IL-14: Catalina Lauf vs. AOC on Socialism, Jim Oberweis Files Financial Disclosure Statement, James Marter supports USMCA, LITH Parade Time Corrected to 10AM 8/31

Labor Day weekend 2019 is here, the unofficial end of the summer with Lake in the Hills’ Summer Sunset Festival along with a full slate of college football, high school football and entering the final month for 3rd quarter fundraising for congressional races.

The Summer Sunset Festival’s Parade kicks off at 10AM tomorrow, 8/31 (initially published at 11AM parade start, McHenry County Blog regrets the error). With Lake in the Hills in both the IL-06 and IL-14, expect to see both sets of candidates, and the incumbent members of Congress in Lake in the Hills tomorrow.

Information about the Summer Sunset Festival can be accessed at this address:

Some unfinished business going into the long holiday weekend.

Catalina Lauf vs. AOC on Socialism

Yesterday saw a day when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC, D-NY) had a few hours to tweet to her 5 1/4 million Twitter followers, which can be entertainment. While McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf is not “anti-anything” and “pro-America”, her week-old campaign for the IL-14 district Republican nomination has been billed across the country as the rise of the “anti-AOC”.

Catalina’s unique display of defending American values was no better on display answering an AOC tweet, where the congresswoman from NY-14 is praising socialism. First, Catalina’s tweet:

Unfortunately, Catalina’s tweet cut-off the full context of AOC’s tweet from earlier in the day yesterday. McHenry County Blog believes in full context, so here is the full context of AOC’s tweet which Twitter did not display with Catalina’s tweet:

And given AOC’s tweet cut-off the title of the opinion piece from the New York Daily News, here is the full title from yesterday’s Daily News:

New York Daily News headline, 8/29/19

While it is easy to dismiss an opinion piece title like the one above as simply the result of living in the five boroughs of New York, there is empirical data supporting the growing popularity of socialism. Per this excerpt below:

Excerpt from 8/29/19 Socialism Opinion Piece

That last paragraph, and recalling the devastation of socialism at the end of the Cold War in the old Soviet Union and the countries once known as the “eastern bloc”, are testimonies why pure socialism is a failure as the complete form of government for many nations.

But we are not blind that what makes the United States of America what it is today is a blend of socialism and a blend of pure capitalism, or more accurately, limited government control, not no government control. Think of the “monopolies” local utilities have on a community, despite deregulation over the past 2 decades. Short of moving, you cannot easily choose who will provide electricity and water/sewer services. Just as the Soviet Union and the communist bloc didn’t practice pure communism, the United States has not ever been a pure capitalist country.

Concerning components of socialism, think of Social Security, the armed forces, the interstate system, Medicare, farm subsidies, public transportation, the police and state universities (for starters). Consumers have a choice in the latter, between private institutions and public universities, and the right to cross state lines, even paying out-of-state tuition, to attend a public university in a different state.

But with choice comes responsibility of making the choice, and living with the consequences, and the costs, of your choice. Catalina, in her radio interview with Philadelphia-based Chris Stigall earlier this week, greatly impressed her interviewer with her choice to pursue her college education using the lower-cost path of earning her Associate’s degree at MCC, and transferring to Miami of Ohio to earn her Bachelor’s degree. And, Catalina was able to graduate earlier with her Bachelor’s degree at age 20, instead of the normal age of 22, which helped reduce costs.

So the reality is, the push from the far left to expand Medicare from what it is, to the single-payer Medicare-for-All is an expansion of an existing, accepted form of socialism, into a complete government takeover of health care and ending private health insurance. As McHenry County Blog and several comments accurately point out, even Congresswoman Lauren Underwood does not agree with Medicare-for-All, but wants to keep the blend of private-sector Obamecare for health care.

And now look at what the president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, recently said concerning Medicare-for-All:

“There’s no question that ultimately we need to establish a single-payer system, but there has to be a role for those hard, hard-fought-for, high-quality plans that we’ve negotiated.

“You can’t ask the American worker, who sacrificed wages and everything, to simply say: ‘Okay, I’ll accept this plan here,’” Trumka added, noting that some union plans likely provide more benefits than Medicare (the entire article with Trumka’s quotes can be viewed here).

Even a progressive proposal cannot be “pure socialism”, and organized labor is telling the AOCs to make exceptions for us, which is more like capitalism than socialism. Or with a degree of irony, Trumka is advocating Catalina’s position on health care, not AOC’s.

But AOC wasn’t through yesterday just on health care, this tweet came out a little later in the day:

When one reads something like that from AOC, one is reminded that there is no way to underestimate anyone’s intelligence when their policy positions are so completely wrong, no matter how many times it’s explained in pure English, policies like the Green New Deal and Medicare-for-All are wrong.

