Good Crowd at Patrick Kenneally Fundraiser

Inside the Lincoln Farmstead barn where the McHenry County Pro-Life Victory PAC will hold its $40 Pig Roast Sunday, September 22 from 1-4.

A new venue was in play for McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s fall fundraiser.

It was at the Lincoln Farmstead, north of Huntley and south of Route 176.

We arrived late and were writing out the check as Kenneally was thanking those from his office and others who attended.

The news of the night was that the 6th Congressional District has a third candidate in the Republican Primary election.

He’s Dr. Jay Kinzler.

This is not the first time Kinzler has run.

He challenged U.S. Representative Peter Roskam four years ago, losing 2-1.

So, now there are three candidates:

  • Jeanne Ives
  • Evelyn Sanguinetti
  • Jay Kinzler

Other candidates like appointed Judge David Gervais were seen passing petitions.

David Gervais

Cary Fire Protection District Trustee Mark Guerra introduced Angela Byrnes as “my candidate for Coroner.”

Angela Byrnes, Mark Guerra and Lori Parrish

Former McHenry County Board member Michael Rein was passing petitions for the same office.

Jin Kearns and Michael Rein

There was one candidate I saw–Jim Marter–who is running in the 14th Congressional District.

Jim Marter and Joe Tirio

Opponent Jim Oberweis also had a woman passing petitions for his candidacy.

Four members of the County Board let me know they are running for re-election:

  • John Reinert
  • Jim Kearns
  • Tom Wilbeck
  • Jeff Thorsen

Other County Board members seen were Lori Parrish and Joe Gottemoller.

Wilbeck was squiring around Barrington Hills Village President Marty McLaughlin.

Marty McLaughlin and Tom Wilbeck

When State Rep. David McSweeney announced he was not running for re-election, he said he hoped that McLaughlin would run for State Representative.

In 2016, there was a three-way contest for the GOP Senate nomination:

  • Dan McConchie- 36.6%
  • Casey Urlacher – 32.8%
  • Marty McLaughin – 30.6%

Out on a balconey of the big barn, State’s Attorney Kenneally was holding court.

Patrick Kenneally

The only other municipal official I noticed was Cary Village President Mark Kownick.


Good Crowd at Patrick Kenneally Fundraiser — 19 Comments

  1. Ship of fools.

    All aboard.

    Was Bobby Miller or his repulsive daughter in attendance?

    They owe much to Patty Cake.

  2. Looks like a bunch of sleazy used car salesman, debating the best gimmick to rip you off.

  3. I wonder if Joe Walsh will endorse Kinzler again and if Reinert will submit more fraudulent signatures like he did last time.

  4. Reinert (not Rein) is backed by 1.) Bobby Miller; 2.) Jacko; 3.) Pat Kenneally; 4.) NWH fake news (Bye Sylf: don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out!); 5.) Angel; 6.) The Acosta, and of course, 7.) Sippy Cup Lawrence and her pal Marky Guerra.

  5. The haters want to ‘get’ Pat Kenneally bc he’s not hateful enough for them.

    And they want to kill newspapers that print facts by and large.

  6. Joe Walsh doesn’t have a platform in which to endorse any longer.

    His Walsh Freedom coalition is all but busted up after his year of petty Trump bashing.

  7. Heard some interesting things there last night.

    You’ll be surprised at who will be running against Franks.

    And what security measures will be taken to keep a certain whacko fake Republican drunkard (working with Franks) out of upcoming events, fundraisers etc.

    They don’t even want her money!

    guesses welcome…Go!

  8. I have yet to figure out why, particularly among millenials, more social events are taking place in a “barn” setting.

    There are now “barns” built specifically to hold weddings, and I guess that is something millenials are doing more and more.

    Will this continue to “Gen Z”?

    I just cannot figure out why one would hold a wedding at a barn.

    And now political fundraisers are taking place in barns, too.

    Guess I’m just old fashioned.

  9. Really, is there any remote value in Mark Guerra’s “endorsement” especially for this candidate who voted Democratic, and who conveniently omitted the fact that her husband, who is “in law enforcement” is actually employed in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department?

  10. John Lopez, those are gay ‘marriages’.

    The cloacal activities of gays belong in a barnyard.

    So it all fits.

  11. UnderweirdNow, what do you mean Fake News NWH prints “facts by and large”?

    I Heard the fake news was closing down operations.

    Maybe Franks and Daddy Franks will buy the belly up fishwrap and rename it “Northwest Franks Pravda.”

  12. Yes, and those dirty, dirty secrets are all going to come out!

  13. Ms Trumpiion, who says they haven’t already in a sense? Something to think about.

  14. It seems that everyone is afraid of the newcomer…


    I say welcome her! We need new blood and a fresh face than the usual cronies that are around.

    The “usuals” are losing steam and are why the coroner’s office is messed up to begin with.

    I saw that she pulled a dem ballot 11 years ago…

    The way that I look at it- have you ever done something in your 20’s that you regret?

    Talk to her, as I did, and you’ll quickly understand that she isn’t a looney leftie and is very much a conservative.

    I talked with her at an event and she knows her stuff and actually has the experience to run that office, unlike the other candidate who seemed lost in the sauce.

    I haven’t heard anything out of his mouth on how he’s going to fix the office, but Mrs Byrnes actually has a plan laid out. I hear that more and more people are getting behind her and I am too. The other guy not so much.

  15. In the last picture Kenneally looks intoxicated.

    Hopefully he didn’t drive afterwards.

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