David McSweeney Not Running for Re-Election

On the heels of a frontal attack on House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, State Rep. David McSweeneyhas announced that he is not running for re-election.

McSweeney told Capitol Fax that instead he will form a Super PAC and aim for a statewide race in 2022 when U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth will be up for re-election and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White will not be on the Democratic Party ballot.

McSweeney is urging Barrington Hills Village President Martin McLaughlin to run for his House seat, but McLaughlin has so far made no commitments, according to Capitol Fax.

McLaughlin ran for the State Senate nomination when Dan Duffy resigned, lowing to Dan McConchie.

McSweeney has been spending much time speaking to county Republican organizations outside of his district.

He has been more successful at passing legislation that other local legislators, but his Senate sponsor Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) has just been charged by the U.S. Attorney of ghost payrolling.

That is not a crime prosecuted often in state government, but Federal labor law says union employees must work for their money.

Rep. McSweeney’s district can be seen below:

This is a map of the 52nd State Rep. map, which composes the western half of the 26rh State Senate map. The image was created by political consultant Drew Venneman.


David McSweeney Not Running for Re-Election — 14 Comments

  1. McSweeney will be missed.

    Now we can truly say that there is no republican party in Illinois.

    David was like the salmon devoting so much effort to swimming against the current, and he was surprisingly effective in getting several bills passed in the legislature.

  2. Wish McSweeney, and Congressman John Shimkus, would have waited for the redistricting to retire.

    This seat becomes a prime Democratic pick-up target, given many parts of the district voted Democrat last year, and there are plenty of Democrats in local office, particularly at the county boards, who could run for this seat.

    And especially in a presidential election year.

  3. He hasn’t been a good Republican for the last couple of years. He’s a loser who made a deal with the devil , GOOD RIDDANCE!

  4. Correction: McSweeney has been spending much MONEY speaking to county Republican organizations outside of his district. (as he had to pay to speak! No one sought him out or even thought it would be a good idea to have Aspberger Boy address the crowd at their events, thus the charge! )

  5. Well, as far as I’m concerned McS was a damn good Republican.

    He couldn’t be bought.

  6. Re: “He couldn’t be bought.”

    He sold his soul for nothing to the McHenry County liar!

    Rumor has it the he is part of the Illinois Integrity Fund.

  7. Rep. McSweeney was very effective in getting good legislation passed in a legislature dominated by the other party.

    I’m sorry to see him go.

  8. He tried to make Jack Franks into a de facto county executive even though the voters of this county overwhelmingly rejected that form of government.

    Good riddance.

  9. As POLITICO reported this morning, the Democrats are chomping at the bit to take this seat, through McSweeney’s sudden announcement caught them by surprise, too.

    He thinks he can move up from a 4-term former state representative to run for U.S. Senate or SOS in 2022?


    Any other potential Republican successors beginning the “thinking about it” process?

    If Joe Ptak was a few years younger, I’d love to see him run, but we all know he’s committed to helping James Marter in the upcoming campaign for Congress.

  10. His criticism of Orville B detracted from his standing considerably.

  11. McSweeney supported many good bills. He was usually on the right side. He was an effective legislator. He made fun of the IL GOP. That’s the good.

    He was also loudmouthed, narcissistic, willing to throw anyone under the bus to advance his career, unwilling to meet his constituents, inconsiderate of consequences and problems in bills he supported, not a serious thinker but more of a mob stirrer and headline seeker.

    I have mixed feelings about him. Glad to see him go, but it’s kind of sad that the IL GOP doesn’t have anyone to fill his shoes. Perhaps McSweeney had some misdirected energy, but he was at least high energy. The IL GOP is low energy.

  12. IDK why anyone is giving McSweeney so much credit for passing legislation.

    The Dems have supermajorities in both houses, and they decide what passes and what doesn’t.

    They merely allowed McSweeney to provide a bipartisan face for bills that they would have passed with or without him.

    The Republican Party is currently irrelevant at the state level.

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