Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt

From Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair:

“Land of Leavin’? Stay and Fight!” is what Illinois Republicans advise.


Message of the Day – A Tee Shirt — 7 Comments

  1. Would like to see evidence that the GOP is fighting first!

    Didn’t several of the few (GOP legislature members) vote to approve the recent taxes, marijuana legalization, gambling expansion, pro-abortion/infanticide legislation??

    McSweeney is the only rep out there fighting back, and he has been fairly effective at getting marginal legislation passed.

    If there is a future GOP in IL, he is it!

  2. Harrington is right on target. I told Tyron and Althoff, separately, that they made me sick to my stomach with all their betrayals and lies.

    Althoff laughed.

    Tryon tried to explain how he was conservative.

    Then I laughed at him.

  3. Terminator, that’s a really beautiful shirt. I/m getting it! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Beyond doomed.

    Pawn shops.

    Pay Day/Title loans shoppes.

    Tattoo parlors.

    Slot parlors.

    Abortion mills.

    Welfare offices.


  5. Oh, there’ll be a fight. It’s on the horizon like that storm in the movie ‘Perfect Storm’.

    And like Noah’s big flood, the evil will be cleansed from Illinois.

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