Jack Franks Wrong on History for the Year After He Was Born

Close readers already know that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks wants to centralize power in his hands.

He has proposed getting rid of the Auditor’s Office, the Regional Superintendent of Schools and the Coroner.

Would anyone be surprised to learn that Franks himself wants to control all three offices?

Indeed with the Auditor’s Office, Franks made it quite clear that he preferred an “Inspector General” that would report to him…indirectly, but through the compliant County Administrator Peter Austin.

Now in the Northwest Herald, Franks tries to re-write history by writing that the Office of County Auditor was created in order to provide a job for former McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Al Jourdan.

Most Illinois counties don’t have elected auditors. Our office was created in 1964 for the purpose of giving the McHenry County Republican Party chairman, a meat cutter by trade, a government patronage job. 

There are three things incorrect in the second sentence of that paragraph.

Franks, who is licensed to practice law, apparently isn’t up to figuring out that County Auditors are created in any county which has a population of 75,000 or more people.

So, most counties don’t have county auditors because they don’t have enough people.

McHenry County passed that level in the 1960 census, reaching 84,210 people, hence, the creation of the Auditor as an elected official.

So, that’s one thing wrong with Franks’ statement.

The first election was in 1964.

That was fifty-five years ago.

Was Franks even born when candidates filed for office for the 1964 election?

I was and my father was one of the two candidates who ran in the 1964 GOP Primary Election.

The Chairman of the County Board, Harley Mackeben, also the Grafton Township Supervisor, was the GOP favorite.

My father thought him unqualified and ran a weekend campaign for the nomination, telling people it certainly was not a full-time job.

Cal Skinner, Sr., almost beat him, losing by about 300 votes.

So, the Auditor’s office was not created for the purpose of giving Al Jourdan a job.

That’s the second wrong part of Franks’ statement.

In fact, Jourdan was not even Chairman of the County Republican Party in 1964. (I’m not sure he even lived in McHenry County at the time.)

Jake LeVesque of McCullom Lake headed the local GOP.

In 1966, he was followed by Ted Wickham, who lived on Ridge Road south of Wonder Lake and Route 120 now just north of the Bull Valley Village line.

In 1968, Jourdan was elected GOP Chairman, the same year that Jack Schaffer beat Mackeben in the Republican Primary Election for County Auditor.

It was not until 1972 when Schaffer ran for the State Senate that Jourdan ran for County Auditor.

The third thing wrong with Franks’ statement is that the Auditor is a patronage jub.

The only way that could be correct would be if the office Franks also holds is a patronage office.

Indeed, the argument could be made that since Franks worked so hard to create his current office that he himself holds “a government patronage job,” to put it in the words he uses to make a false accusation about Al Jourdan.


Jack Franks Wrong on History for the Year After He Was Born — 26 Comments

  1. Do you mean that patronage job for which he said over and over he would never run for?

    Jack Franks is nothing more than a lying bully.

    He is using your tax dollars to fund his medical insurance and pay his mileage while he sits in his mansion laughing at the peons who elected him.

    If no one has the moral courage to challenge him, he will be successful in establishing his little empire.

  2. It only becomes a patronage job when Jacj gets to appoint someone to answer to him.

  3. Questioning, I’m pretty sure you are tirio.

    That said, isn’t it a bit hypocritical of you to point the finger at Chairman jack when you yourself are living off of and receiving government taxpayer funded benefits?

    Same at you cal as well as the whole county board.

  4. Northwest Herald

    Longtime McHenry County GOP kingmaker Albert M. “Al” Jourdan dies

    February 27, 2017

    by Jordyn Reiland

    “Born and raised in Chicago, Jourdan helped his father run the family’s Jourdan Meatpacking Co. until the business was sold in the 1970s.

    In 1957, Jourdan moved with his wife and the first of two children to Johnsburg, where his political career began.

    He entered McHenry County politics in 1961 as a Republican committeeman, then served as McHenry County Republican chairman between 1968 and 1998.

