Crystal Lake Nurse Running for GOP Nomination for Coroner

From McHenry County Coroner hopeful Angela Byrnes:

Intent to Run for Coroner

I am excited to announce my intent to run as a Republican for McHenry County Coroner in the 2020 election.

Angela Byrnes

I have worked in healthcare for seventeen years, including the eleven years I have been a registered nurse.

I also have additional education in medical forensics.

My passion for, and interest in, forensics initiated my drive to seek out education and complete an additional 132.5 hours in classroom training pertaining to the field of medical forensic nursing from both the University of Illinois Chicago and the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

This specialized instruction and my hands-on experience taught me the importance of comprehensive evidence collection, crime scene preservation, objective reporting, and effective communication during traumatic events.

This rigorous training taught me the importance and necessity of working with law enforcement to investigate and collect evidence from victims of sexual assault and abuse while treating victims with respect, dignity and compassion.

In addition to my medical forensic training, I possess leadership experience as an executive leader overseeing a team of roughly 150 employees at the largest nonprofit hospice organization in Illinois.

Working in hospice has allowed me to educate patients and their families about terminal disease progression, discuss end of life care and wishes with patients and their families, and care for and comfort the dying during their last breaths.

In my current role, I lead a team that is responsible for providing patients and their families with access to a suite of services created to provide holistic support to those with serious illness.

As a Vice President at my organization, I spend a good portion of my time creating and improving processes to optimize resources.

I also evaluate day to day operations to ensure my team is being financially responsible so that we are able to provide more for our patients and families.

I am blessed to have an amazing career and an even more amazing family.

I have been a resident of McHenry County for 36 years and currently reside in Crystal Lake.

I recently married my husband, who is a Marine Corps combat veteran and current law enforcement officer.

Together, we have five beautiful children and one faithful dog.

I am grateful to have found my husband who works hard to help us keep up with our busy family because it truly is a team effort.

Being a working mother isn’t easy, but I truly enjoy working to support our community while striving to set a great example for my family.

I have reviewed the many challenges presented in the reports that have been published regarding our Coroner’s Office.

Although there are many opportunities for improvement, I believe my experience in leadership, as well as my knowledge in medical forensics, make me the right choice to bring the Coroner’s Office into compliance with state statute.


Crystal Lake Nurse Running for GOP Nomination for Coroner — 20 Comments

  1. Sounds like she has some valid experience to bring to the coroner’s race, and unlike another well known Registered Nurse, she has experience actually treating patients for a number of years.

    But something I do not see is law enforcement experience, and the job of coroner is a law enforcement job.

    That said, McHenry County voters may want to go for a nursing professional with patient-care nursing experience opposed to a law enforcement professional with experience in a law enforcement office like coroner.

    Should be an interesting down-ballot race.

  2. Republicans love to hang on to a losing candidate”s last ditch attempt to derail Representative Underwood’s victory in the last election.

    “She never practiced as a registered nurse.”

    With that weak reasoning, any professional who chooses to do research or public administration is not legitimate.

    A very limited view of professionalism. Seems to me that you folks don’t have much to attack our Representative.

    John, you will need to tighten up your schtick, if you are to remain relevant.

    My goodness, cal has given you a free political conduit for your “reporting”. Do your job.

  3. Tom, I thank you for your feedback and it is noted.

    As far as Underwood’s deception in last year’s campaign, every time I visit her Facebook page for information, her video masthead reminds me of what she did in fooling the voting public in last year’s election, and she was not portrayed as a research nurse, or public administration, she is portrayed as working at an office/group practice with patients. One of her Twitter page mastheads has a still pic doing the same.

    And just as I know all lawyers do not practice law in the courtroom as trial lawyers (corporate lawyers, backoffice attorneys, transaction attorneys all practice law, too), and all nurses do not work in a hospital or doctor’s office, portraying yourself like you work with patients, and reminding everyone months after the election, perpetuates a lie.

    And I will continue to do the job, just as I am doing it now, and discerning voters will decide all the candidates electoral fate in next year’s elections.

