Carolyn Schofield Kicks Off State Rep. Campaign

From McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield:

Carolyn Schofield Officially Launches State Representative Campaign for 66th District

Crystal Lake Republican Endorsed by Current State Senator Don DeWitte

HUNTLEY— Surrounded by friends, family and several current elected officials, District 66 State Representative Candidate Carolyn Schofield (R-Crystal Lake) kicked off her campaign this week with a reception held at Huntley’s Parkside Pub.

Carolyn Schofield addresses supporters for her State Representative campaign.

Schofield spoke about how, after three years of failed leadership by the incumbent Representative, it’s time for a change.

“We need solutions to Illinois’ largest problems and the current Representative for the 66th District isn’t getting it done,” said Schofield, a member of the McHenry County Board who also serves on the Executive Board of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP).

Carolyn Schofield supporter applaud.

“Rather than cultivating relationships that provide a foundation for legislative success, my opponent has burnt bridges and has become completely ineffective at the Capitol. The people of the 66th House District deserve much better.”

Schofield was introduced at the event by current State Senator Don DeWitte, who represents all residents of the 65th and 66th House Districts in the Illinois Senate. 

State Senator Don DeWitte introduces Carolyn Schofield.

“Residents of the 66th District understand the uphill sledding that Republicans must deal with in Springfield given super-minority positions in the House and Senate,” said DeWitte.

“Carolyn has dealt with that bipartisan process in her role as a County Board member and has been successful getting initiatives approved for her local constituents.

“That ability to work across the aisle will serve her well in bringing tax dollars back to her constituents in the 66th District.”

Supporters of Carolyn Schofield.

McHenry County Board Vice Chair Michael Skala (R-Huntley) also attended the event and said Schofield would be a welcome change in the 66th District.

“Right now the people of Huntley who live in the 66th District are not being represented,” Skala said.

“They have a Representative who can’t pass bills, believes the key to success is voting “no”, and whose actions only widen the political divide in Springfield. We need real solutions, not angry soundbites.

“Carolyn has been successful as a member of the county board and I believe she’ll be successful in Springfield. She has my full support.”

During her remarks, Schofield spoke about how Republicans need to set the angry rhetoric aside and focus on bipartisan solutions.

“The math is simple.

“There are currently 44 Republicans in the House and a bill takes 60 votes to pass,” explained Schofield.

“Republicans cannot pass a single bill without Democrat votes.

“I’ll reach across the aisle to find common ground and build trust.

“By working together with respect, I’ll achieve results where the current office-holder has failed.”


Carolyn Schofield Kicks Off State Rep. Campaign — 19 Comments

  1. She reeks so bad, I can smell her in Dunham township.

    She’s a Democrat who voted for Hillary!

  2. She’s proof that every Il. Pol, started out as a 5th grade poster contest winner.

  3. Schofield did, in fact, support Hillary Clinton. Anyone considering her a Republican is an absolute joke!

    In her last bid for this office she got maximum endorsements from teachers unions as she stood against any possibility of pension reform!

    And of course she has pledged her support the taxing of retirement income!

    I won’t be at all surprised to see her successful in this race, as Illinois continues it’s cycle of Self-perpetuated destruction!

  4. Ken Shepro, Kane County Republican Party chairman was there in attendance, according to pics 2 and 3.

    I guess he didn’t speak, so maybe he’s neutral in the race and simply attended as the party chairman and witness.

    We should see him at Skillicorn’s event on the 30th, too.

  5. Wherever there is free lunch, our sunshine blogger is there. Noticed how that sunshine camera always points to unattended lunch plates? All in the good name of journalism. Stay tuned…tic, tock, ti, tock, tic, tock…

  6. **so maybe he’s neutral in the race and simply attended as the party chairman and witness.**


  7. Ken’s another RINO. Anybody with an ounce of sense would avoid Carolyn and her staged events.

    She is quite pathetic if you ever speak with her.

    Total phony.

    A hilliaryite.

    Acosta touts for her.

    Isna’t that enough!

  8. Will she be quoting Dr. Seuss during her campaign?

    She is NOT a conservative.

    She is another liberal who runs as a Republican and absolutely obeys every command issued by the County Liar.

  9. Would like to hear a newspaper reporter ask her these questions AND then put the exact answer in the newspaper:

    1. Did she really support/vote for the thug Hillary after public information that Hillary and her people obstructed justice and destroyed evidence regarding various investigations into her email fiasco?

    2. Does she support taxing retirement income of seniors in Illinois?

  10. What does Schofield believe are Illinois’ largest problems?

    Bipartisanship (compromise) means nothing if she only tackles fluff issues like banning plastic straws.

    Bringing money that the state does not have to McHenry County is not an issue to get voters to the polls for her.

    Will she vote in favor of tax increases ?


    Skillicorn has voted no many times.

    No to more taxes!

  11. Questioning, I did notice she is not calling herself a “conservative” this time, unlike her failed attempt to be appointed to the state senate seat last year.

    Her Facebook page does not use the word, either.

    It is notable that the guy who did win the appointment, and then the election, is backing Schofield openly.

    Does reveal the relationship between DeWitte and Skillicorn.

    We’ll see if she tries to slip-in that “c”-word to describe herself, and her voting record, but she has replaced one “c”-word with another, “consensus”.

    From what I can tell, this is Skillicorn’s race to lose.

    Any word on who the Democrats will run for this seat?

  12. When the other side has a supermajority in both houses of the GA, they don’t really need you very often and they don’t have a whole lot of incentive to do you any favors.

    If a Republican bill gets passed in Springfield, it’s going to be a non controversial bill that the Dems probably would have passed anyways.

    About the only influence Republicans have is when they stick together and try to pick up a few Democrat votes to try to stop bad legislation that the Democrats aren’t totally united behind.

    The Republicans were able to stop most of the bad gun bills in the last session using this strategy.

    If Schofield gets in there, she’ll be more than willing to cross the aisle and help compromise away our gun rights.

    I’d never in a million years vote for her, but I’d have a lot more respect for her if she would just be honest and run as a Democrat.

  13. Is that really true about Schofield backing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 General Election?

    What proof do you have?

    Did you witness a Hillary sign in her yard in the fall of 2016?

    Did she contribute financially to Hillary’s campaign? What?

    While a lot of things came out about Schofield, according to those who were there, when she interviewed for the state senate appointment last year that was won by Don DeWitte, supporting Hillary in 2016 was not one of those points that doomed her bid to the state senate appointment.

    Some of Jim Oberweis’ detractors in the IL-14 Republican primary are trying to tie him to Hillary since one of Oberweis’ sisters supported Hillary and gave money to her.

    Is this similar, lame standard being applied to Schofield, or did she really openly back Hillary’s election in the fall of 2016?

    And if it’s true about Schofield, she will join Skillicorn in not backing the top of the Republican ticket in a general election, as we remember this:

  14. Angel, nice try at humor.

    Cal got those pics from Schofield’s campaign Facebook page.

    To my knowledge, Cal was not there.

    Now, maybe the photographer had food on their mind, but given the quality of the pics (and more were taken that were published on the Facebook page), the photographer needs to improve to give better coverage of the event for Schofield, which I’m sure will improve between now and when the campaign starts in earnest.

  15. Nothing humorous about my sunshine blogger’s immense belly. That libertarian, tax-fighter stomach is now legendary. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

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