Franks Quoted re Democratic 2020 Presidential Primary, But Reporter Fails to Notice Franks’ 2016 Choice–Hillary Clinton–Lost to Bernie Sanders in McHenry County

Here’s what the Daily Herald article says about McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks:

With 184 delegates up for grabs, Illinois is “a key battleground,” Franks said. And by the March 17 primary, the field of 20 or so contenders should be downsized enough that “I think they’ll be scrapping for every vote.”

How do you say “no” politely to an eager politician who wants your support? “I tell them I appreciate them running, I know how hard it is, and I say, ‘Thank you,'” said Franks, who lives in Marengo.

Hillary Clinton received 13,221 vote to Bernie Sanders 20,702.

Perhaps the Daily Herald should be interviewing a McHenry County Democrat who can deliver votes for his or her Presidential candidate.

Perhaps one of the men manning the Bernie Sanders then at the McHenry County Fair.

Someone like 14th Democratic Party State Central Committeeman Peter Janko, a resident of Marengo, who is running for the Party nomination for State Representative in Jack Franks’ district.


Franks Quoted re Democratic 2020 Presidential Primary, But Reporter Fails to Notice Franks’ 2016 Choice–Hillary Clinton–Lost to Bernie Sanders in McHenry County — 7 Comments

  1. Is that some sort of Mad Max Thunderdome Wheel thingy, these old gadflys got going on there?

    ‘Forfeit Goods, Gulag, Bernie’s Choice, etc.?

  2. People in the mainstream media tend to dislike Bernie and his supporters.

    There’s positive coverage of him in niche millennial and niche progressive publications, but don’t expect anything positive from big stations and big newspapers.

    Think about it: the guy is constantly railing against big corporations.

    Why would they say anything good about him?

    Ed Schultz was fired from MSNBC for wanting to cover a Bernie rally and the execs wanted him to cover something that nobody cared about.

    By the way, the DNC lost their lawsuit against Wikileaks and Russia.

  3. A lunatic, Bernie, beats a thug (various email and electronics violations and obstruction of justice) Hillary by 20,702 to 13221 in a Dem primary in the county.

    Will Democrat voters and polls have gotten rid of the pathetic top candidates as of today by the time of the next primary next March? Sleepy Joe with signs of dementia, crazy Bernie who has made some outlandish proposals (today’s WSJ editorial) to double or triple our current national debt, and Cherokee Liz who falsely used fake heritage to gain advantages in employment. A sorry lot. The Democrat Party has problems also with their newcomers some of which are anti-semites and others making crazy green new deals that are even too ridiculous for Pelosi.

  4. While on the topic of Franks, be advised that those who applied for a Valley Hi tax rebate and who itemize their income tax returns are in for a surprise in 2021.

    That rebate is subject to income tax if you listed your property tax as an item on your tax return.

    Jack could care less because the fools will not figure this out until 2021 after the election next year.

  5. Franks, the political opportunist he is, turned an innocuous comment on this blog into what a judge has now called a death threat.

    Keep in mind that today’s Democrats are real good at accusing the other guy of what they actually do.

    How long before local Democrats start to subscribe to:

    Franks has totally bullied the McHenry County Board into submission and is working on bullying other elected Republicans into his puppets.

    If bullying no longer works, next step?

  6. @questioning – You are right because “Joey Blowhard” Tirio isn’t fairing any better….

    Vote all the bums out….

  7. “The Democrat Party has problems…” Shocking statement from my lunatic Sociology and Political Science professor. Well, the republikkklan party lost by 10 million votes the national total in the midterm elections 10 months ago, which constitutes the most real time national poll. What political party has problems you said? I have a secret for you. Lean forward. Hear the whisper. Independent Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders will crush our orange sexual-assaulter-in-chief in 434 days. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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