Introducing John Lopez

I’m John Lopez, and since early April, I have been posting both comments and articles through the name “Former Quigley Supporter“. Throughout the summer, contributions have been made to McHenry County Blog about the congressional races in the 6th and 14th district.

With the importance McHenry County will play in the congressional elections of 2020 for the 6th district and especially the 14th district, the more efficient provisioning of relevant information to readers of McHenry County Blog requires a greater imperative, and commitment for all residents of McHenry County.

Therefore, with Cal Skinner’s permission and approval, I will be writing articles directly to McHenry County Blog, and the moniker “Former Quigley Supporter” is now officially retired.

One does not take this responsibility lightly, especially on an established source for news of public interest which has been publishing articles since 2005 under Cal’s guidance. I greatly know and appreciate the trust Cal has entrusted in order to do this. With God’s guidance and will, may the direct contributions of articles help all residents of McHenry County, particularly in the area of elections and legislation in Congress.

I know there are writings where I’ve done all right, and writing that can be done better, and I will strive to always improve, and utilize resources which will help all readers be better informed. I bring experience of living in the area for over 25 years, and living across the country and outside our country, too.

Please bear with me, as I try to provide useful material, and even if we do not agree on anything, let’s all try to make our McHenry County community a better place to live. Thank you in advance for your support, and your prayers are welcome, too.




Introducing John Lopez — 11 Comments

  1. Way to go John Lopez!

    Off to the races…………………………….

  2. One less person in the land of compassionate conservative cowards. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  3. Are we going to get articles that say “by John”?

    I’d like to know whether Cal, John, or someone else is writing the article. Thank you.

  4. Too bad. Best to stay anonymous. Democrats and moron supporters of far left wing politics are known to go to homes of persons in the Trump Administration or Republican Congress to harass them. This has happened with Mitch McConnel and Republicans in the Trump Administration after Democrat top leader Maxine Waters told Democrat supporters to harass Republican officials at restaurants and gas stations. These supporter/morons harassed top women in the Trump Administration at restaurants including the Press Secretary and Director of Homeland Security. What kind of low life would harass women in a restaurant? Women? How disgusting can Democrat politics get. Apparently we have not seen the depths of how low this Democrat scum will go.

  5. Thank you for all of the well wishes.

    The contributions have been posted thanks to Cal for around 3 months now.

    With the new set-up, the by lines on the articles will be like this article, “by John Lopez”

    Enjoy what is to come.

  6. John Lopez
    Good luck and I am praying that God will give you the guidance to inform us
    with logic and respect.

    We all want a better community
    the beauty of this country is that we can express our opinions and be fare if we chose to do it.

    So far I am very impressed by your professionalism.


  7. What a disappointment you are. I was looking forward to objective writing but all we get is your god-talk and Catalina Fluff ass-kissing.

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