    From 1972 to 1997, he was McHenry County auditor, and between 1991 and 1993, he was head of the Illinois Republican Party.”



    Jack Franks was born in October 1963 per Wikipedia (President Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963).

    Jack Franks’ reference to Mr. Jourdan being a meatpacker is interesting.

    The Franks family has a history in the meat industry.

    Jack Franks’ grandfather Carl was a cattle dealer.

    Herb Franks delivered cattle & hogs to Chicago.

    Decades ago meat was butchered & sold meat from Franks Marengo property (not sure if Jack had any involvement in that) among the the family’s various business operations (animal feed & supply store).

    In addition to being involved in politics as McHenry County Board Chair, Jack Franks is involved in the legal, banking, hospitality, and investment industries, per his 2019 Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) filings with the county.

    – Partner at a Marengo law firm (Franks Gerkin McKenna)

    – Chairman of the Board of Directors at State Bank Group, Wonder Lake (they have several retail locations)

    – Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Bricton Group, Mount Prospect (hospitality industry)

    – Shareholder at 777 LLC, Marengo (investments)

    – “This past year, part of our agricultural property received county board approval for the possible installation of a solar farm which would be rented to Central Road Energy LLC”

  5. Stand4truth: You have no clue as usual!!

    For the record, I am a taxpayer – not a weaseling tax sucker like lying Jack Franks!

    Shame on Jack for billing the taxpayers for mileage and sucking on the county Cadillac health benefit teat!

    Wake up voters!!

    When will an electable honest person step forward to challenge the weasel leech bully?

  6. Lol @ Karen and pretty sure I do have a clue on how you and your husband are stealing from us taxpayers.
    One would think that you have enough on your plate already without associating yourself with pedophiles, terrorists, satan worshippers and drug addicts.

  7. Jack Franks cousin opened the Horse slaughter facility near Southern Illinois that people fought against and finally had shut down.

    Jack Franks is a bully, he associates with bullies, and his democratic committeemen are bullies..

    You ought to know this stand4truth because you are part of the slander machine bully empire created by the Franks. I think I know who you are too.

    He is correct on one thing..

    Eliminate the Superintendent of Schools position just like cook County did 15 years ago. but never ever give that control to the County board.

    Schools can manage the few things this office does.

    For Franks with all that claimed wealth to take medical benefits is just reallycheap..

    Is his sidekick Althof also taking entitlements..never ends.

    The only solution is to get out of this State.

    The corruption smell from Crook County through Jack Franks has made me sick to my stomach..

  8. You mean our Dear Leader was wrong!

    Cal, how dare you!

    Facts are little things that mean nothing to the man of action.

    Our Dear Leader can never be wrong, never be misguided, never be the object of ridicule or review.

    His words are sweet Truths we all must share.

    Dear Leader is the best.

    He’s trying to get his vaunted sons into readiness to assume power.

    And he doesn’t need old Blago for that!

    He’s using the North Korean model of dynastic succession.

    His dad taught him power is best kept hidden.

    But Dear Leader won’t hear of that!

    He needs to hear the cries and accolades from his fearful minions.

    Dear Leader Jack!

    All Hail him!


  9. The absolute cruelty involved in the meatpacking industry and the total disregard for animals and the pain they suffer is evident in so much of Jack Franks History and explains a great deal about his psychological narcissism.

    While most people eat meat very few could actually be involved in the BUTCHERING especially the Gruesome slaughter of America’s pride our Horses and Franks comes from a Horse area of Marengo and clearly his family and he ( He was well aware of his cousins business)have an ice-cold heart toward animal welfare.

    The people of McHenry need to know this.

    It’s a big deal.

  10. Franks is our overlord.

    His slime is everywhere.

    But his reign will end as all tyrannies do.

    Family Franks lost a lot of dough in some bad investments awhile back.

    They need the solar park cash.

    “Whatever it takes!” —That’s the Franks family motto.

