Rezin SIDS Tracking Bill Signed

From State Senator Sue Rezin, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 14th District:

Bill to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome signed into law

Stricter reporting and investigative requirements will now be required by law in situations where an infant has died suddenly and unexpectedly thanks to legislation sponsored by State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) and State Representative Thomas Bennett (R-Pontiac).

According to new law’s sponsors, sudden and unexpected infant deaths are often listed as simply Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when other contributing factors, like unsafe sleeping environments, may have been a contributing factor.

SB 1568 requires coroners to conduct an autopsy following the investigation as well as list any environmental factors that may have contributed to the child’s death on their report.

The new law would also require the Department of Public Health to publish current data that it receives from coroner reports so that the public has access to reporting concerning SIDS.

“Too often, infant deaths are being ruled as SIDS even when there are unsafe factors present at the scene where the infant passed,” said Sen. Rezin. “By just putting SIDS on the death certificate, potentially valuable information is being left out that could help prevent infant deaths in the future.”

“This is an important bill that impacts families during an extremely sensitive time and will help provide more complete information about what happened,” said Rep. Bennett. “This bill will help promote awareness in how to take care of infants.”

The legislation was brought forward by Ashley Lamps, a constituent of Sen. Rezin and State Representative Lance Yednock (D-Ottawa), who lost her son in 2013 to SIDS. Lamps now runs a foundation that advocates for SIDS awareness and the use of safe sleep practices.

“Illinois needs to have as much information as possible at hand to help prevent these instances from happening,” said Rep. Yednock. “Families across the Illinois Valley, and throughout the entire state, will have better information going forward to take extra care for their newborns.” 

SB 1568, which was signed into law on Friday, August 9, is the product of congenial and productive discussions between Ashley, the Department of Public Health, and the Illinois Coroners and Medical Examiners Association.


Rezin SIDS Tracking Bill Signed — 12 Comments

  1. Nanny state gotta do the Nanny thing, micro-manage and license parental units.

    The State owns all the children. It Takes a Village to raise a Child and no Child will be left (with an sodomized) Behind!

    Parent’s with improper or reactionary religious views on homosexuality, SS. Obama or Hillary, multiculturalism, etc., will be deemed unfit and in need of re-education.

    This Lauren Underwood’s credo.

  2. Rezin is creepy.

    — haven’t these parents suffered enough?

  3. Weird law.

    All emotion.

    Won’t save one kid.

    Another ‘feelgood’ law we do not need.

  4. Well, since this legislation passed both houses of the Illinois General Assembly without opposition, as in unanimously, including votes from Jim Oberweis and the Springfield Eastern Bloc conservatives, is everyone “creepy” for passing a “weird law”?

  5. SIDS is totally b/s. These cases are more likely related to vaccine injury than anything else. They keep making stuff up and then legislating on their fairytales. It’s way past time to call them out on their baloney.

  6. This law will track the reason for infant deaths.

    Once we have found the causes we can prevent the deaths through programs that teach parents how to prevent suffocates them.

    The problem is huge in Illinois.

    These deaths are preventable.

  7. Cindy is correct on this, with all the vaccines that the infants receive, is not necessary.

    One Size Does Not Fit All!

    Toxic Shock is very real and many children are affected.

  8. Very, very dumb law.

    But the Jackasses will say “If it saves one kid”. Well, it won’t.

    How about eliminating section 8 relocations from the inner city to McH Co.

    That law will actually save a lot of crime and lives!

  9. Will this law apply to Abortion?

    SIDS describes abortion.

    Why is it that our legislature is all about killing a baby but they want investigation into SIDS

    Total bull crap

  10. How about a law to investigate illegal aliens’ getting on welfare rolls, schools, ERs, medicaid, free scholarships at IL state colleges and free internet and food stamps?

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