Service League House Walk

Every September the Service League of Crystal Lake raises funds by allowing people to tour beautiful homes in Crystal Lake.

Here is another one in Country Club Additions Subdivision:

Ths home is located across from CCAPOA”s Gate 7 Beach.


Service League House Walk — 3 Comments

  1. Having their own Burning Man Festival.

    Using the “Metamorphosis” festival theme, to celebrate a community connecting to it’s liquidated home values and bone crushing taxes.

  2. The Service League does very fine work for the community. Following from their web site:

    Through various events, the Service League raises funds for the needy. Here are just a few examples of how we help:

    Clothing and household supplies
    Emergency household/utility bills
    Emergency medical and dental care
    Gift certificates for food
    Holiday gifts for qualifying families
    Educational scholarships
    Contributions to worthwhile organizations and causes that directly benefit the people of Crystal Lake

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