IL-14: Catalina Lauf: “I’m not anti-anyone, I’m pro-America!”

McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf, congressional candidate in IL-14, as Conservative Review stated it on Tuesday, “who’s stormed national media” and within one week since her candidacy announcement has seen her Twitter following grow from around 1,000 to over 17,000, continued making appearances on various media outlets, and was featured on Univision’s #MujeresAlPoder (women to the power) segment on Tuesday.

FoxBusiness Stuart Varney Interviews Catalina Lauf

Below are the links to the various segments or articles from Tuesday:

  • Varney & Co. video can be seen here
  • The Chris Stigall Show podcast here, Aug. 27, Lauf segment at 26:30
  • The Federalist article can be read here
  • Conservative Review article can be read here
  • The Daily Wire follow-up article can be read here

And Catalinamania continues to grow, with more tweets to thousands of followers of the tweeters literally spreading Catalina’s name everywhere:

KPRC AM’s Ken Webster, Jr. is based out of Houston and started his career in Chicago

Jim Oberweis Interviewed by Fran Eaton at Illinois Conservative Activists Conference

Congressional candidate Jim Oberweis was interviewed by Illinois Review‘s Editor Fran Eaton at this past Saturday’s conference sponsored by the Illinois Conservative Union.

The article, with the embedded video, can be accessed here, and the video is about 2 1/2 minutes.

OBSERVATION: Oberweis continues to cling to the false assumption of “…if I can beat Durbin [in the 14th district in the 2014 election], I can beat Underwood.”

As noted in a previous article, that 2014 U.S. Senate election Oberweis refers to when he lost to Durbin statewide was a completely different time and a very different electorate during a Republican year, and most notably, was not a presidential election.

Discerning voters know IL-14 demographics have changed significantly since 2014. Had he done what he described in 2018, then Oberweis’ claim would have some credibility.


IL-14: Catalina Lauf: “I’m not anti-anyone, I’m pro-America!” — 16 Comments

  1. For not being “Anti-anyone” she sure rants about AOC a lot- every single time she’s interviewed it seems.

  2. Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard gets “triggered” by Catalina Lauf, and reflexively proceeds
    to cry his usual idiotic immature gibberish.

    To Ms. Lauf I say, YOU GO GIRL !


  3. She’s impressive.

    She’s pro-America, and qualified, that’s what makes her anti-(or opposite of) AOC.

  4. 2018 was also an unusual year.

    Hultgren got like 59 points in ’16 and then 48 in ’18.

    This election will hinge on whether Trump’s 2016 supporters go out and vote again.

    It’s certainly not a BAD thing that Oberweis has already won the district once, has a lot of name recognition, and is a millionaire, but you’re right that ’14 and ’20 are different.


    I wonder why the media said Catalina was billing herself as the anti-aoc and that she is the counter-voice to the squad.

    It certainly sounds like she is capitalizing off AOC and the squad.

    She has tweeted about AOC numerous times. :/

    Would she have gotten any attention if she had NOT been pushed as the anti-aoc by the media?

    Republicans see a story with AOC’s name and they click because the very idea of her makes them angry.

    Read the comments in any article or YouTube video and it’s clear that many people actually believe she’s running against AOC.

    Most of the commenters don’t live in Illinois.

    The top comments are usually from guys who say she is “hot.”

    It’s sad.

    I hope voters in the 14th district are smart enough to see what’s going on.

  5. Catalina Lauf, is an impressive, qualified and grounded candidate.

    Joe Kvidera, is threatened by her existence.

  6. Catalina Lauf, is an impressive, qualified and grounded candidate.

    Joe Kvidera, is threatened by her.

  7. Threatened? Hardly.

    Just can’t help but notice she seems to be in the wrong race.

    Every interview, every ad, has spent more time talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than about Her actual opponent or Laid herself for that matter.

    As one sees evidenced here, those who focus on personal attacks usually do so because they have no ideas of their own.

  8. Show me the $$$$!

    Otherwise just a flash in the faddish pan.

  9. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – does nothing but create controversy.

    Catalina Lauf, is an impressive, qualified and grounded candidate.

    Joe Kvidera, is threatened by her.

  10. Joe is SO threatened by her.

    She has gained national attention because her message resonated with every day Americans.

    Not to mention, she’s the new blood we need in this party.

    Not trying to take anything away from the opponents, but I’ve heard them all speak and they don’t have what it takes to take on Lauren Underwood.


    And I think most voters see that right away in someone like Catalina — who is smart, articulate, young and frankly, a breath of fresh air from the every day politicians

  11. Lauren Underwood’s campaign is in trouble. There are many great candidates ready to take her place.

    The truth is, Underwood has resonated with the people because she is a failure as a Congressman.

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