Bob Miller Admits No Recording of Being Owed Sick Leave on His Official Annual Reports

From Illinois Leaks, re-published with permission:

Algonquin Township Road District – Request to Admit Answers from Bob Miller may prove problematic


McHenry Co. (ECWd) – The former Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller took steps to have a nice payout of claimed sick time he claimed was owed to him from his prior employment from over 20 years ago.

Bob Miller

In a recent response in the ongoing civil lawsuit against Miller, A Response to Plaintiffs Request to Admit Facts sheds some light on matters. 

In particular, Miller admits he has never acknowledged any liability to himself in any annual report.

18. At no point in time in the 24 years you served as Highway Commissioner did you acknowledge in any annual report a liability to yourself.

ANSWER: Defendant:Robert Miller admits request number 18.

The significance of that admission is it will be yet another piece of the puzzle to show the court the $47,000 plus in sick pay was at no time a liability of the Road District because if it was, it should have been reported on sworn annual reports, which it was not. 

It has been noted by the auditors as well that there were was no outstanding applicable obligations of the Road District.

Other questions in the Request To Admit shed light on matters that should raise concerns for everyone if the Road District has evidence to prove up the matter in question.

Illinois Railroad Museum

3. You gave road salt belonging to Algonquin Township Road District to the Illinois Railway Museum.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER denies request number 3.

Oh, so the States Attorney’s 52-page report that confirmed Algonquin Township Road District salt was donated to this entity must not be true?

“Prior to Miller donating Road District salt to the IRM, the electors had not declared it surplus”

How knows the truth? 

State’s Attorney claims the salt was in fact donated, Miller denies he gave any road salt belonging to the Township Road District. 

Let me guess, he will default to claiming he gave away salt that belonged to the association he started, which leads to the question, who purchased that salt?

The purse paid for by former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s township American Express card.

10. No “Levenger” bag, which you purchased during your term as Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner, was listed on any inventory of the Algonquin Township Road District.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER admits request number 10 and qualifying his answer further states that the “Levenger” bag did not reach a value as new to require it being listed in an inventory.

Did you catch that qualifier? – “did not reach a value as new”

So are we to assume Miller had the $384.52 bag in question appraised and found the value to be below the required reporting value of $200 as referenced in the Highway Code?

11. You directed persons to use Algonquin Township Road District equipment and employees to dredge the lakes in the Trout Valley subdivision without a fee.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER denies request number 11.

It will be most interesting to see the evidence tied to this question. 

If there is proof lakes were dredged by the Road District, fee or not, it would clearly show Road District assets and resources being used for purposes well outside the Highway Code.

And probably the saddest response of the entire response and clearly an example of how clueless Miller was of our laws and their proper application.

A page from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s Road District credit card statement from July 2008.

17. You used Algonquin Township Road District money to pay for airline tickets used by your daughter, Rebecca Lee, and at least one of her children.

Defendant ROBERT MILLER admits request number 17 and qualifies his response by stating, the policy in effect at the time allowed the purchase.

For those that are not aware, a policy that violates state law is not a legal policy. 

All that aside, to date no one has found any policy that allows public funds to be used to buy family members airline tickets. 

How on earth any person can think it is OK to have a policy that permits public funds to be used to buy airline tickets for their daughter and a grandchild is beyond my comprehension.

You can view the entire document at this link.

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Among other answers found at the link are the following:


Bob Miller Admits No Recording of Being Owed Sick Leave on His Official Annual Reports — 14 Comments

  1. Illinois Leaks has exposed townships for what they really are:

    A way to rip off the public through waste, nepotism, graft, corruption, pension piggery, bloated government, entitlement ruination, bad accounting, over spending, cronyism, patronage and influence peddling.

  2. Why should he admit anything!

    The entire township treasury which the stupid taxpayers funded was his personal piggy bank!

    His Daddy told him so!

    He knew no better.

    His Grand Dad told him to never join a gang because township life was a way to cheat and steal quite legally, especially if a lame State’s Atty can be bought!

  3. Pretty brazen.

    Guess Bobby Miller thought his nasty dynasty was here to stay, like Emporer Ming in old China.

    And just like Ming, he had sons-in-law in waiting to keep the dynasty going.

  4. Glad to hear there’s still a chance for some kind of justice in this case.

  5. ‘The policy at the time allowed the purchase” of the airline tickets for Miller’s atty daughter to fly to the Big Easy w/ one of her brats, and return.

    What the heck kind of a response is that?

    The township had a policy to reimburse Bob Miller for the trips his adult daughter and grandchild took?

    Does the crooked Kelly represent Miller in the underlying civil case?

  6. I saw Bobby ( the Hook ) miller pumping gas the other day , must be strange to have to pay for it these days instead of pumping from the township for free,

    This SOB surely need some time out time in the state prison for his alleged (snickering) crimes,

    i wish my employers allowed me to send my grandchildren and Daughter to disneyworld on their dime.

  7. The daughter and grandchild went to New Orleans, not Disney World.

  8. These crooks she be punished, isn’t his daughter Rebecca an attorney??, she should be stripped of her right to practice law

  9. Nice.

    Miller in 15 years couldn’t fix the bridge in Venetian Gardens.

    Too busy buying goodies for the family.

    So many of us here now know why we couldn’t get things done.

  10. It’s just a sick mess, and I blame Patty “Boy” Kenneally for letting this go on and on. Taxpayers be damned!

  11. I’m a long-time lurker, but today I started posting. It feels good to call out crooks like Karen L., my clerk.

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