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Congressional Updates 6th & 14th Districts 8/16/19

Oberweis, Gradel, Sanguinetti 2nd Quarter Fundraising Elevates Them to NRCC “On the Radar” Status

IL-14 Republican candidates Jim Oberweis and Ted Gradel and IL-06 Republican candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti achieved “On the Radar” fundraising threshold to be part of the “Young Guns Program”, as explained by the National Republican Congressional Committee excerpt:

The eligibility threshold to be labeled “On the Radar” is 2nd quarter fundraising exceeding $100,000, as filed on Federal Elections Commission (FEC) campaign disclosure forms for the period April 1 through June 30.

This recognition happens because these candidates declared their candidacies in the first half of 2019 and raised the minimal $100,000, including loans to themselves, to qualify.

James Marter and Danny Malouf did not attain the fundraising threshold, and in Marter’s case, he declared his candidacy on May 30.

IL-14 candidate Sue Rezin and IL-06 candidate Jeanne Ives did not declare their respective candidacies until July.

IL-14 candidate Anthony Catella has not yet filed his candidacy with the FEC.

Oberweis and Gradel Owe Financial Disclosure Filings with the House Clerk’s Office

IL-14 candidates Jim Oberweis and Ted Gradel both owe the U.S. House Clerk’s office their respective Financial Disclosure Statements as required by federal law and enforced by the House Ethics Commission, even for House candidates.

Please note, the Financial Disclosure Statements are NOT the same as Campaign Disclosure reports which are required to be filed quarterly through the FEC.

The Financial Disclosure report is comparable to the “Statement of Economic Interests” form required for state and local candidates and officeholders in Illinois, but is far more detailed for federal candidates and officeholders.

Generally, once a candidate files their FEC statement of candidacy and when the candidate exceeds $5,000 in contributions including loans to themselves or $5,000 in expenses, the candidate has 30 days to file the Financial Disclosure Statement.

Oberweis filed his FEC candidacy paperwork in late February and Gradel filed his in late April.  

According to the House Clerk’s website, neither Oberweis or Gradel have filed for a 90-day extension, which is always granted upon request.

Extensions are also documented on the House Clerk’s website.

Now that Oberweis and Gradel have been elevated to the NRCC “On the Radar” status (see above), obeying all laws for candidates will be scrutinized more, including by potential donors and especially voters.

Here is the status of the other Republican candidates in the 6th and 14th districts on the filing of their Financial Disclosure Statements:

  • Evelyn Sanguinetti — filed statement on May 20
  • Jeanne Ives — filed FEC candidacy July 18, August 17 is 30 days after FEC filing, her statement or extension should be filed by middle of next week
  • Anthony Catella — has not filed candidacy with the FEC
  • Danny Malouf — filed statement on June 23, had not reached $5,000 threshold, but filed anyway
  • James Marter — filed statement on June 27
  • Sue Rezin — extension filed, deadline now November 6

Obeying all applicable laws, including the required filing of Financial Disclosure Statements, is one of many ways to evaluate candidates, and Oberweis and Gradel should remedy their respective tardiness as soon as possible.

While currently, Jeanne Ives’ campaign is not yet officially late, and her paperwork may not have yet been posted to the House Clerk’s website, her campaign should make sure there is no issue with her filings, too.

The Republicans who win the nomination in their respective districts will need to file an updated Financial Disclosure Statement by mid May of 2020.

House Clerk’s Financial Disclosure


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  1. Jimmy Oberweis a ‘young gun’? Ha!

    Multiculturalism is coming to you. Welcome it! Or be gone!

    You are all so terminal.

  2. UnderwoodNow- and you are just dumb.

    You don’t rule anyone!

    So be gone!

  3. Lauren Underwood is a disaster for a Congressman and shouldn’t be allowed to hold office.

  4. republikkklans always feel safe around guns. Fortunately, always rural McHenry County can always count on our 184 year old sunshine blogger musket. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. The candidates with the most money aren’t doing financial disclosures. smh

    Yeah, Republicans are off to a GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT start.

  6. UnderwoodNow, Angel, to a point, I have to agree with you concerning the name of this strategy by the NRCC in the wake of recent events.

    A comment on CapitolFax for this topic yesterday suggested renaming the program to “rising stars” or something like that.

    I got my laughs at Oberweis’ expense reading the same Capitol Fax article’s comments.

  7. Dala your Underwood hatred verges on pathological. No, on second thought it’s beyond pathological. You attack people simply for voicing their support of the Congresswoman. It’s just not normal.

  8. Yet, you, Joey Blowhard Kvidera want open borders. YOU are the sociopath. You endanger my family’s physical safety, besides our national fiscal safety and security.

  9. You tell him Jerry.

    This immigration craziness has to stop. Build that wall!

  10. Interesting to observe the results of a ‘teaching’ attempt by FGS.

    FGS is putting paid ‘teachers’ to shame.

  11. Joe Kvideram you are the definition of an ABERRATION!

    You support that Racist!

  12. Kvidera is a sociopathic traitor.

    When the gloves come off, he’s the kind that will flee to the protection of the enemy.

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