IL-06/IL-14: President Trump Leads to Victories in NC Special Congressional Elections, Lauren Underwood Chooses St. Charles for 2020 Campaign HQ

Republicans, led by President Trump, won two special House of Representatives elections in North Carolina on Tuesday in districts NC-03 and NC-09. The NC-03 district is a very safe Republican district and Dr. Greg Murphy easily won election to the vacant House seat.

The real battle, where themes likely to be used in 2020, took place in NC-09, a suburban Charlotte district where Republican Dan Bishop beat Democrat Dan McCready, with unofficial returns of 100% of precincts reporting:

Source: POLITICO Live Stream Returns
Time is Eastern Daylight Time

Both parties spent significant sums of money in the NC-09 race, and given some of the setbacks in suburban districts across the country long dominated by Republicans last November, the NC-09 win could be the trigger and provide all of the Republicans running in similar districts, like IL-06 and IL-14, with adaptable blueprints that could be keys to victories.

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chair Tom Emmer (R, MN) issued the following statement via Twitter:

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, CA), who saw his caucus grow by two members to 199 as a result of these races, issued the following statement via Twitter:

The two North Carolinians will be sworn into the House within days, which is the norm after a special election. The House Republican caucus will drop by one when Congressman Sean Duffy’s (WI-07) resignation is effective a week from Monday, per his decision to resign due to family health issues.

Many on both sides of the aisle, will determine what worked, and what didn’t work in the NC-09 special election, and the findings from those assessments will definitely have an impact in the IL-06 and IL-14 races.

Lauren Underwood Chooses St. Charles as Headquarters for 2020 Reelection Campaign

Lauren Underwood

McHenry County Blog learned Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s reelection campaign has chosen St. Charles to be where her campaign headquarters will be based for the 2020 election cycle.

Underwood’s Campaign recently opened a temporary office in western St. Charles on Dean St. about 2 blocks west of Randall Road.

The Underwood Campaign will move into its permanent office space in St. Charles in a few months. In preparation for the General Election next year, at a later date, her campaign will open multiple branch offices across IL-14, including one in McHenry County, at sites to be named later.


IL-06/IL-14: President Trump Leads to Victories in NC Special Congressional Elections, Lauren Underwood Chooses St. Charles for 2020 Campaign HQ — 23 Comments

  1. Its NC and the seat has been in GOP hands since 1963…Trump had nothing to do with the course of NC.

  2. Trump was a positive in NC. In contrast, Barack Hussein Obama caused a lot of damage to the Democrat Party during his 8 year regime.

    Per a 2017 article by quorum

    “In 2009, President Obama’s party controlled both chambers of 27 state legislatures. Eight years later, Democrats control both chambers in only 13 states. Among the states that slipped from Democratic control are Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa and West Virginia; states key to the victory of President-elect Donald Trump last November. According to a report from the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Democratic Party has lost a net total of 13 Governorships and 816 state legislative seats since President Obama entered office, the most of any president since Dwight Eisenhower.

  3. Fake Nurse’s pix above looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

    Fake Nurse is goin’ down in November.

    Bye Bye Lauren. Jesse Jackson will give you a job over at Operation Push, if he thinks you’re pretty enough.

    Or maybe the Lightfoot will think you’re pretty, and you could get a job destroying Chicago.

  4. John – No included in your ANALYSIS is that in 2016 Trump won this district by 12%.

    Last night the Republican won it by 2%.

    Are districts that Trump won by 12% no longer considered safe districts?

    Also omitted from your ANALYSIS: There are 35 GOP held seats less Republican than NC-09.

    That’s a bad result for GOP.

    Or go with the “Trump leads to victory” in the “real battle” spin and enjoy this YUGE victory and give all credit to Trump.

    (Just know that you know that this is not a huge victory).

  5. Oh, please, there was no ANALYSIS done by me at all in the article so you are dialing the wrong number with “your ANALYSIS” references.

