Walsh Attacks Trump, Calls for Primary Opponent

McHenry County’s only resident Congressman, Joe Walsh, unleashed his criticism on President Donald Trump in a New York Times op-ed piece.

The reaction on Fox News was hostile:

Over a month ago, McHenry County Blog surfaced the extent of Walsh’s dislike for Trump.


Walsh Attacks Trump, Calls for Primary Opponent — 38 Comments

  1. Walsh has always seemed to me to be the sort of lout, that stiffs a waiter if no one is looking and overtips when someone is.

  2. We really do not need another “NeverTrumper”.

    Especially from a supposed conservative that could not put Duckworthless away.

  3. Walsh is just another narcissistic blowhard who likes to hear himself bloviate
    thereby giving himself the false impression that he is saying something important
    that people want to hear, nothing could be further from the truth.

    True Conservatives and the Republican Party do not need him or want him,
    this is why he was not reelected to his seat.

  4. **Especially from a supposed conservative that could not put Duckworthless away.**

    LOL – because a different Republican would have been able to beat Duckworth.

    That’s funny.

  5. Cal, you only learned Walsh was anti-Trump a month ago?

    His tweets, his radio show, and his appearances on cable news have been like that for years.

  6. That guy is a loudmouth and boor. Of course the far left wing newspaper in NY will publish any anti-Trump nonsense from any present or former Republican office holders.

  7. Yes, like most Republicans Walsh is a loudmouth and a liar.

    But in this case he’s absolutely right.

    Republicans have been out of step with American values for 40-some years but only under Trump have they been flat out evil.

  8. Of note, Democrats were the party of slavery.

    That little thing called the civil war settled that horrible thinking.

    So by extrapolation, using JK’reasoning, are most Democrats in favor of slavery?

    Or was that true only 40 or more years ago?

  9. All of the sudden conservative republikkklans despise Joe Walsh. In this sunshine blog, the entertainment never ends…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock,

  10. Another snowflake extrapolation.

    I don’t know Joe Walsh, but I would vote form him over any democrat.

  11. Joe’s radio show ratings must be in the tank!

    Grasping for headlines by catering to the left wing and the swamp is a sure sign of desperation.

  12. Joe Walsh should run for president just so we can see an epic debate where they call each other names and try to talk over each other the whole time.

    They better at least start feuding on Twitter.

  13. He does, but when he was in Congress, he lived in McHenry County.

  14. Walsh’s radio talk show is now syndicated to well over 100 stations, coast to coast.

  15. He backed Rauner to get his wife appointed to a state position.

    Which she lost in an election any way.

    I used to listen to him.

    Now I turn the lame brain off.

    Dan Profft is so very much better.

    Walsh should get a job as Rachel Madow’s laundress.

  16. Joey Blowboy lauds Walsh.

    That’s enough for me.

    Walsh must be off his rocker.

  17. I stopped listening to him last May. Tune into Dan & Amy 5-9am on AM 560!

    They are really smart and funny. Walsh is a loon.

  18. This is exactly what the Trump re-election campaign (with assistance from Russian Trolls and Saudi and Israeli APT groups) have been furiously stoking the fires of racism and “Replacement” rhetoric for.
    CHAOS is the goal. The more CHAOS they can incite, the better the Trump Re-Election mantra of “Law and Order” and “Punish the Other” will play with the low-information voter and the greedy, feckless, and lazy MSM.

    The attacks by Russia and other foreign entities NEVER STOPPED in 2016. They have continued full-bore since then, amplifying every divisive issue they can attach themselves to, with the explicit assistance of the ENTIRE Republican Party. It’s not just Mitch McConnell stopping any and all election security legislation, it’s not just the frantic placement of far-Reich-Wing Judges to as many positions as they can possibly cram into a Senate session, it’s not just the Trump Administration slashing the budgets of the FBI and DHS departments whose JOB it was to track and disrupt Domestic Terrorists. This isn’t just AG Bill Barr canceling active investigations into the aforementioned foreign influence campaigns.
    THIS IS ALL A PLAN to create maximum CHAOS during the 2020 elections because Trump THRIVES on Chaos, and the MSM LOVES TO OBSESS ON IT and will willingly toe the Trump line to increase their profits. “If it Bleeds, it Leads” is their mantra (just look at the coverage over the last week) and their desire for the continuation and expansion of the “Reality Show Presidency” is self-evident every single day.
    We cannot look for some mythical Knight on a White Horse to save us. WE HAVE TO SAVE US.
    The only way to do that is to organize, register 10 million NEW VOTERS for 2020, and GOTV in massive numbers (I’m looking at YOU College Students!!!) to kick every single Republican out of office, and defeat Trump in an EPIC thrashing at the polls.
    Even awakening Republicans like State Rep. Steve Reick and ex-Cong. Joe Walsh are seeing the Light!
    I don’t care who the Democratic Presidential candidate is; I will vote for them.
    I don’t care what office any Democrat is running for; I will vote for them.
    I don’t care what they did in the past; I will vote for them.
    I don’t care what they promise to do in the future; I will vote for them.
    The alternative is Fascism. Plain and Simple.