And this is why Catalina’s campaign has launched successfully, because it is clear we need many “anti-AOCs” in Washington, and thus far, Catalina has shown in late August she is the best one at doing that, but over the next six months, six other Republican candidates in IL-14 will be making their cases for their nomination in March, too.

Finally, Catalina sent this tweet yesterday thanking her supporters, volunteers, and donors.

Jim Oberweis Files Financial Disclosure Statement

McHenry County Blog has confirmed with the Oberweis campaign the filing of Jim Oberweis’ Financial Disclosure Statement (FD) with the House Clerk’s office.

While the FD is not yet accessible for public viewing at the House Clerk’s website, the FD was sent via email on Wednesday (8/28) afternoon.

With the holiday weekend, it appears Oberweis’ FD will not be able to be viewed at the web site of the House Clerk until the middle of next week. McHenry County Blog has seen the FD and confirms the FD was sent on Wednesday.

James Marter Supports USMCA

A volunteer for James Marter notified McHenry County Blog of Marter’s support for the USMCA treaty, per the following comments from a Facebook meme Marter’s campaign Facebook page posted late last week.

Given Marter’s comments, the most McHenry County residents can do with USMCA is to contact Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and let both of them hear county residents’ positions on the passage of USMCA, in particular for the farmers in McHenry County.

The entire Facebook meme from James Marter on Illinois farmers can be viewed at this link:


IL-14: Catalina Lauf vs. AOC on Socialism, Jim Oberweis Files Financial Disclosure Statement, James Marter supports USMCA, LITH Parade Time Corrected to 10AM 8/31 — 8 Comments

  1. Sadly, Catalina Lauf follows the playbook of the extreme right wing tea party who confidently self appropriates the word “patriot” for those on the right. This is precisely why our own McHenry County Bruce Wayne and sunshine blogger can’t stop posting about her. Unfettered, unregulated capitalism is the reason there is so much injustice and inequality in this world. To associate “patriotism to the blind defense of an exploitative economic system is indeed a divisive strategy which is inexcusable coming from a person who claims she seeks to unify constituents. Lauf’s strategy is transparent: to capitalize on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s popularity, hoping to garner the right wing’s loyalty thousands of miles from her and obtain this nomination. I am still expecting Catalina Lauf to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a path to citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants and the reversal of the horrendous executive order from our president to rescind the DACA program from which hundreds of thousands of Latino youth, less fortunate than Catalina, benefited. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. This candidate better get a message and more than just a few real policy positions.

    It feels really great to get the national spotlight the first time but holding the attention of a nation takes gravitas.

    Simply playing follow the leader with a renown anti-American values anti American ideals person will merely drive you into the same mud filled ditch they’re in.

    No serious Democrat takes AOC seriously so a GOP candidate who gives her ideas breathing room is more than a little done as a serious candidate.

    Don’t let media and good feels lead any campaign.

    They aren’t your friend nor will they help you win without leadership from the candidate.

    Move on.

    Everyone who matters already did the day after AOC was elected.

  3. About inequality…

    “Utah has the lowest Gini coefficient in the country, while New York and the District of Columbia has the highest.”

    “The Gini coefficient values range from zero to one. A figure of zero on the Gini coefficient represents equality in the income earnings within society, where every person in the society has the same income. A Gini coefficient of 1 represents maximal inequality among the income earners.”

  4. People like this 26 year old know the evils of socialism?

    When did she learn of these evils, in high school?

    Most communist countries fell before she was born.

    The only evils this child knows would have occurred in the back seat of her boyfriend’s Buick.


  5. With the start of a new semester at colleges and universities across the nation it is a good time to start talking about the inequalities, attacks on freedom of speech and the lack of diversity at many of these institutions and the outrageous costs of tuition. Some of them have thought police who report on students who say things that might be disagreeable. Many lack diversity of political position with majorities of teaching staff being left wingers. Inequality persists at so-called prestigious institutions admitting new students who are children of politicians of prominence rather than children of outstanding academic achievement of working class families.

    There is a lot of time wasted by the U.S. Congress on bs. Just watch C-Span when they are in session. The Congress could do well for all American families, especially of middle and lower income, by starting MULTIPLE committees to investigate the situations at colleges and universities pertaining to tuition costs, attacks on freedom of speech, lack of diversity, etc. Have the administrators of these institution explain to the very last detail, last dollar, why a year of college HAS to cost many tens of thousands of dollars. Have them justify the yearly tuition cost to the very last dollar, penny of the tuition bill.

  6. AOC was born in 1989.

    The Cold War ended with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.

    She must have been quite the precocious toddler to be able to remember “The ‘old-fashioned red-baiting approach, familiar to those of us who lived through the Cold War….’”

  7. Billy, she might be talking about her stints cutting sugar cane in Cuba during her college years.

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