  4. Sunshine compassionate conservatives are suddenly delighted at the possibility of a nurse holding public office; no requests for any evidence, no suspicion about lack of qualifications or experience, no mistrust about academic background or certifications. We know these republikkklans too well. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  5. It’s embarrassing to see the local GOP trot out the “fa k e nurse” garbage.

    I think it’s because Underwood has done such an exceptional job out of the gate that they are scrambling for anything to bitch about.

    Did y’all see Trump wanted to commemorate the 9/11 anniversary by hosting the Taliban at Camp David? And you’re wasting energy screaming “not a real nurse!!” ?

  6. Very nice resume’ and experience by Byrnes.

    Now about Lauren. She worked in the Obama administration in HHS starting in 2014 to help implement ACA Obamacare. That’s the plan that saw the number of health care providers diminishing and premiums skryrocketting. That’s also the plan promised by the worst ever president of the U.S., Obama, who repeatedly lied (dozens of times) telling Americans that they could keep their doctors and health care plans if they liked them. Millions of Americans lost their health care plans and doctors when ACA Obamacare was implemented.

  7. Joe, what local GOP are you talking about?

    The only ones I know who use that “fake nurse” moniker is the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the Congressional Leadership Fund SuperPAC, and none of them are local.

    “…exceptional job out of the gate…” can mean many different things to many different people, but count how many of her bills have become law, and she begins to sound a little like Allen Skillicorn, though Underwood’s legislation has at least passed the House.

    She does have some good legislation, H.R. 3526 comes to mind and the veterans’ assistance on suicides is good, too, but for now, nothing is law.

    We’ll see how it goes when Congress is back in session come this week.

    And her frustration has boiled over, please see this article, and especially, watch the video link in the article:

  8. Having located a Angela Byrnes at a Crystal Lake address which also shows a Angela Shetsky at the same address – same age.

    Interesting that Shetsky pulled a Democrat ballot in the 2008 primary but no primary since then and no votes show for Byrnes.

    If the same person, why run as a Republican?

  9. She can also riff for hours, every ‘Abby”ism from 15 seasons of NCIS.

  10. “I recently married my husband, who is a Marine Corps combat veteran and current law enforcement officer.”

    So What!

  11. Just why has Franks not brought Michael Rein forward to be voted on for Coroner?

    Saying he is not qualified is total and complete chicken crap being emanated by a lying weasel!

  12. The obsession on this blog about Lauren Underwood is fascinating.

    You’ve got a post about a coroner candidate that doesn’t mention Underwood, and the comments still make it about the Congresswoman.

  13. I’m with you on that, Alabama, especially when my first comment was asking a question that is common when it comes to electing a coroner:

    Is it a law enforcement position or is it a medical position?

    Given by statute, the coroner fills-in for the sheriff in the event of a vacancy in that office, and vice-versa, one would read law enforcement, so it is fair to ask if Ms. Byrnes has law enforcement experience, or worked in a coroner’s office.

    And I apologize for my off-the-cuff inference to Lauren Underwood in that first comment side tracking the comments away from Ms. Byrnes’ candidacy.

  14. Angela M. Shetsky is a registered nurse per the state licensing board.

    They have no record of Angela Byrnes.

    If they are one in the same – as it appears – could the hand of lying Jack be involved?

    If he comes out supporting her, I suppose that we’ll know that he is putting his docile puppet in place.

    If he can’t appoint a coroner rather than have one elected, a covert (not so much) coroner appointed to the office to take the place of an elected Republican almost as good.

    If appointed and confirmed. . . would you be surprised to see her joining Franks in chanting that the coroner needs to be appointed in the future and. . .

  15. This lady spent time working as a school nurse in Richmond-Burton Schools..she failed to mention this!

  16. Ms. Byrne’s has no law enforcement credentials and did someone say she never worked as a a registered nurse?

    Also was a Democrat and now Republican?

    Little confusing, almost as much as her infidelity with a Richmond Cop, but since her x is running for another election, he has to play nice and support her.

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