Appointment of Associate Judge Coming Soon

This over a month old press release from the McHenry County court system tells of applicants for an Associate Judgeship:

So that folks can track who applied in the future, here are their names and identifying information:

  • William J. Bligh – Sole Practioner
  • Dawn Roth – Sole Practioner
  • Jeannette M. Schwemler – Sole Practioner
  • Jeffrey J. Altman – Donahue & Walsh Associate
  • Kevin Chrzanoshi – Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle Associate
  • Marten J. Coonen – Owner of Law Office of Matten J. Coonen, LLC.
  • Michael C. Cortina – SmithAmundson Partnet
  • Michael J. Fleck – Partner with Law Office of Michael J. Fleck
  • Carl W. Gilmore – Law Firm of Metz Gilmore & Vaclavek
  • Joseph Gottemoller – Owner of Joseph Gottemoller & Assoicates
  • Paulette M. Gray – Owne/Partner of Law Office of Gray & Gray
  • Jennifer L. Johnson – Hinshaw & Culbertson Partner
  • Nicholas Johnson – Shareholder in Querrey & Harrow
  • Thomas J. Kasper – Mohr Sullivan & Kasper Associate
  • Kimberley C. Klein – Owner of the Klein Law Group
  • Cynthia C. Lamb – A Managing Partner of Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh
  • Hans A. Mast – Compton Law Firm Associate
  • Joseph C. Ponitz – Franks, Gerkin & McKenna Partner
  • Cynthis A. Schaupp – Of Counsel with Walker Wilcox Matousek, Special Assistant Attorney General
  • Thomas B. Spencer, IV – A Partner with Roth Melei Petsch Spencer
  • Sharyl D. Einenstein – Assistant McHenry County State’s Attorney
  • Angelo J. Mourelatos – Supervising Assistant McHenry County Public Defender
  • Scott L Jacobson – Senior Judicial Clerk, 2nd District Appellate Court

With a lawyer who is a Democat announcing that his party will filed three female candidates against the the three male appointed Circuit Judges up for election, it seems to me likely that a woman will be appointed to fill this Associate Judgeship vacancy.

And Sharon Prather is one of the Citcuit Court seats being filled.


Appointment of Associate Judge Coming Soon — 14 Comments

  1. Of those listed, how many are wearing the same suit three days a week and shuffling around in loafers?

  2. Sharon Prather’s seat has already been filled by Hon. Mark Gerhardt.

    It is Judge Gerhardt’s Associate Judge position that became vacant when he was appointed, so it is his seat, not Judge Prather’s, that is being filled with this appointment.

  3. Judgeships are a joke and atrocity to us citizens at every level!

    Has one Judge ever filled out their term and then have an election to determine which is the best candidates to become a judge?

    I wish more lawyers would run against Judges but afraid of being shamed in the courtroom on technicalities etc. they will never do it!

    It is seems to be it is who you know and not the most qualified!

  4. Bill Bligh is a more than qualified and competent Attorney.

    And, he would serve the public efficiently and with integrity.

    It would be nice to see him take the bench.

  5. Illinois has a separate pension program for its loser judges.

    In McHenry County they pretty much all come from John Marshall Law ‘Skool’ —- a diploma mill that churns out poor practitioners.

  6. Did Sharon Prather die or retire?

    When did this happen?

    Must have missed it.

  7. Prather retired.

    It’s about time, as she should have never been a Judge.

    She made a lot of unscrupulous and unethical decisions while in divorce court.

    In criminal court, she generally gave defendants the max and was privately and ruthlessly criticized by some of her colleagues for her decisions.

    Additionally, there were many cases that made it to the appellate court and were overturned because of her erroneous rulings.

    Prather, leaves behind a horrible legacy in McHenry County.

    Back in the day, I was informed by insiders, that a lot was going on her chambers that the public didn’t know about, but probably should have.

    Prather leaving the bench, is a new beginning for McHenry County.

  8. Some great female candidates are coming up. And Angelo Mourelatos is superb.

  9. “UnderwoodNow” -You don’t know what you are talking about.

    Angelo Mourelatos, is not superb!

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