State Rep. Tom Weber Asks for Input on Property Tax Survey

From State Rep. Tom Weber:

Property tax survey — have your voice heard!

Are you concerned about property taxes?

Please take a moment to complete this five-question online survey to help shape proposed solutions to be offered at the bipartisan Property Tax Relief Task Force.

Your feedback will help me ensure the concerns of our communities are presented to the task force.  Click Here to Take Survey.


State Rep. Tom Weber Asks for Input on Property Tax Survey — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, I took this stupid survey.

    Missing were the questions of: ‘Is it acceptable to put ketchup on a hot dog’? and ‘Should the State Flag replace the Eagle with Mayor McCheese’?.

  2. What doesn’t this fool not understand?

    Taxes are too high and are just income redistribution schemes to benefit parasites, domestic and illegal aliens.

  3. This is the trick that those in office want our names and addresses in order to send more junk mail.

    If he or she were really concerned, he/she would appear in the flesh somewhere where the taxpayers could see and talk to him/her.

    I looked at the first question but I’m not biting.

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