NWH Finds Prim’s Report on Coroner’s Office

Ten days ago McHenry County Blog publilshed the report that Sheriff and Interim Coroner Bill Prim’s office prepared on the Coroner’s Office.

Today, the Northwest Herald decided it was news.

And even pointed out that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks was not following the law requiring a replacement for retiring Coroner Anne Majewski within sixty days.

Franks’ excuse is that he is waiting for a second study “from a third-party consultant in the medical field.”

Meanwhile petitions for the office can be passed starting next month.

The article does not mention Franks’ goal to abolish the Coroner’s Office.


NWH Finds Prim’s Report on Coroner’s Office — 2 Comments

  1. Again the bias in the NWH is evident in the quote from Franks above the picture of Bill.

    The propaganda rag is shameless.

    Styf lacks journalistic integrity with so many items published slanted so overtly.

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