  19. Aloha!

    My two cents…

    Joe Walsh is a patriot, willing to do the hard labor to get elected and passionately pursue an agenda that will restore American values and uphold the US Constitution.

    Politics is a contest of skills, timing, support and endurance.

    I don’t agree with Joe on everything, but he sounded an alarm years ago that still resonates, uncontrolled spending by government.

    Under Pres. Trump, gov. spending and debt has increased more, significantly more.

    Just keep telling like it is Joe, and while you are at it, the US Farmers would “hugely” appreciate and profit from a renewed HEMP industry, not gov. subsidies.

    Hemp could benefit America in so many ways, yet Pres. Trump never mentioned the word “hemp”, as far as I know. ( I do acknowledge he signed the Farm Bill that legalizes hemp)

    Bottom line, the ONLY Democratic candidate that will give Pres. Trump a run for his money is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

    Tulsi is the best debater, a soldier, and is the most ‘republican’ of the Democratic contenders.

    Smart as a whip too!

    Even Tucker Carlson appreciates her and allows her on his show whereas she is shunned by MSM because she is anti-war.

    Ya’all might want to check out Rep. Gabbard’s “Hemp for Victory Act” she initiated in Congress.

    MAHA = Make American Hemp Again


    God bless you all!

  20. Interesting feedback from McHenry Counties best and brightest defenders of Trump.

    Lets look at how they describe Joe Walsh who attacked their most beloved president:

    the type of guy who stiffs people when not looking (DJ)

    narcissistic (HonestAbe1)

    blowhard (HonestAbe1)

    loudmouth (bred winner)
    boor (bred winner)

  21. Oh on – Thanks for listing all the reasons why Walsh is persona non grata
    as a true Conservative Republican.

    That was by far the smartest post you ever made, and probably the last one too.

  22. A guy named Joe at 2:39 PM yesterday said:

    “Republicans have been out of step with American values for 40-some years but only under Trump have they been flat out evil.”

    Have only seen evil from Democrats since Trump came on the presidential scene in mid 2015, such as:

    The conspiracy by Democrats and Hillary Clinton and parts of the Obama Administration to use government authorities to illegally spy on the Trump presidential campaign and then start a fake Russia collusion investigation.

    The campaign by top Democrats in the Senate Judiciary to try to stop the nomination of eminently qualified Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court with fake witnesses.

    Reckless statements by many Democrats to abolish ICE which led to a number of violent left wing terrorist attacks by radicals on ICE facilities.

    Top Democrat US Representative Maxine Waters promotion of harassment of Trump Administration officials by telling people to get in their faces at restaurants, gas stations and other public places and then there were many cases of harassment documented in videotape on national tv.

    Prominent Democrat freshmen US Representatives falsely claiming that people caught crossing the border without papers/documentation are then housed in “concentration camps” and have to drink water from toilets.

    Anti-Semitic remarks by Democrats against the Nation of Israel.

    A small sampling of evil acts by Democrats with the intent to rile up the citizenry to dislike the Trump Administration. Democrats and their handmaidens in the mostly left wing media still have not got over the loss of their miserable and unqualified presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. They continue to be angry and vindictive. They are the crybabies and brats and if anybody is evil, it is them.

  23. Joe Kvidera said:

    “Republicans have been out of step with American values for 40-some years but only under Trump have they been flat out evil.”

    Go ahead Joe. Provide a documented list of official U.S. Government “American values”.

  24. Abe on –

    You are welcome. Those all perfectly describe Trump. Obviously no self awareness from the best and brightest.

  25. And yes Joe Walsh is a jackass but it’s amusing to see how the best and brightest around here define him when all those descriptions fit Trump.

  26. Re: Underwoodnow and Russia interference in elections

    This is nothing new. Russia ongoing tries to interfere in many countries’ affairs including elections.

    In regards to 2016 and Russia putting messages on social media, President Barack Obama was informed of their efforts as early as mid 2016 and he recklessly decided TO NOT tell American about it. A responsible president would have gone on national tv well before the elections and tell Americans to be very careful about believing what they see and read on social media in that some of it is from Russia. But, no. Obama chose to remain silent and failed to warn Americans.

    Regarding interference in other country elections, in Obama’s second term, Obama people had interfered in the Israel election. It is well known that Obama had a dislike for Netanyahoo.

  27. Obama asked Moscow Mitch to release a joint statement.

    Moscow Mitch told Obama it he went public with it he would accuse him of playing politics and trying to tip the election.

    Republicans suck.

  28. Joe Walsh lost it when his wife got booted.

    What does Joe Walsh, Joe Stalin, and Brucie Rauner all have in common?

    ANS: A Harridan wife


  29. I despise Walsh.

    He’s a Chickensh** who changed flags for the $.

    Like Benedict Arnold.

  30. Joe Kvidera why don’t u and your boyfriend just keep supporting your wonderful demacrap government

  31. KitchenMilitia I have been meaning to ask you, what are your Militia’s goals?

    The Original Kitchen Militia of the 90’s were there to help children & families with abuse in the School District.

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