IL-14: Catalina Lauf on the Map, Where She Stands on Guns and H.R. 1585 and Growing Followers

McHenry County born-and-raised Catalina Lauf has emerged early on as a candidate for Congress in IL-14 who may be a force to be reckoned with, and she is now on the map McHenry County Blog maintains to show the candidates and approximately where they live.

IL-14 and approximate locations of candidates for Congress from John Lopez

With the former Department of Commerce adviser the 7th Republican to declare their candidacy for 2020, the IL-14 field is starting to resemble the Democratic presidential field, on a smaller scale. Two or more candidates, and will need to develop something like this:

Source: California Target Book Candidate Listing, including drop out date if applicable

While Lauf’s candidacy is barely 2 days old, examining some of her tweets this month, one can begin to get an idea where Lauf stands on the issues, with these two replies to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) tweets on legislation in Congress.

The first Twitter thread was posted August 4 within hours of the mass shooting in Dayton and nearly 24 hours after El Paso, and responded to AOC talking about H.R. 8:

The second tweet from Lauf, posted August 6, has to do with AOC accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell intentionally holding up H.R. 1585, the Violence Against Women Act of 2019, and Lauf’s stance on the “greatest empowerment for women”:

Now that we have an idea where the newest IL-14 candidate stands on the second amendment and H.R. 1585, like all of the IL-14 candidates, she needs to develop more fully where she stands on the major issues so discerning voters can decide for themselves who is the most qualified Republican to contest Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s reelection next year.

Since her campaign’s launch on Thursday beginning with her interview in the New York Post and the release of her campaign video “Heartland”, her Twitter following is growing steadily. Friday mid-afternoon, she had a little over 2,500 followers on Twitter. Here is her Twitter following as of 10PM Friday night:

Twitter Followers: 3,752; Instagram Followers 3,459 (8/23 10:44PM)

A good and steady growth with her Twitter and Instagram presences, helped by tweets like this from The Daily Wire‘s Ryan Saavedra to his nearly 300K followers on Twitter:

And the articles being written beyond the Post write-up is getting her name out, too.

OBSERVATION: Lauf’s candidate’s filing this week reminds me of Ted Gradel’s IL-14 campaign announcement back on April 23, including his introductory video made with the aid of a former Notre Dame legendary football coach.

Gradel’s campaign kickoff (pardon the pun concerning the former Notre Dame kicker) led to him raising over $34,000 his first day as a candidate, and $158,000 within the first week of his campaign announcement.

If Lauf’s campaign heads in a similar trajectory of fundraising and support, the latest candidate for IL-14’s Republican nomination could be a force to be reckoned with for the nomination.


Source: POLITICO Illinois Playbook 8/23/19


IL-14: Catalina Lauf on the Map, Where She Stands on Guns and H.R. 1585 and Growing Followers — 12 Comments

  1. The Violence Against Women Act is “unconstitutional?”

    Did I read that right?

    I have never understood this argument considering its been around nearly 30 years,and never challenged as such.

    It’s also odd to attribute that justification to McConnell, considering at one point he cosponsored the Bill before turning against it.

    And counseling Domestic Violence victims to get a gun in literally the worst advice you can give them. Bad, bad idea.

  2. Joe, as I said, she, like all of the candidates, needs to refine her stances on all of the issues in order to answer questions like yours, in particular, anything the House Democrats add to legislation.

    I can read other things into her tweet, too, including the positive message of self reliance.

    Think back to H.R. 3401, emergency supplemental funding for the southern border, to see how something that would be common-sense and routine drastically changed after being passed in the House, and what the Senate under McConnell’s wise leadership injected into the real bipartisan final bill, the final bill Speaker Pelosi could not reject and wisely lead the House Democrats, with the overwhelming help of Republicans, to pass the bill.

    Another bill that comes to mind is the SAFE Act, which will be part of the subject of a future article.

  3. Raunerite, promoted by neocon Daily Wire, picked up by national media outlets within a few weeks of announcing and before candidates can even circulate petitions for a primary, constantly tweeting about AOC, no knowledge of subjects, no connection to local politics but jumps into a congressional race at age 26, no fundraising but a well produced video.

    This is clearly astroturfing.

  4. Correcting, I think you need to rephrase the national media outlets statement from “few weeks” to “1-3 days”.

    We’ll see if Catalinamania will fade in time, like Betomania faded along with O’Rourke’s presidential hopes, or if its real over the course of the primary campaign.

    “…no connection to local politics but jumps into a congressional race at age…”, you could substitute 26 with 30, and you would be describing Lauren Underwood in 2017, apart from that 2016 IL primary vote she cast in Will County while still working in DC.

    Both women grew up in what is now the IL-14, went off to college in a different state, though Lauf earned her Associates degree at MCC prior to attending Miami of Ohio and earning a Bachelors, at age 20.

    “…no fundraising but a well produced video.”, sounds like Ted Gradel back on April 23, and then look at his fundraising both within a week, and last month when his FEC report became public, and confirmed his April 30 fundraising total, and where I got the $34,000 first day figure.

    As I said, time will tell, and I’m sure “astroturfing” was used to describe Lauren Underwood back when she was 1 of 7 Democratic candidates for IL-14, especially from the Will County portion of Naperville, among McHenry County voters back in 2017.

    There are some parallels between Underwood and Lauf, including working in a presidential administration.

  5. Lauf gives me a good laugh!

    The haters will use her.

    Underwood will beat her in Nov. 2020.

    It’s a given.

  6. Wow UnderwoodNow, your comment presumes Lauf will win over Catella, Gradel, Malouf, Marter, Oberweis, and Rezin come March.

    It’s a long way to November of 2020, and only one of the 7 Republicans will be campaigning for Congress after March 17.

  7. Amazing how her positive message is resonating NATIONALLY (even some world wide folks) and yet you all here just kick the can back and forth trying to find any and everything negative.

    You guys should be excited that there is someone young like her willing to be a voice for freedom for the future!!

    Give her a chance!!

  8. The NW Fake News won’t give her any kind of press exposure.

    Boycott the Nerald and its advertisers like Gary Lang.

  9. Underwood will get demolished in 2020.

    Hard-working people have caught onto the fraud of the modern “Democrat” Party.

    I use quotes, because they’re mostly Socialists/Communists.

    Their goal is to decimate the Middle Class and have those in the elite rich club, surrounded by 95% of the poor peasants they can control.

    I’m the proudest FORMER Democrat on Earth.

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