Daily Herald Asks the Why Question about Joe Walsh Talking about Running against Donald Trump — 28 Comments

  1. Oh sure.

    He bombs his radio time slot, than gets to run for President.

    All I get is the occasional laugh.

  2. Joe is nothing more than a blowhard failure who loves to hear himself pontificate,
    much the same as his namesake who posts here.

    My fondest wish is that WIND banishes him to AM radio obscurity and repopulates his time
    slot with a true Conservative patriot.

    His 15 minutes of fame ended long ago, good riddance.

  3. If the trade/tariff war POTUS started with China continues unabated there might be opportunities for other Republicans to challenge.

    Big maybe

  4. So Paul are you for giving into China and letting them steal from US?

    Asking for a friend

  5. Don’t drink the koolaid psychobabble.

    The Chinese prez Xi Jinping is in for life, they play the long game.

  6. Day 9

    Anyone see Gasser at work today?

    Days with no prior sightings by bloggers


    Days with prior sightings


    Gasser salary $94,000

  7. This guy is an ahole. A jag–f. He is obnoxious with his yelling. He initially supported Trump, then he became a Judas. How can anybody in their right mind looking at his history support this guy for anything?

  8. This is hilarious.

    You all LOVED Walsh until he started saying a few things you didn’t like.

    Now you HATE him because he dares be critical of the “chosen one.”

    This is going to be fun…

  9. If you plan on getting rid of Trump, we better get rid of Jack Franks and Madigan too!

  10. Compassionate conservative republikkklans used to hate Kim Jung Un until our sexual-assaulter-in-chief tronald dump decided to hang out with him, so this turnaround on big mouth Joe Walsh is nothing but expected…tic, tock, tc, tock, tc, tock…

  11. Trump calls the Fed chair the enemy of the US 6 months after appointing him. Trump only picks the best people.

  12. Trump calls dems socialists then “hereby orders” US companies to stop doing business in China. That’s socialism dip shits.

  13. “This guy is an ahole. A jag–f. He is obnoxious with his yelling.”

    Wait, are you talking about Walsh or Trump?

    It’s hysterical to hear people attack Walsh for being a loudmouth jerk media star considering that describes Trump to a T.

  14. 9 days until Labor Day when Walsh said candidates will need to figure it out by.
    tick tock tick tock

    Don’t forget that Joe Walsh teased at running for U.S. Senate and teased at running for Governor and then flaked (without even announcing that he was declining to run).

    Walsh has no support anyway.

    The people who don’t like Trump because of his behavior would be horrified by Walsh’s behavior.

    Liberals wouldn’t cross over to vote for him.

    Many establishment conservatives are pro-Trump now.

    Tea Party types who do want to vote against Trump would have a better option in Mark Sanford who has more name recognition and has done more, although Sanford might end up flaking out too.

    People who want Trump to be even more authoritarian aren’t going to like Walsh and his appeals to civility, freedom, and trust in institutions.

    Bill Weld is going to have more credibility among GOPers who are more moderate or more libertarian.

    There is no Walsh voter type.

    He would have trouble finding petition passers let alone voters.

  15. Walsh delivered nothing for Americans and people in his district in 2 years.

    Trump has delivered in many ways positive for the economy such as elimination of many regulations and tax cuts for corporations and good results in foreign affairs.

    On foreign affairs – a president who finally stands up to NATO nation members who were not putting in their fair share to support NATO, getting rid of ISIS control in Iraq after the inept Obama pulled our troops out too soon and allowed the JV ISIS (Junior Varsity per Obama) to overrun Iraq and take control of that nation, attacked Syrian/Russian bases with missiles after their attacks on Syrian populace, the first president to stand up to China on economic issues to cut back on hundreds of billions in trade deficits, putting in measures to eliminate the illegal alien problem at the southern border and with tremendous opposition from the anti-U.S. Democrat Party politicians, starting a dialogue/talking with North Korea rather than doing nothing such as Obama, etc.

    Trump accomplished many things in spite of the conspiracy by top Obama Administration officials AND the mostly fake news mostly left wing media to put a phony Russia collusion hoax and obstruction albatross around his neck.

    Top Federal Bureau person Peter Strozk said that he and others in his organization would put in an insurance policy in the event that Trump beat Hillary. That insurance policy was the Mueller investigation into Trump without a basis, predicate or probable cause. Recent book, “Ball of Collusion, the Plot to rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency” by Andrew McCarthy covers the conspiracy by some in the Obama Administration. U.S. Inspector General Horrowitz Report coming soon will shed more light on the shenanigans by some including Strozk and Comey’s fraudulent use of FISA to SPY on Trump election campaign persons.

  16. Walsh is washed up. I now despise him.

    Eric Sivertsen is on his campaign staff according to local rumor.

  17. Sivertsen is a Libertarian.

    Walsh who was a Democrat, turned Libertarian, turned Tea Party, turned Trumplican, turned anything that will get him a job, will sell his soul for a spot on MSNBC.

    Pretty sure U-Line won’t have anything to do with Walsh and now 1/2 of the Koch Brothers are dead so I do t see this campaign as anything but a cheap headline and publicity stunt.

    Would love to see him primary ASpBerger-boy McSweeney tho!

  18. This guy was on Sunday morning national news program run by a Democrat guy who worked in Bill Clinton’s whitehouse and who contributed thousands to Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation. That is the organization set up by the Clintons that received millions from people in power in nations around the world WHEN Hillary was Secretary of State.

  19. Eric Silverstein is a phony — just like Walsh, so it’s funny they’re in the same barrel about to go over Niagara Falls.

  20. “Walsh who was a Democrat, turned Libertarian, turned Tea Party, turned Trumplican, turned anything that will get him a job, will sell his soul for a spot on MSNBC.

    Pretty sure U-Line won’t have anything to do with Walsh and now 1/2 of the Koch Brothers are dead so I do t see this campaign as anything but a cheap headline and publicity stunt.”

    You’re sharp.

    UnderwoodNow, you support putting moats with alligators on the Mexican border, calling Obama a Muslim, and not allowing women to have abortions if their lives are at stake?

    Or which part about Joe Walsh makes sense to you?

    The part where he says Trump is bad?

  21. The Walsh’s can’t even win a state rep election.

    This must be fake news

  22. Nice choice of venue to announce this Joe–George Stephapolous Sunday A.M. show—the same George where a photo was published today of he at the extravaganza Jeffery Epstein threw at his Manhattan home in 2010, AFTER he was convicted and served time for Child Prostitution…my God Joe, could you have picked a sleazier venue and person to make this announcement?

    Same guy who headed the Bimbo Eruption Squad for Hillary to cover for Bill’s sexual assaults and rapes.

    You are scum like they are Walsh—poor choice of venue means poor decision making all around.

    Please retire to Israel as you have promised the WiND listeners.

  23. I regularly see people on this blog claim that Sivertsen is a “Libertarian.”

    Sivertsen does NOT go to McHenry County Libertarian Party meetings.

    Sivertsen is NOT a member of McHenry County LP.

    Sivertsen is NOT a member of the Illinois LP.

    Sivertsen does NOT go to Illinois LP conventions.

    Sivertsen IS an ELECTED REPUBLICAN official — precinct committeeman. He is also Chairman of McHenry Township Republican Central Committee.

    Sivertsen would describe himself as fiscally conservative and pro-second amendment, but those positions aren’t exclusive to Libertarians. They’re common among Republicans and the Constitution Party.

    Sivertsen took issue with Bob Anderson for cutting the senior bus service — Libertarians generally oppose government services.

    So how exactly is Sivertsen a “Libertarian?”

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