    Only statements of fact were reported which are true.

    While your fact of how President Trump won the district in 2016 is accurate, the objective analysis of NC-09 and yesterday’s results are now starting to be published, and both Republicans and Democrats had positives and negatives, apart from the Republicans winning the seat.

    And DCCC chair Cheri Bustos’ spin aside, this was a win for the Republicans, especially in the face of last November’s House races.

    In spite of the disparity of Republican support in ’16 and last year, NC-09 and IL-14 have many similarities that cannot be ignored, particularly the split between suburban and rural voters.

    As I said, strategies will be adapted from yesterday into IL-06 and IL-14 campaigns, particularly by the NRCC and DCCC. Smart, Republican primary candidates will adapt too, if it leads to winning the nomination in March.

  6. Yes it has been typically Redder than this year but there is also no incumbent that was running either.

    A special election would always give a much closer race just in general.

    When the election ran earlier this year it was much closer than last night, and yes there were not as many people voting.

    However, African American voters increased for the Republicans last night I think in the Fayetteville area.

    I would say that come next year the Republicans will increase their victory margin in NC-9 having an incumbent in there will help.

    Now the GOP is looking to flip 18 or more House Seats which is doable targeting around 55 districts.

  7. John – what is the suburban/rural split? Want to do some reporting? Then report the split. You just put something up about how they are similar without offering anything to back it up. I’d seriously be interested in that spilt. But you didn’t report anything other than a conclusion.

    but your “Trump leads” headline is not an objective fact. Your decision to hammer that point (Trump gets credit here) home by including a Trump tweet is laughable because the tweet is total crap.

    The claim that Trump changed the strategy is dubious at best. But whatever… Choosing to include a Trump tweet, WHICH CONTAINS AN OBJECTIVE LIE that Bishop was down 17 in the polls 3 weeks ago, is either lazy or dishonest “reporting” or “commenting” or whatever you’d like to call it.

  8. Oh offering up writing tips, is like a crack house posting a dress code to class up the place,

  9. John decided to make his post all about Trump, Trump, Trump.

    Trump leads to victory. Look at Trump’s Tweet! If I wasn’t clear, let me kick off this post with “Republicans, led by President Trump, won…”

    It’s an interesting choice… SINCE IT’S SUCH A REPUBLICAN DISTRICT!!

    I wonder if John really thinks that Bishop was down 17 points 3 weeks ago? If he doesn’t believe that then why did he include that tweet with the ridiculous, laughable lies? The only time that tweet should be included in any blog post should be to mock the stupidity and veracity of the president.

  10. Trump might deserve some credit for getting Bishop over the line but it’s weird praise when the race was so close BECASUE of Trump.

    It’d be like if the Bears were playing a bottom-feeder team at home. Mitchell Trubisky threw 3 interceptions and fumbled the ball away in the first 3.5 quarters. But the defense, home field advantage, and refs kept the game within a TD. Trubisky then throws a 10 yard pass to his best wide receiver to win the game and John Lopez writes a story how Trubisky led the Bears to victory!

  11. Bad Nurse gotta cry. Get your resume w/ all its fakery ready Sweet Lauren.

    You’ll be needing it soon.


  12. **And DCCC chair Cheri Bustos’ spin aside, this was a win for the Republicans, especially in the face of last November’s House races.**

    LOL – sure.

    So you’ll be happy with GOP congressional candidates underperforming Trump’s ‘16 numbers by 10 points?

    Also, you strangely left out the reason for the special election, which was explicit and blatant voter fraud by the Republicans.

  13. It’s positively terrifying to see so much devotion to Trump still.

    Less job growth than Obama, massive trade deficit, massive budget deficit, record farm bankruptcies, most corrupt administration in history.

    North Korea weapons.

    Iran seizing ships.

    Russia murdering our citizens.

    Funds designated for our military squandered on “the wall.”

    Every week brings another hurricane of embarrassment for our once great nation.

