Rachael Lawrence Want “Prognosis Letter” for Recovering Supervisor Chuck Lutzow

As the Algonquin Township Board meeting was beginning cell phones were announcing a tornado warning, urging people to move to a safe location.

Except for the windows at the back of the meeting room, the Board room was pretty safe and the storm seemed to be moving north of the Route 14 location.

Karen Lukasik

Besides transferring $15,000 to pay last month’s bills for legal represention for Algonquin Township Clerk Karen Lutzow, Trustee Rachael Lawrence’s move to discover when Supervisor Chuck Lutzow would return to work caught my attention.

“We pay $60,000 a year to have a Supervisor,” Lawrence pointed out.

“I request a general prognosis letter” about his condiction, she continued.

Algonquin Township Board without Supervisor Chuck Lutzow.

“We owe it to the Board and our constituents to have a Supervisor to lead us.

“Just an idea I had that I’d like us to pursue,” she concluded.

Trustee David Chapman reported that he intends to investigate renting two buses from Pace at $100 per month and retiring two of those owned by the Road District now used for senior bus service.

He said that Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser showed interest in the idea.

Chapman also said he would look into the cost of providing bus service to township residents through McRide, the county adaptation of Pace service not tied to fixed routes.

He is also seeking five volunteers to serve on a senior citizens needs assessment committee.


Rachael Lawrence Want “Prognosis Letter” for Recovering Supervisor Chuck Lutzow — 17 Comments

  1. Sounds as if Trustee Lawrence is looking for another position, other than just a Trustee?

    Asking For A Friend.

  2. A few flicks of Occam’s razor might reveal that staying home “sick” prevents Chuckie from answering questions about the numerous bank accounts he’s opened in multiple states.

    Lordy, I hope there are suspicious activity reports at those banks.

  3. Was Chuck competent enough to sign an agreement with the Road District and a court order on the accounts case?

  4. Would a ‘normal’ Trustee not pick up the phone and call the spouse of a fellow elected individual with medical issues and make inquiry or make a personal visit?

  5. Why’s he still getting paid?

    Actually he never did a damned thing when he was ‘healthy’ so what’s the dif?

  6. Violating his HIPPA rights would be if she somehow got his medical records, not asking him if/when he’s coming back to work.

  7. “Normal trustee” – LOL

    Chuck has plenty of explaining to do considering he agreed to the Road District Settlement.

    Your either are to sick to perform the duties or not.

    Performing duties prior to compliance with required oath being filed is yet another example of crappy legal advice that appears to be the norm for this Township.

  8. Mr. Allen is on target once again.

    Lutzow is playing a crazy game to keep cashing his fat township checks.

    Has a medical professional of any kind (even a psychiatrist) ever provided a note about Lutzow’s actual condition?

    Somebody wrote in this blog he was seen in Lake Geneva stuffing his rather fat face.

    What gives?

    Lawrence is right to ask.

    Did Senor Kelly advise Lutzow to go a sick lam to avoid the hot seat?

    Is Lutzow actually drooling in a stroked out sick bed or is he tooling aroundd Lake Geneva.

    Inquiring people want to know!

  9. There is no exception that would allow Lutzow to perform SOME functions, like signing settlement agreements with the Road District but not others.

    He is either fit to perform the duties or not!

    “If the office is temporarily vacant, the temporarily appointed deputy may perform the ministerial functions of the vacant office until the township officer submits a written statement to the appropriate board that he or she is able to resume his or her duties. The statement shall be sworn to before an officer authorized to administer oaths in this State.”

  10. “Performing duties prior to compliance with required oath being filed is yet another example of crappy legal advice that appears to be the norm for this Township.”

    But yet you always absolve and defend Gasser, and have never criticized Hanlon.

    The two that are costing us the most. Your hypocrisy is showing.

  11. Stephen you are clearly confused.

    Please share the article where we “absolved” or “defended” Gasser as you claim.

    And while you search, don’t confuse truth with your opinion.

  12. Stephen IS confused.

    Hearts in the right place but his lack of knowledge in matters is dangerous.

    The Miller Klan, the former and present elected township officials and The current uncooperative trustees, clerk, supervisor and Atty are what’s cost the taxpayers of this township dearly!

  13. Kirk, where is any criticism of Gasser and Honlon.

    Your lack of opinion on Gasser and Hanlon speaks volumes.

    You and John both came to Gassers defense during Saltgate.

    Not confused just see through your BS.

    You accomplish nothing but pander to those to stupid to see what you do.

    Stupid-Gasser and Hanlon are also costing us dearly.

    They have not won anything in the courts yet just keep trying, egged on by the dogs.

    Another idiot Gasser backer.

  14. I know Kirk it’s hell getting old when you can’t remember things or keep track of your own BS.

  15. Stephen you made a statement if fact.

    You can not back it up.

    We reported the facts and the truth, later confirmed by state, no crime was committed as many tried to claim.

  16. Pokorny you’re an idiot whose anger is misdirected!

    Stop making a fool of yourself.

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