Jon Styf Moves On

September 5th, the State Journal-Register in Springfield announced that Jon Styf, the Northwest Herald’s Editor would take over October 1st.

The State Journal-Registrer newsroom has been in turmoil since Gateway bought the paper.

Styf was named to the top editorial post at the NWH in February, 2018.

He has featured stories fitting the historic image of a tabloid.

Rather strange that McHenry County Blog would report the news about our local paper of record before it appears in the NWH, don’t you think?

It seems appropriate to refer readers to Styf’s colume entitled,

“’No One Else Is’ Reporting on Stuff


Jon Styf Moves On — 14 Comments

  1. Good riddins!

    Of course, we know that usually when people leave in politics or in journalism the person replacing them is worse.

    SJ-R is going to have a real drop in quality with Styf in charge, just like NW Herald did when Styf took over.

  2. Rat scurrying on the ratline to get off the doomed ghost ship ‘Fake News’! So long liar!

  3. From the photo in my opinion he looks like a bread stick with ears.

  4. My, oh my! What will Mr. Pletz do now?

    Is it true that any supporter of the NWH is by default a supporter of the primary County Liar?

  5. No wonder that SOB wrote me a cold two line response after I sent him a fairly detailed list of positive ideas on how to improve the paper and its focus for readers and subscribers.

    His response was as if he didnt care and had a new job waiting…cant he start before Oct 1st?

    You sir are a disgrace.

  6. Could the content and direction of this newspaper be per the owner(s) rather than any particular editor?

  7. His asinine editorial views belong in Springfield!

    Besides it’s only fitting that a dying newspaper’s lackluster editor go to the crumbling and disgraced state capital of IL (aka ill)

  8. “Hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more, no more,no more, no more!”

  9. The Fake News NWH styffed us all.

    Styf made up fake subscription/readership numbers. A recent review put Styf squarely behind the 8 ball. NWH advertisers get hosed routinely on fake readership numbers.

    Styf had to ‘fly off’ to escape professional embarrassment.

    Crash & Burn Johnnny Boy!

    Keep smokin’ those huge rasta-like blunts!

  10. He’s got a forehead you could use as a drive in movie screen.

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