  14. “I don’t know the difference between a presidential race and a special election 3 years later. Also, I STILL LOST BUT YOU DIDN’T WIN BY AS MUCH AS YOU USED TO SO I SAY I WIN.”

    -alabama boy

    It’s very simple. Congressman Bishop won. The Democrats lost.

  15. Re Joe Kidvera comments –

    The embarrassment we once endured for 8 years was the Obama regime which ended in January, 2017. He and his people were reckless, stupid, lawless and incompetent which included many scandals. First scandal started when Obama authorized an ILLEGAL loan to Solyndra for one-half billion dollars to a principal of the company who was a campaign fund bundler for the Democrat Party. That one-half billion was lost to Americans when the company went bankrupt.

    Next big scandal was the internal revenue department illegally targeting conservative non-profit groups for scrutiny.

    More stupidity and incompetence by Obama and his people when he called ISIS by the term JV for Junior Varsity when they appeared in Iraq. He pulled our troops out way too soon and then ISIS proceeded to take very large areas of Iraq that then required our troops to go back to retake the areas. Bush2 in his last year in office warned about pulling out too soon. Lots of U.S. military lives were lost and hundreds injured in making Iraq a relatively stable country when Bush handed off to Obama. These lives were mostly for naught when ISIS took over large areas and then the U.S. had to go back in with troops to reclaim the areas.

    Who can forget another act of incompetence by Obama when he backed down on his promise of CONSEQUENCES for the Syrian leader if he used chemical weapons. These weapons were used and then Obama let Putin go into Syria to get the chemical weapons.

    One of the most memorable records of incompetence was the Benghazi attack whereby a U.S. official there was pleading for more security from Hillary and his requests were ignored. Then there was a terrorist attack on the U.S. compound there with loss of life and the next morning the incompetent Obama chose to go to Vegas for a political event rather than convening a cabinet meeting about the attack. Then, Obama sent out one of his cronies to Sunday morning TV talk shows to characterize the terrorist attack as people upset about a religious video then had a demonstration that got out of hand.

    Obama in another lawless event broke federal law by unilaterally trading taliban prisoners the U.S. had for one of our military guys held by taliban who had been AWOL.

    There is just so many, many more cases of recklessness, stupidity, incompetence and lawlessness by the Obama regime including the illegal server by Hillary Clinton and her destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice. Too many to list in this space.

    The end of the Obama regime found high placed members of his investigation bureau plotting a soft coup of the next duly elected president. That was execution of the “insurance policy” these members talked about before the Nov 2016 election in the “unlikely” event that Trump beat Hillary and got elected.

  16. Maybe the Dem candidate was just better than Hillary so that’s why he did better.

    Wasn’t he a veteran?

    So maybe that’s why he did better than Hillary.

    …Mitt Romney beat Barack HUSSEIN Obama in 2012. This isn’t rocket science.

  17. LOL – sure, y’all don’t think it’s relevant that the GOP underperformed Trump by 10 points.

    I very much understand the difference between a presidential election and a special election.

    And what the difference means.

    And I’m not sure y’all do.

    **Mitt Romney beat Barack HUSSEIN Obama in 2012**


  18. Underwood, should be eyeing Chicago.

    She fits into the corruption scheme for Chicago.

    Besides, we don’t need any white racists running the 14th!

    We don’t need any racists running the 14th!

    Good riddance Lauren Underwood!

  19. Kvidera, has had one too many of Lauren Underwood’s Girl Scout Cookies.

    Or, maybe he has attended one too many of Lauren Underwood’s lip syncing drag shows. He’s under the influence! BEWARE!

  20. Joey, spare us the tearful drama.

    Trump hasn’t gotten us into a war with Russia as Queen Hillary promised to do.

    In fact, he hasn’t gotten us into any new crazy wars, unlike the Bushes, Billy Clinton and Obongo (international student fro Indonesia at Columbia U., and Pease Prize Phoney.

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