Dairy Council
    • 2016 The Diamond Award, Delta Tau Lambda Sorority Inc.
    • 2016 Freedom Award, John Marshall Law School
    • 2016 Phenomenal Woman of the Year, Boys II Men, Inc.
    • Certificate of Appreciation (2016), LULAC of Illinois
    • 2015 Spirit Award, John Marshall Law School
    • 2015 Person of the Year Award, Federation of Indian Association
    • In Grateful Recognition for Support of the Asian Pacific Community (2015), Asian American Coalition
    • For Inspiration of Women in Public Leadership (2015), The DuPage Association of Women Lawyers
    • In Celebration of International Women’s Day (2015), IL Senate of the 99th General Assembly
    • 2015 Outstanding Woman Elected Official Award, Clerk of the Circuit Court
    • For Leadership, Outstanding Career, Excellence (2015), New Life Family Center
    • In Appreciation of Continued Support (2010), John Marshall Law School, Latino Law Students
    4 | P a g e


    Recommendations to Governor Bruce Rauner for the Modernization of Illinois’ Telemedicine Policies and Practices in the Medicaid Program (2018). Medicaid Advisory Committee – Telemedicine Taskforce Membership. Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Co-Chairman of the Telemedicine Taskforce
    Second Edition of the Journal of Local Government Shared Services and Best Practices (2018). Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti

    Promoting Comprehensive Community and Economic Development Strategies for Rural Illinois (2018). Annual report to the Governor and General Assembly. Prepared by Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs Western Illinois University in consultation with Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Chairperson Governor’s Rural Affairs Council

    State of Illinois Opioid Action Plan (2017). In participation with Governor’s Office, Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Criminal Justice Information Authority, Department of Corrections, Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Department of Human Services, Department of Insurance, Department of Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement and Training Standards Board, Department of Public Health, and the Illinois State Police

    Investing in Rural Illinois: Promoting Economic, Workforce, Healthcare and Educational Development (2017). Annual report to the Governor and General Assembly. Prepared by Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs Western Illinois University in consultation with Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Chairperson Governor’s Rural Affairs Council

    Rural Illinois: Working Towards a Brighter Future (2016). Annual Report to the Governor and General Assembly. Prepared by Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs Western Illinois University. In consultation with Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Chairperson Governor’s Rural Affairs Council

    Journal of Local Government Shared Services and Best Practices (2016). Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti
    Rural Illinois: New Challenges, New Opportunities (2015). Annual report to the Governor and General Assembly. Prepared by Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs Western Illinois University in consultation with Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, Chairperson Governor’s Rural Affairs Council

    Delivering Efficient, Effective and Streamlined Government to Illinois Taxpayers (2015). Task Force on Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates in consultation with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti and Northern Illinois University, Center for Governmental Studies


    Evelyn Sanguinetti serves as not only the first Latina Lieutenant Governor of the State of Illinois, but in American history. She is a wife, working mother of three and an attorney by trade.

    She was formerly an adjunct professor of law, an Assistant Illinois Attorney General and a Wheaton City Councilwoman.

    Sanguinetti was born in Hialeah, a neighborhood outside of Miami, Florida, to teenage parents – her mother a Cuban refugee and her father an Ecuadorian immigrant. While they were of little means, her parents were determined to give her every opportunity to succeed.

    Growing up, Sanguinetti developed a love for the arts. She learned to play the piano at a community center and was accepted into The

    New World School of the Arts in Miami. Sanguinetti not only became an accomplished pianist, but she cultivated a love for learning.

    This educational opportunity allowed her to pursue a college degree at Florida International University.

    Following graduation, Sanguinetti moved to Chicago to attend The John Marshall Law School, where she developed an understanding and passion for the law and for Illinois.

    She soon joined Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan’s office as an Assistant Attorney General where she fought to protect the people of the State of Illinois.

    In 2007, Sanguinetti suffered an accident which severely impaired her ability to walk.

    Subsequent medical examinations revealed that she has multiple sclerosis.

