U.S. House Republican Leadership Supporting Sanguinetti

As Former Quigley Supporter explains in a comment, my headline is misleading

All candidates who reported raising at least $100,000 by June 30th received this designation.

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From the campaign of Evelyn Sangrunetti:

Evelyn Sanguinetti “On The Radar” For NRCC Young Guns Program

Today, Evelyn Sanguinetti, Republican candidate for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District, was named as one of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “On the Radar” candidates as part of the Committee’s 2020 Young Guns program.

The program mentors and supports candidates in races across the country and works to provide them with the necessary tools to run successful, winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.

“Americans’ priorities are Republican priorities.

“This is why we are recruiting the best to compete in 2020 and I am proud to welcome each of these candidates to the Young Guns program,” said U.S. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“I remain focused on ensuring they have the resources they need to win, and I look forward to seeing them on the campaign trail over the next 14 months.”

Evelyn Sangruinetti

“I am honored to receive this important recognition by the NRCC and I look forward to victory next November,” said Evelyn Sanguinetti.

“This election is about beating Sean Casten to ensure our kids and grandkids have the chance to live the American dream. 

“Socialism is not the answer.

“Sean Casten has consistently shown that he does not represent the interests of the 6th district, but rather the elite progressive donors and socialists he’s catered to since being elected to office.”

You can view the Young Guns website by clicking HERE.


U.S. House Republican Leadership Supporting Sanguinetti — 15 Comments

  1. Reason #367 to vote for Ives.

    RINOs circle the wagons for one of their ilk.

  2. The same wipes who supported designated losers Romney & McCain.

  3. Ives is scheduled to be on Beyond the Beltway Sunday evening from 6PM-8PM.

    Listening and watching on YouTube is the best way, and you can do live chat while listening.

  4. Given the comments from Aeon at 9:04PM and TheTerminator at 10:23PM and the headline Cal gave this article, a little explanation is needed.

    In addition to Ms. Sanguinetti, Jim Oberweis and Ted Gradel were also named “On the Radar” for the NRCC Young Guns program, in the IL-14 Republican primary race.

    Membership into “On the Radar” status was triggered when a congressional candidate surpasses $100,000 raised during the 2nd quarter on the FEC report.

    Sanguinetti raised a little over $103,000 in the 2nd quarter.

    Gradel raised nearly $305,000 and Oberweis raised nearly $209,000.

    Money the candidates loaned themselves counted to make the $100,000 minimum.

    In Sanguinetti’s case, the $5,600 she loaned herself put her over the $100,000 mark.

    Oberweis loaned himself $100,000 in the 2nd quarter, and Gradel loaned himself $30,000.

    Put another way, the only criterion is total receipts the campaign received.

    The 3 Republicans deserve a “good job” for achieving this status, as well as starting their campaigns in the first half of the year.

    It was not the case of the NRCC choosing one candidate over another, or as the blog headline suggests “U.S. House Republican Leadership Supporting Sanguinetti”.

    And of the three Republicans running in McHenry County who made the “On the Radar” level, only Gradel made it “purely”, meaning the amount he loaned himself was not a deciding factor.

    Put another way, Sanguinetti needed the amount she loaned herself to pass $100,000, and Oberweis qualified either/or, meaning his loan amount was enough, as well as the amount in contributions.

    Jeanne Ives and Sue Rezin were not eligible because they did not launch their respective campaigns until July.

    Given what both women are capable of, I’m sure they will reach the “On the Radar” threshold after 3rd quarter fundraising.

    In the IL-14, Danny Malouf and James Marter did not make the $100,000 threshold. Marter launched his bid on May 30 and raised nearly $19,000.

    Malouf raised nearly $4,200.

    Marter might make it to “On the Radar” in Q3.

  5. Who is the most electable candidate in the general?

    Ives is awesome, but not electable against caustic Castin.

    Stop opining over the past and let’s focus our vision and energies.

    We must win back the 6th.

    And for the record, if Jeanne wins, I will be a vigorous supporter.

    Folks, it’s about winning against the democrats.

    It’s about love of our country, love for our children our grandchildren and everything we hold near and dear.

    I did not publicly support Trump, pre-election, but he was better than “her.”

    We must fight this together folks.

    Let’s stop whining and start winning again.

    We fight against the likes of Madigan, Clinton, Sanders, Biden and Casten.

    They are not my representatives.

    I asked Evelyn, at a PC meeting if she lost if she would support Ives, she stopped speaking, walked over and shook Jeanne’s hand and audibly affirmed that she would support her, Jeanne Ives, if Jeanne won the primary.

    I want to hear Jeanne publicly affirm her support for us, for what we all believe in.

    To say once “I support you” is not enough, to openly and publicly support our cause is of inestimable value.

    A house divided can not stand, let’s not quibble, let’s win.

    Back biting each other is destructive. Let’s fight together, for in numbers there is strength.

    Evelyn or Jeanne, we must coalesce around the best candidate.

    Please join me in this endeavor.

  6. This is exactly what the Trump re-election campaign (with assistance from Russian Trolls and Saudi and Israeli APT groups) have been furiously stoking the fires of racism and “Replacement” rhetoric for.
    CHAOS is the goal. The more CHAOS they can incite, the better the Trump Re-Election mantra of “Law and Order” and “Punish the Other” will play with the low-information voter and the greedy, feckless, and lazy MSM.

    The attacks by Russia and other foreign entities NEVER STOPPED in 2016. They have continued full-bore since then, amplifying every divisive issue they can attach themselves to, with the explicit assistance of the ENTIRE Republican Party. It’s not just Mitch McConnell stopping any and all election security legislation, it’s not just the frantic placement of far-Reich-Wing Judges to as many positions as they can possibly cram into a Senate session, it’s not just the Trump Administration slashing the budgets of the FBI and DHS departments whose JOB it was to track and disrupt Domestic Terrorists. This isn’t just AG Bill Barr canceling active investigations into the aforementioned foreign influence campaigns.
    THIS IS ALL A PLAN to create maximum CHAOS during the 2020 elections because Trump THRIVES on Chaos, and the MSM LOVES TO OBSESS ON IT and will willingly toe the Trump line to increase their profits. “If it Bleeds, it Leads” is their mantra (just look at the coverage over the last week) and their desire for the continuation and expansion of the “Reality Show Presidency” is self-evident every single day.
    We cannot look for some mythical Knight on a White Horse to save us. WE HAVE TO SAVE US.
    The only way to do that is to organize, register 10 million NEW VOTERS for 2020, and GOTV in massive numbers (I’m looking at YOU College Students!!!) to kick every single Republican out of office, and defeat Trump in an EPIC thrashing at the polls.
    Even some Republicans are waking up, like State Rep. Steve Rieck and ex-Congressman Joe Walsh,
    I don’t care who the Democratic Presidential candidate is; I will vote for them.
    I don’t care what office any Democrat is running for; I will vote for them.
    I don’t care what they did in the past; I will vote for them.
    I don’t care what they promise to do in the future; I will vote for them.
    The alternative is Fascism. Plain and Simple.

  7. I was in attendance at the meeting and can confirm that the sequence of events that John Pletz described is accurate.

    Casten ran as a moderate in 2018 but has built a very liberal voting record that he will now have to run on.

  8. Pletz should smell the ‘coffee’.

    Sanguitty is too RINOish

  9. Sanguetti who?

    Oh, right, the Rauner flack.

    No Thanks.

    Been down that nasty road before.

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