Sue Morrison Wins Grand Prize at Springfield’s Old Capitol Art Fair

This is a long time in coming, because the Old Capitol Art Fair was in mid-May.

Sue Morrison’s booth was one of the first ones I saw after climbing from the underground parking lot beneath the Old State Capitol.

Sue Morrison and her tent.

She displayed splendid wood work and this was her first time at this exhibit.

After seeing all of the artists, I told her she surely should win the new artist Blue Ribbon.

To at least my surprise, I discovered on Sunday that she had won the Grand Prize Blue Ribbon.

Her write-up is below:

Here is a photo of one her intricate works found on her Facebook page:


Sue Morrison Wins Grand Prize at Springfield’s Old Capitol Art Fair — 7 Comments

  1. Morrison or Mersman? Why’s she using an alias on her cards? Is she using wood from the endangered head of Angel (wood of the endangered Puerto Rican ebony-block head tree) and has to hide her real iD?

  2. You 3 morons wouldn’t see art if it hit you in the face!

    And, you 3 are nothing but childish people who have nothing better to do with your time!

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    In fact you are a drudge who wishes to enslave us so you won’t have to work.

    Are you allowed to get within 50 yards of a school, DALA?

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