Former County Clerk Indicates She Is Running for Circuit Court Judge Again

While McHenry County Clerk, Mary McClellan decided to run for a countywide Circuit Court Judgeship instead of re-election.

She came in third out four.

Now her web side announces she is running for the Circuit Court again.

There is one countywide seat open to which David Gervais has been apppointed.

There are two subcircuit seats as well.

She lives in the subcircuit in which Justen Hansen has been appointed.

On the web site is a poll in which six people have voted.

It asks the most important issue.

Accountability has gotten three votes.

The other options are

  • taxes
  • fiscal responsibility
  • ethical

I clicked on “ethical,” because that is the only option that a judge has anything to do with, and got the following message:


Former County Clerk Indicates She Is Running for Circuit Court Judge Again — 19 Comments

  1. What’s with the cross around her neck?

    She’s satanic, or at least diabolical.

    Dee Manny is her Chief advisor.

  2. Oh brother, just what we need in McHenry County!

    Another, Sharon Prather!

  3. Joe, like you, she is indeed Satanic.

    And like you again, she’s a loser!

    And further like you, her husband is very, very childish.

  4. Ohhhh no!

    Not again!

    Anyone with a Devil tattoo should be automatically disqualified from being a judge.

  5. Why would her website have a item called “Ethics”?

    We have seen that she has none.

    That was confirmed by the US District Court.

    She has no accountability so at least three people are paying attention and have noted that this is an important qualification.

    When I chceked the website just now, it allowed me to see those three votes, however I was not allowed to vote on any of the four choices.

    So, like Mary, the website poll doesn’t work.

    Nothing to see here, folks, move along if you will.

  6. I would not vote for her for anything!!

    She made lots of bad decisions as clerk.

    Wish she would stay out of politics!!

  7. Just what district does she live?

    As a judge you must be honest, as a clerk she knows taxes.

    Why then does she and hubby have 2 homes with homestead exemptions.same old unethical Mary,time to move on.

  8. I cannot in good conscious allow this bashing of this f’wit.

    Mary and her husband’s antics, have provided me an endless source of humor and half-assed snark.

  9. Will Franks Integrity Fund next sending out flyers this go around?

  10. She’s our own little Freddie Kruger.

    And just as wicked!

    Stay tuned for McHenryCountyHalloween III.

    Spoiler alert, she loses (again), but vows on Jack Franks’ butt that she’ll “…be Back.

    I needa low-energy job!”

  11. Really McCluster thinks she has a shot and will she be a republican this time?

  12. Ughhhhh. but stupid women will vote for her bc of her gender.

    She thinks she’s pretty smart.

  13. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!

    McClellan again!?

    Is she a masochist? Does she think McHenry Co. Voters are victimized by an Alzheimer’s epidemic?

    Does she need a job because of her husband, who is equally unemployed since Proud Mary lost her Clerk gig, demands it, or because she can’t stand to hear his constant carping ‘about the lifestyle I once had”?

  14. Mary McCon has done nothing but steal from the taxpayers.

    Her and Gil have sued the County at least four times (all public record) once it was determined that she was not on the ballot for Judge, she unionized the clerk’s office.

    And then she changed his position to non-exempt and charged the County got his’overtime’ which not only did he not work, but didn’t show up for work for three and a half months!!

    She is a liar, a thief and most of all, has no morals – especially to become a Judge

  15. It is good that all of you have McClellan’s number.

    There is hope after all for McHenry County.

    McClellan, stop embarrassing yourself and please just go away.

  16. Wasn’t Eddie gill on disability?

    Check on this!!!!

    He was the last time I checked

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