    Beware! The Franks are masters of disguise. They can give chameleons lessons in camouflage. Don’t fall for their many tricks. Watch out for their poisonous spikes.

  11. Of course, the support of Abortion by the Franks family goes hand in hand with the lack of respect for life.

  12. The most important financial document of the county is the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR).

    Jack Franks requested that responsibility for producing the county’s CAFR be shifted from the County Auditor, to the County Administration department which is currently headed by Peter Austin.

    The result is the FY 2018 CAFR has still not been released.

    The historical archive of McHenry County CAFR’s on the County Auditor’s website goes back to 2007, and none of those CAFRs were released this late.

    The end of the county’s fiscal year is November 30th.

    Here is the history:

    FY 2017 CAFR released July 24, 2018 by County Auditor Shannon Teresi.

    FY 2016 CAFR released July 25, 2017 by County Auditor Shannon Teresi.

    FY 2015 CAFR released April 29, 2016 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2014 CAFR released May 8, 2015 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2013 CAFR released May 9, 2014 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2012 CAFR released May 8, 2013 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2011 CAFR released May 4, 2012 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2010 CAFR released April 29, 2011 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2009 CAFR released May 10, 2010 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2008 CAFR released May 14, 2009 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2007 CAFR released May 14, 2008 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2006 CAFR released May 1, 2007 by County Auditor Pam Palmer.

    FY 2005 CAFR released March 31, 2006 by County Auditor Ruth Rooney.

    FY 2004 CAFR released March 31, 2005 by County Auditor Ruth Rooney.

    FY 2003 CAFR released March 31, 2004 by County Auditor Ruth Rooney.


    Northwest Herald

    McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks nominates Shannon Teresi as auditor

    by Ed Komenda

    April 10, 2018

    “State law gives elected auditors in counties with a population of fewer than 275,000 people the responsibility of acting as the county’s accountant and controlling financial reporting.”

    McHenry County exceeded that population with the 2010 U.S. Census.

    A proposal now will go before the County Board to shift the functions of accounting and financial reporting from the auditor’s office to the Finance Division of County Administration, which will allow the office to spend more time auditing and investigating waste, fraud and abuse.”

    “‘The taxpayers will get an experienced professional with a sharp eye for detail in Shannon Teresi,’ Franks said in a statement.”


  13. I’m still waiting on when Justice will happen for Breaking our Labor Laws ?

    … funny if a common business man did this he would be in jail now.

    interesting … more handing out of pension jobs coming?

  14. So if the McHenry County Auditor were to be changed to an un-elected position, it would become more like the Illinois Auditor General in the legislative branch of Illinois state government, where Michael Madigan had influence over the nomination of Frank Mautino.

    As a State Representative, Jack Franks observed for 18 years how Michael Madigan amassed power and operated in the Illinois General Assembly.


    Among the the Illinois Auditor General’s duties is to audit the Regional Offices of Education (ROE), including the McHenry County ROE #44.


  15. Elected County Auditors in Illinois

    Sorted by US Census Population estimates July 1, 2018

    The following are the 27 most populous counties in Illinois.

    Cook County, 5,180,493 – no

    DuPage County, 928,589 – yes, Bob Grogan

    Lake County, 700,832 – no

    Will County, 692,310 – yes, Duffy Blackburn

    Kane County, 534,216 – yes, Terry Hunt

    McHenry County, 308,570 – yes, Shannon Teresi (appointed mid term)

    Winnebago County, 284,081 – yes, Bill Crowley

    Madison County, 264,461 – yes, Rick Faccin

    St. Clair County, 261,059 – yes, Patty Sprague

    Champaign County, 209,983 – yes, George Danos

    Sangamon County, 195,348 – yes, Andy Goleman

    Peoria County, 180,621 – yes, Jessica Thomas

    McLean County, 172,828 – yes, Michelle Anderson

    Rock Island County, 143,477 – yes, April Palmer

    Tazewell County, 132,328 – yes, Shelly Hranka. A November 6, 2018 referendum failed 43.41% to 56.59% to eliminate the elected position.

