Jeanne Ives Announces for Congress

From Former Quigley Supporter:

Jeanne Ives Announcement

“So, after much prayer, and talks with my family, and with many of you, I am announcing my candidacy for Congress for Illinois’ 6th congressional district!”

Jeanne Ives announces for Congress.

YouTube link.


Jeanne Ives Announces for Congress — 5 Comments

  1. No thanks.

    The Blue Wave swept her away once already.

    She must be into BDSM if she wants to get beat again.

  2. Her video was special… where she talks about comprising and not demonizing her opponents.

    Did someone else take over Jeanne Ive’s body?

  3. She does have a new hairdoo which I heard a woman complimenting last night on the Family PAC Cruise.

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