Sanguinetti Hits Casten on Tolerance of Corruption

From the campaign of Evelyn Sangruinetti:

Sean Casten Silent On Democrat Corruption

Casten mum on latest scandal involving Sen. Cullerton *

There are two things you can count on when it comes to Sean Casten:

Sean Casten

 1.He will vote for Nancy Pelosi’s out-of-touch extreme agenda whenever she tells him.

2. He will never miss an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Republicans on Twitter. 

But where is Casten when corruption occurs in his own party?

Nowhere to be found.

Casten has remained silent on the most recent embezzlement charges against State Senator Tom Cullerton.

A US Congressman like Casten should know that corruption should be called out wherever it occurs, even if it is politically inconvenient.

“Casten is no centrist and we have seen on more than one occasion that he will never stand up to wrongdoing within his own party,” said Clay Godfrey, Sanguinetti campaign spokesman.

“It is despicable that Sean Casten can’t even call out corruption when it occurs with a state senator who is supposed to represent some of the same constituents as Casten. Evelyn stood up to Mike Madigan in Springfield and will stand up to corruption of all forms as a US Congresswoman.”


Democrat Illinois State Senator Tom Cullerton Was Indicted On 41 Federal Counts On August 2, 2019. (“Read the 41-count federal indictment against Illinois state Sen. Tom Cullerton,” Chicago Tribune, 8/2/19)


Sanguinetti Hits Casten on Tolerance of Corruption — 4 Comments

  1. There was a time in our country when a respectable public official would resign at the first hint of scandal, regardless of innocent until proven guilty.

    But not in the 21st century.

    Maybe that is what Congressman Casten ought to be doing, is getting Senator Tom Cullerton to resign.

  2. The Democrats lead the way for Corruption in Illinois.

    They can be proud of Operation Greylord and other investigations.

    Vote our Jack Franks and get rid of Madigan. That would be progress.

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