Underwood Lays Out Gun Control View at Packed Sun City Town Hall

Packed Sun City Ballroom for Loren Underwood Town Hall.
Sun City Campaign Manager

Although when asked a political question, Congresswoman Loren Underwood demurred, saying this was not a “political meeting,” but a “neutral non-partisan” one, the man who introduced her saying he was a former Federal official who interacted with Congress announced he had been her campaign person in Sun City.

The most interesting part of the meeting to me was her comments on gun control.

Universal background checks were at the top of her list.

Loren Underwood waiting for questions.

She wants to close the loopholes for gun show, online and interpersonal transfers.

Underwood supports ending the practice of allowing guns to be sold if the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (AFT) folks don’t reply to a background check request in three days.

She referenced the Aurora factory shooting and “since that time, there have been so many mass shootings.”

A constant refrain during the meeting was the U.S. Senate’s refusal to consider the many bills sent over from the House.

Referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, she said, “If he doesn’t like our background check bill, write your own..

A Conference Committee composed of appointees from both houses of Congress would then come up with a compromise.

Asked about a “buy back” idea, she said, “It should be an option.”

Then she invited people to a Saturday night event from a spin-off of the Florida Parkland High School student organization.

Details are below:

Wally Gullang asked, “What good is it if gun laws are not enforced?”

The Member of Congress replied that an appropriations bill sent to the Senate had more money for ATF.

She then shared what she had discovered from ATF agents at teir gun range.

ATF is only allowed to visit a gun dealer once a year.

Loren Underwood

“They can’t return until the next calendar year..

She cited “lean staffing” meant that the average gun dealer only gets visited once every five years.

Gun dealers records are also kept on record, rather than on computer.

“That blows my mind,” she said.

If the Senate does not pass appropriations bills, she explained, the ATF will not get the extra money approved by the House.

Instead there will be a continuing resolution, which typically authorizes the spending of the same amount as in the previous year.

She noted the House also appropriated $50 million the the National Institutes of Health and another $50 million to the CDC to “study gun violence as a public health issue.”

A man wondered why other countries with widespread gun ownership, e.g., Switzerland, don’t have gun violence.

Loren Underwood

“What is it abour our society that we have such [a lot of gun violence]?”

The reply from Underwood: “I don’t know.”

She pointed to the inconsisten state regulations of guns, a robust black market, widespread availability amd a mental health crisis in our country.

She emphasized that she was “not in any way suggesting {mental health problems were the reason for gun violence].”

“In general, there is a lot of violence in our country” adding too many have bad “coping skills.”

She also cited the “unwillingness ot many officials to stand up to the very, very, very, very, very [strong] corporate lobby.”

Never mentioning the National Rifle Associaiton by name, she continued by characterizing “membership [being] part of their identity…therefore any attempt to save lives is a driect threat to their [identity].


Underwood Lays Out Gun Control View at Packed Sun City Town Hall — 19 Comments

  1. For those who are unaware, Sun City is full of those who despoiled Chicago/Cook County
    and then moved out to protect themselves from the very cesspool of corruption and violence they created.

    You can see who they are from the picture above, they are known as DEMOCRATS.


  2. I thought I was used to bizarre responses from the crew here whenever Underwood is mentioned but”Preying on the elderly” seems completely random.

    Her responses (including that honest “I don’t know) seem like moderate common sense to me- at least the kind of responses most people could find common ground with.

  3. Abe, what about that picture of the backs of a roomful of Seniors gives away their pokitics?

  4. Local Witch Doctor’s magic chicken entrails, portends bad mojo to the Kadoola Kadoola natives.

  5. Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard is incapable of connecting the dots to no one’s surprise.

    The fact that those pictured are present at the Fake Nurse’s gathering demonstrates their
    support for all DEMOCRAT policies which have set this state on the road to fiscal ruin.

    Pokitics, Little Joey Blowhard ?

    Only an uneducated oaf such as you would be incapable of using a simple tool like spell-check.

  6. Can someone tell me how they are going to fix bullying in our country?

    Answer is you can’t!

    Things start at home. With the weak minded men/women being brought up in our country with weak minded parents has basically triggered everyone.

    Why did the men/women that came home from WW2,Korea,Vietnam not have the mental capacity to go on a killing spree?

    Mental illness is a part but mental weakness is a bigger issue!

  7. While mass shootings are abhorrent, what about the numerous shootings and killings in Chicago especially every weekend. WHO are these shooters? What are their backgrounds? Are any or most of the shooters illegitamately born children? How many shooters that are captured and prosecuted are from households having both mother and father engaged, living together with their children? Or, how many shooters are from households where the father was never present?

  8. How many of the supporters of Underwood get their news from mostly left wing media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN?

  9. Underwood, is a clown and she dresses like she is ready for the Circus!

    Have some respect and professionalism and learn how to dress in something other than a neon green dress and extreme sheen red, glitter, lipstick!

    Gosh, even Bozo the Clown would have been embarrassed for Underwood.

  10. Sure is nice to have a strong, common sense leader like Lauren Underwood.

  11. She’s a complete mess.

    Look at her crazy hair.

    She’s scary and weak-minded.

    Tell her to preach her anti-gun vaporizes on Chicago’s West Side for awhile and see how long she’s around.

    Disarm the White men is her mantra!

    Gee, I wonder why?

  12. Preying on the low IQ.

    Will Biden next gaffe by calling her ‘clean’?

    I hope he smells her hair first! He’s good at that!


    As Joe Biden waits to define where he stands as a potential candidate in the 2020 presidential race, Trevor Noah has an answer: “too close to women.”

    Two women have recently come out with uncomfortable stories about the former vice president’s past behavior:

    former Nevada state assemblywoman Lucy Flores claimed in an essay published Friday that Biden once invaded her personal space ahead of her campaign event, smelling her hair and planting a slow kiss on the back of her head,

    while former Democratic aide Amy Lappos said Biden once put his hand around her neck and pulled her in to rub noses.

  13. She repulses me.

    Every time I see her gloating face.

    I will personally make sure 50 people vote against her sorry impersonation of a Congresswoman.

    10 will be ordinary Democrats, so my effect will be 60 votes.

    But her goons will be stealing votes like crazy. At the nursing homes.

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