Skillicorn Criticizes Schofield on Property Taxes

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn on Carolyn Schofield’s Primary Challenge Announcement

Allen Skillicorn

Crystal Lake, IL – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) is issuing the following statement on Carolyn Schofield’s announcement to run in the Republican Party Primary for the 66th District.

Perennial candidate Carolyn Schofield is once again announcing her intention to run for State Representative in the 66th District.

Voters in the Republican Party will be given a clear choice between a committed conservative who is resolutely opposed to tax increases and a candidate in Schofield who has never met a tax increase she didn’t like.

She once told Kane County GOP Executive Vice Chairman Jeff Meyer that the reason she supported so many property tax increases over the year was because the voters were not paying attention.

Public servants should always be on guard for the taxpayers whether they are paying attention or not because protecting taxpayers’ hard-earned money is the right thing to do.

The Illinois General Assembly already has a bunch of tax hikers.

We don’t need more.

My record on taxes speaks for itself.

I have and will continue to stand up for taxpayers.


Skillicorn Criticizes Schofield on Property Taxes — 9 Comments

  1. Skills should get another lady to run, splitting the “I only vote for women” bloc,

  2. Omg, you crack me up with that skills bs.

    Like he has some special talent or something.

    Does he let anyone else call him skills?

    Or is it just you?

  3. Skillicorn is right.

    She’s really a Democrat posing as RINO.

  4. Ever notice how Skills says the popular thing but never can follow through?


    A fool is a fool Skills.

  5. Follow through on what?

    What do you want him to follow through on?

    Are you implying Carolyn is a more taxpayer friendly candidate?

  6. I’m on a data guy.

    I would like it if Skillicorn would list all of the times she voted for tax increases.

    I would also like it if he would provide a source for her quote about voters not paying attention.

  7. Steve, that would be political gold.

    Do it, Skills!

    I heard her campaign complaint against Allen is that he just says no to everything and that she would reach across the aisle.

    Nothing like screaming ‘I’m a RINO!

  8. Schofield, doesn’t have what it takes to be in office.

    Clearly, Schofield does not work for the people.

    Skillicorn, is one of the best things to ever happen for the people of Illinois.

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