    Kendall County, 127,915 – no

    Kankakee County, 110,024 – yes, Jacob Lee

    LaSalle County, 109,430 – yes, Jody Wilkinson

    Macon County, 104,712 – yes, Carol Reed

    DeKalb County, 104,143 – no

    Vermilion County, 76,806 – yes, Bill Wright

    Williamson County, 67,056 – no

    Adams County, 65,691 – no

    Jackson County, 57,419 – no

    Whiteside COunty, 55,626 – no

    Boone County, 53,577 – no

    Grundy County, 50,972 – no

  16. Mark you only put out part of the information.

    There are more issues with the Auditor’s office.

    Was there foul play when Pam Palmer and Shannon Teresi did not audit Leslie Schermerhorn’s Office ROE.

    We know Illinois Auditor General’s Office had repeatedly revealed material noncompliance with state financial regulations.

    The office has five consecutive years of audits uncovering major deficiencies, which were never addressed or fixed.

    Do you think Shannon Teresi and Pam Palmer made a deal with Schermerhorn when Pam Palmer’s sister Linda Gieiseke was fired from the clerk’s office for failing to do her job.

    Then Linda Gieseke was hired without any job posting to Schermerhorn’s office.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  17. It’s not unusual for the Auditor General to find material non compliance in units of government, especially small ones.

    Typically the units of government don’t have the budget or cost justification to address the issue.

    And typically that doesn’t call for a 2nd audit.

    The audit report has the details.

    Speaking of which, Jack Franks wanted to cut the ROE budget.

    Did he do that?

    And now he’s making an issue of the audit findings not being fixed?

    Because why, he’s hoping to get a Democrat elected to that office?


    So the County Clerk hires her husband and fires an incumbent employee, and that County Clerk was chummy with Jack Franks, who needed money for an electronic scoreboard to record county board votes, and that Jack Franks hired two patronage employees without posting the jobs all rush rush hush hush.

    The pot calling the kettle black?


    This would be the same Jack Franks that rebated residential property taxpayers (ripping off business property taxpayers) for a Valley Hi surplus, instead of attempting to find a way to apply the funds or the equivalent to the underfunded IMRF pensions to save pension interest.


    And Inspector General in the Administration Department instead of an independently elected Auditor General would be a mistake, and even more so with power hungry Jack Franks as County Board Chair.

    Is it a stretch to think he might encourage an audit of a political foe?

    What’s he up to right now?

  18. Nobody better to teach us McHenry County political history than our almost bicentennial sunshine blogger. Jack D. Franks was still a baby during the 1960’s while my sunshine blogger was already over 130 years old. Who are you going to trust then? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  19. Franks raising pork?


    Well if there’s money to be made, Franks has no scruples.

  20. I’m by no means a fashion expert but the photo looks a bit Homosexual !

    Is there any shuffling around in loafers to confirm this ?

  21. @ Jose Lopez Gomez:

    Rumor has it that a certain young (shall we just call him a very close friend) man from Springfield is on the list of those to be called to give depositions in the never ending quest to uncover Franks leadership role in the Illinois Integrity Fund debacle.

    As to the nature of the relationship …. well some already know, and you will have to wait to find out.

  22. Hey “Stand4Crap” is back!

    It’s Bankrupt Mary McClusterfuch and she’s still doing LyingJackFranks’ bidding!

  23. Northwest Herald


    Franks: Coroner’s office isn’t only county office with issues

    by Jack Franks – McHenry County Board Chairman

    September 7, 2019

    “Most Illinois counties don’t have elected auditors.

    Our office was created in 1964 for the purpose of giving the McHenry County Republican Party chairman, a meat cutter by trade, a government patronage job.”



    The Northwest Herald labeled the article a “column.”

    The author of the column is elected McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks.


    Do any other politicians write occasional columns for the Northwest Herald, so readers have a perspective from a politician other than Democrat Jack Franks?

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