Madigan Minion Bossiness Documented

Former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald top staffer, then, Assistant U.S. Attorney, then, Governor Bruce Rauner Executive Inspector General Maggie Hickey issued her report on sexual harrassment and other abuses under House Speaker Mike Madigan Tuesday.

Crain’s Chicago Busniness headline featured the fear Democratic Party House staffers felt under fired Chief of Staff Tim Mapes:

The Chicago Tribune took this approach:Madgian

Madigan has to be scratching his head that the State paid almost $526,000 for this criticism of his and his top guy’s bullying from both employees and State Representatives.

Saturday Night Live’s Church Lady’s saying, “Isn’t that special?” seems to fit Tim Mapes comment.

Apparently Mapes’ management style include yelling at staffers.

Staff called it a “Tim moment.”

In a comment issue through his lwayer, Mapes said,

“If my demeanor or approach to my job did not instill trust and a healthy work environment, I apologize.”

The report can be found below the NBC story here.


Madigan Minion Bossiness Documented — 2 Comments

  1. Change the headline to “A culture of fear in McHenry County” and do a story about blow-up rats plus threats of lawsuits etc.

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