IL-14: James Marter Schedules Quarter-ending Fundraiser in Crystal Lake 9/29

Republican candidate for IL-14 James Marter of Oswego, as an acknowledgement of the importance of McHenry County in the primary election next year, has scheduled a fundraiser prior to the close of 3rd quarter fundraising in Crystal Lake on September 29.

Two members of the host committee have ties to the upper Fox Valley region, Algonquin’s Chris Yaeger and neighboring Dundee Township’s Linda Prestia of Kane County.

By the numbers, McHenry County voters in IL-14 cast the most Republican ballots than any of the other election jurisdictions within the district. Here is the breakdown by election jurisdictions, of the 2018 Republican primary:

Source: Illinois State Board of Elections 2018 Republican Primary Canvass for IL-14
* The Aurora Election Commission was eliminated by referendum and IL-14 votes split within Kane, Kendall and Will Counties

The Eventbrite link with full information can be accessed here:


IL-14: James Marter Schedules Quarter-ending Fundraiser in Crystal Lake 9/29 — 6 Comments

  1. I will encourage all to attend, James Marter is the Gladiator from Illinois, that we need in Washington DC., to continue our fight for Independence, Our Flag and the Constitution of The United States.

  2. James Marter is the only one in the race who won’t sell out in Washington.

    And with him wanting to join the House Freedom Caucus we know he will fight against those stupid big omnibus spending bills filled with “favors” and pork.

    People are tired of same old rich politician trying to buy out votes, support and endorsements… and I’ve seen the people supporting and volunteering on Marter’s campaign as rock solid for the people.

  3. James Marter is the only candidate in the 14th District to say that he will join the freedom caucus if elected to congress.

    There can be no doubt that Jim is the most conservative candidate in the race.

  4. If 26k people pay $75 for this dinner Marter might be competitive.

    Subtract the cost of the dinner and he probably needs 40k people to come.

    Not going to happen.

    The question remains, will this also-ran get more or less than 5%?

  5. We need to support this guy.

    He’s a great Conservative And true Republican who will work hard for us.

    If you can’t attend please consider sending him a useful contribution.

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