The “Will You support the Primary Winner?” Question in the Sixth Congressional District

Crystal Lake Republican Precinct Committeeman John Pletz asked congressional hopeful Jeanne Ives whether she would support the winner of the primary election between her and Evelyn Sanguinetti at the Sunday Algonquin joint appearance.

Jeanne Ives

Ives talked of how Rauner “didn’t call me before and he didn’t let me call him before he announced he had won.”

At the time DuPage and McHenry County results were still outstanding.”

She recalled saying, “I will vote for Bruce Rauner,” then talked about how “that man lied about me thought the State of Illinois.”

Over $2 million was spent in the last three days before the election saying “I was a friend of Mike Madigan.

“For him to lie about me was unforgivable.’

A precinct committeeman interjected,

She cited a litany of Rauner decisions with which she disagreed, starting with the $2.4 billion bailout” of Exelon [Commonwealth Edison’s parent company].

“The guy was a disaster,” a precinct committeeman interjected.

Ives related handing “Rauner re-election issues and he ignored it.

And “time and time again’ telling him and his staff you ought to grab this [issue or that].

“I tried to help him even as I was primarying him.”

Pletz followed up with “Why didn’t he ask you [to endorse him]?

“He has way too big an ego.

Evelyn Sanguinetti

“Everyone knew he was trying to give the job away [that is, get someone else to run for Governor].

My notes were unclear as to Ives answer to Pletz’ question, so I reached out for the answer.

“Yes” was the reply from Ives.

Pleltz asked the same question to Saguinetti.

“If I lose, I’ll support you, sister,” she replied.


The “Will You support the Primary Winner?” Question in the Sixth Congressional District — 7 Comments

  1. I am a little concerned John Pletz, that was the same question Hillary asked Trump.

    “Will you accept the outcome”?

  2. Ives said yes but in the other post Pletz was complaining that she didn’t do enough.

    What else does Pletz want from her?

    Does he want her to kiss Evlyn’s feet?

    People aren’t even allowed to circulate petitions for a primary yet!

    The most disappointing thing about Ives was that she acknowledged how dirty of a man Rauner is — blatantly lying by calling her a Madigan plant and a liberal Democrat — and then she endorsed him anyway!

    Ives and Sanguinetti are both lacking in spines. One was just a little closer to Bruce Rauner.

  3. Unity for the RINO Republicanettes is over-rated and, frankly, pretty stupid.

  4. Sanguinetti was Rauner’s beard right?

    I wouldn’t vote for her in 100 years. Go Ives!

  5. If I lost.

    I’d go on a 16 hour binge of 2 Buck Chuck, to either induce a coma, or start a fistfight.

  6. That’s actually a pretty stupid question.

    Never really understood the purpose of it.

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