    Despite this grim diagnosis, Sanguinetti vowed to never let her MS stop her.

    After fully regaining her ability to walk for prolonged periods, Sanguinetti decided to enter public life.

    She proceeded to run for and win an election to the Wheaton City Council on a platform of delivering efficient, streamlined government to the people of Wheaton.

    In 2013, Sanguinetti caught the attention of state and national leaders, and was chosen to run for Illinois Lieutenant Governor.

    She was elected in 2014 as the 47th Lieutenant Governor of the State of Illinois.

    In her four years in office, Sanguinetti has focused on helping to improve the lives of all Illinoisans through the delivery of more efficient government, providing health care access to all regions of the state, quality educational opportunities to all residents regardless of income or location, and economic opportunity to small businesses throughout the state.

    From humble beginnings in Hialeah, Florida, to becoming the nation’s first Latina Lieutenant Governor, Sanguinetti has never forgotten where she came from or lost the desire to excel in whatever role comes her way.

  10. Angel, funny you should put it like you did in your 8:36PM post last night.

    Ms. Martinez, who was raised and grew up as a Democrat in El Paso, was driven out from the Democratic Party when the elected Democratic district attorney she worked for in southern New Mexico fired her because she chose to testify against him.

    She became a Republican when friends convinced her the Republican platform matched her own beliefs and convictions.

    She ran against the boss who fired her in 1996, and won.

    She went-on to win 3 more terms as DA, and in her 4th election in 2008, the Democrats didn’t even run a candidate against her.

    She went from county DA to governor 2 years later, simply by telling the truth like these 2 examples:

    https://youtu.be/21FFt2TOKPU (familiar with NM? Note the mountain backdrop at the opening, the Organ Mountains)

    The election for the 6th district is not about identity politics, it’s about who is the most qualified and electable, with a record to back it up, to represent 6th district in Congress.

    It starts with the message.

    Ms. Martinez is an example of an effective message convincing both the primary electorate (she had to win a 5-way primary, including the son of New Mexico legend Pete Domenici and a former state Republican chairman) and the general electorate, facing the 2-term lieutenant governor.

    Martinez’s victory was also the only the 3rd time the 2 major parties’ nominees for governor were women.

    And yes, I have expressed my concerns and disappointments over Sanguinetti multiple times, including earlier this week.

    I believe last month, or in May, someone accused me of blocking for Ives.

    That claim is false, and BOTH women, or any other candidate who may jump-in to the 6th district primary, need to convince me they can do the better job.

    Name-ID alone, or last year’s gubernatorial primary, by themselves, will not cut it for me.

    And yes, I’ll be using a lot of discernment on all of the candidates.

    Is Sanguinetti another Martinez?

    From what I have seen of her since April when she declared her candidacy, right now, I’m going to have to say no.

    Now that she has to fight for the nomination, maybe she’ll convince me otherwise.

    She had 3 1/2 months, and she has not done it thus far.

    I’m just being honest.

    The information Mr. Pletz provided is useful, but as I said in my article on this race, both candidates need to tell me how they stand on the issues, and they can start with taxes.

  11. Pletz, are you on the Sanguinetti propaganda payroll.

    Give her tons of cash so she can pocket it when she loses to Ives!

    Blast from the past:

    SPRINGFIELD — Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti emphasized her Latina roots after being sworn into office Monday, taking her place as Gov. Bruce Rauner’s No. 2.

    “As the daughter of immigrant parents, and the first Latina lieutenant governor, I am the living embodiment that anything, absolutely anything, is possible,” Sanguinetti said.

    The former Wheaton City Council member gave part of her inaugural speech in Spanish. Her mother came to the U.S. from Cuba and her father from Ecuador.


  12. Why didn’t Evelyn S. issue a peep o’ protest when Rauner did his sanctuary state/abortion stuff?

    What part of RINO do you not understand?

  13. I’m not very sanguine about my family’s voting for Sanguinetti.

    We don’t need any more sweet talking Rinos!

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