Ives and Sanguinetti Make Case to GOP Committeemen to Replace Casten

Sunday night on a deck in Algonquin, the two Repuvlican women who wish to face off against Democrat Sean Casten for Congress interacted with the core of the Algonquin Township Republican Party.

Jeanne Ives

Evelyn Sanguinetti and Jeanne Ives made their pitches for the GOP nomination in the 6th Congressional District

And from the reaction afterward, committeemen would be glad to support whichever woman wins the primary election.

Ives pointed out that polling District 6 is “a winnable district.”

“It’s a R +2 District.

“Casten was able to win because he didn’t have a record.”

Already Ives said, “He’s attacking me…hateful name calling.”

Evelyn Sanguinetti

Sanguinetti added, “Casten told everyone he is a centrist.

“He has a history now.

“We can hold him to it.

“We (Governor Bruce Rauner and she) won the district by five points; Roskam lost by seven percent.”

Sanguinetti pointed out that Casten “told everyone he wanted a pay raise, [even though] Sean Casten came from a family of great wealth.

“$174,000 a year is peanuts,” she quoted Casten.

Pointing to her electability, Ives revealed that almost 300 had already signed up to volunteer for her campaign and she has raised “more money in three weeks than her opponent had raised in three months (almost $107,000).


Ives and Sanguinetti Make Case to GOP Committeemen to Replace Casten — 5 Comments

  1. May cooperation among the 6th district Republican candidates and their campaigns show everyone, both within and outside, the 6th district will be decided by the voters based on the issues and the truth.

  2. Exsanguinati has already helped to bleed Illinois dry…

    She had her chance to demonstrate her principles – and was found seriously wanting…

  3. These Politicians Never Learn you are who you hang with! and this being another stupid move ! to ruin yourself getting the Vote…. is there no one with a brain who can think on their own anymore?

  4. I’m not sanguine about Sanguinetti’s taxpayer pledge.

    She’s a Rauner minion.

    And a liar!

    She said Illinois was heading in the right direction and that the sanctuary state bs would help us.

    She’s a FINK!

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