Message of the Day – Bumper Stickers

Found on a car in a Crystal Lake parking lot:

Two anti-gun bumper stickers.

“Guns DO kill; that and compensate for small penises” says the bumper sticker on the left.

The one on the right reads, “Ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammo clips.”

They were on a car from Clinton, Iowa.


Message of the Day – Bumper Stickers — 5 Comments

  1. Number 1. But people still pull the trigger.

    Number 2.”Assault weapons”(machine guns) were banned under Clinton’s rule. AR is a trade mark respected to the Armalite Rifle company by trade mark for the invention and patent of same.

    It is NOT a machine gun. Google it, you ignoramus.

  2. Machine guns are still legal.

    But it costs a pretty penny in fees to get a license.

  3. Fred Doederlein had one at his lumber company in East Dundee.

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