Ives on WLS-AM Tonight 6-8, Gun Violence, Israeli Trip

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Congressional Updates 6th & 14th Districts 8/18/19

Jeanne Ives on Beyond the Beltway Sunday evening 6-8PM CDT

6th congressional district candidate Jeanne Ives will be one of the 4 guests on this evening’s Beyond the Beltway broadcast.  You can look up radio station information in the link below.

Watching the radio broadcast live, including the exchange among the hosts and guests via YouTube or Facebook, is the best way to take-in the nearly 2 hours of discussion.

Given the recent news this past week about a possible recession and Israel’s decision concerning 2 members of the Squad being barred from visiting Israel, should make for a lively discussion.

And in light of Congressman Casten’s tweets defending the 2 Squad members, Ms. Ives should have a lot to say during the broadcast:

Two Weeks After El Paso and Dayton and Where are 14th District Congressional Candidates on the Issue of Gun Violence Prevention, Gun Safety and the 2nd Amendment

It has now been two weeks since the shootings in El Paso and Dayton and many ideas have been flowing here on this blog, and among our leaders in Washington and aspiring candidates who want to represent us in Washington.

Among the Republican congressional candidates, the most diverse opinions comes from the 14th district and some real differences can be seen among the candidates.

Candidates James Marter and Danny Malouf have taken to Facebook to explain their positions and we can all be the judge of what they said:

So James Marter posted he is against “red flag” laws, and any new gun laws and he wants the reasonable restrictions of gun ownership laws repealed, too.

And Danny Malouf impugns Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R, TX) inferring his policy idea is not keeping with his oath of office.

If anyone is not familiar with TAPS, that stands for Threat, Assessment, Prevention and Safety Act, or H.R. 838, sponsored by Congressman Brian Babin (R, TX) and currently has 114 co-sponsors.

The legislation is bi-partisan with 58 Republicans and 56 Democrats co-sponsoring, but Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood are not among them.

The link to H.R. 838 is below.

Given James Marter is outright against “red flag” laws and Danny Malouf thinks such laws undermine 4 out of 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights, on the 2nd amendment, Malouf and Marter are set apart from Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin, who both voted in favor of Illinois’ red flag law in 2018, along with all state senators representing McHenry County, except for Dan McConchie who did not vote on House Bill 2354 last year.

So unless Oberweis or Rezin reverse their stances of their records, they supported IL’s red flag law and are on opposite sides from Malouf and Marter.

Ted Gradel and Anthony Catella have not weighed-in directly on 2nd amendment issues thus far, except Catella told voters that him being a member of a well-regulated militia (Indiana Guard Reserve) he lives out the full meaning of the 2nd amendment doing his duty to country.

Before travelling to Central America a week and a half ago, Congresswoman Underwood tweeted her ridiculous demand to bring the Senate back early to consider H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112:

But what Underwood doesn’t tell you about this legislation she references as “sensible background check legislation” is H.R. 8 puts very narrow rules on the “transfer” of firearms, including among family members and friends, and attempts you have to go through a licensed firearms dealer to facilitate the transfer in many cases, including “gifting”.

She also does not tell you neither of these bills would have prevented the shooters in Gilroy, CA, El Paso and Dayton from obtaining their firearms.

The transfer issue was why Democratic opposition to H.R. 8 when it was approved in the House, and why moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine opposes H.R. 8, and if she opposes it, there is no chance for passage in the Senate.

As was said in a previous update, H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112 will need serious work legislatively if there is any chance to pass those bills in the Senate, and that is the kind of behind-the-scenes discussions taking place in Washington and across the country, which makes bringing the Senate back into session premature at the present time.

As previously posted here on McHenry County Blog 6th district candidate Jeanne Ives is willing to put all options on the table, including reversing her original opposition to Illinois’ red flag law last year when she served in the Illinois House. [Her stand is more nuanced than this. She favors a very strict process. I (Cal) have notes from her joint appearance with Evelyn Sangruinetti in Algonquin, but have not gotten around to writing them up.]

But in the 14th, there are clear distinctions on 2nd amendment issues between the six candidates, and voters can begin to evaluate the candidates on their stances and records.


Ives on WLS-AM Tonight 6-8, Gun Violence, Israeli Trip — 6 Comments

  1. Marter’s position is the soundest.

    I despise Sanguinwhateverhernameis. I’m fed up with Rinos and Rinettes.

  2. Cal, thank you for the clarification concerning Ms. Ives’ “nuanced” stance, and will look forward to reading your write-up.

    Maybe she will touch upon this tonight on Beyond the Beltway.

  3. Like was pointed out in the article, I went by what Ives’ statement she issued back on August 6th and published here on the blog, but within a week, it’s been expanded upon, and we know there is more.

    Will be curious to hear what Sanguinetti has to say on 2nd amendment issues, and what both ladies have to say on legislation before Congress on guns, like H.R. 838, H.R. 8, and H.R. 1112, and the Toomey-Manchin potential legislation that’s in the news, too.

  4. Matter or Ives.

    Favor Marter, but will settle for Ives.

    Sangy: NEVER!

  5. Marter is not running in the 6th District where Ives and Sangruinetti are.

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