John Pletz Sets Up Saturday Morning Coffee for Evelyn Sangrinetti and Justin Hansen

From Republican Precinct Committeeman John Pletz:

Many of you know I am a strong supporter of our former Lieutenant Governor, Evelyn Sanguinetti, who is running for U.S. Congress to represent the 6th Congressional district.

We lost Peter Roskam’s seat to Casten and we will be taking it back.

I believe she is the most electable candidate.

Kelly and John Pletz with Evelyn Sanguinetti

Not just because of her character but also because she is what our party needs to bring to Washington.

A conservative who happens to be a lawyer, the first Latina Lieutenant Governor in the United States of America who can be the fresh new face in Congress.

The Democrats tout the women of color who are liberal beyond compare.

We have a very, very electable woman here. Please join me in bringing the 6th back to our party.

To that end: I’ve secured the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce’s board room for Saturday, September 14th, 2019 at 9:00 am.

We can meet and chat with Evelyn and get to know her.

She’s springing for the coffee and I think she said doughnuts.

Justin Hansen

I’m also strongly supporting Judge Justin Hansen for his re-election here in McHenry County.

I’ve invited his honor to join us.

So, here is another chance to get face time with a good man who, I believe, is honest, fair and a solid caring family man.

I met with him at his home a month ago and got to know him on a personal level.

I told him I would work for him.

I like this guy.

We’ve also attended a number of chamber events together.

Oh, and I’ve had many interactions and attended many events with Evelyn and heard Evelyn speak a number of times.

I guarantee you will be impressed with her, she is the epitome of the “American Success” story.

Please come and join us on the 14th.

I will be walking my precinct with one or both of these fine folks.

Part of the American form of government requires getting petitions signed in order to even get on the ballot.

So, if you can, please join us as we walk and talk to our fellow citizens.

God bless and let’s make it a great day,


John Pletz Sets Up Saturday Morning Coffee for Evelyn Sangrinetti and Justin Hansen — 20 Comments

  1. Would not expect anything else from a supporter of the NWH.

  2. Another Science Man just claimed drinking 8 cups of coffee a day will make you live longer.

    Bad news for everyone. I’m now relentlessly drinking coffee to be immortal.

  3. Trust Act Sanguinetti.

    How much did McHenry tax payers shell out in law suits because of this Sanctuary Law?

    Why does Evelyn want McHenry County to pay higher property taxes?

    Don’t forget the sheriff rents beds to ICE for detainees.

    That lowers property taxes.

  4. I’m only here for the rewards points and money saving discount coupons.

  5. Evelyn is Not a good choice.

    The Trust Act would allow release of all Ice inmates, which causes a LOT of problems and she supported.

    Just a Rauner flunky.

  6. “We lost Peter Roskam’s seat to Casten and we will be taking it back.”

    You know how I know that statement is false?

    Because John Pletz said it.

  7. Jeanne Ives is running against her.

    My money’s on Ives!

  8. Hansen cannot be “re-elected” since he has never been elected; he was appointed to his position and is now running for election.

  9. Mr. Pletz loves to do sudukos. {will not do the difficult ones, tho) He also like to watch cartoons.

    Yet we are supposed to accept his recommendation for ‘Sanctuary State’ Evelyn.

    NO way. IVES!

  10. Thursday night, at Patrick’s event, I spoke with Gordan J. Kinzler, M.D., S.C. and he is running for the 6th as well.

    We spoke for something less than 10 minutes, but he has a strong resume.

    This was news to me because I’d not heard of him or anyone else running for the 6th.

  11. Mr. Pletz, got an article up concerning Dr. Kinzler.

    He hasn’t “formally” announced his candidacy, nor has he filed any papers with the FEC.

    Four years ago when he primaried Roskam, he waited until October 1 to formally submit his candidacy to the FEC.

    That means no campaign disclosures from him until mid January.

    He did raise a little over $200K for his 2016 race, with little over half coming from himself.

    His Financial Disclosure statement for his 2016 bid was still online and the link to it is in the article.

    He’ll need to file a new one for 2020, but it gives people an idea of who he is, financially, and where he earns his income.

    He is in his early 60s, making him the oldest candidate in the field.

    Yes, his medical experience and his veterans/military background make him formidable.

    All three candidates have their strengths and opportunities.

    Something to remember, and something I’ve noticed, the 2 Latinas, Sanguinetti and Catalina Lauf, are getting by far the most attention from the Democrats, especially the Leftists/Progressives/Liberals, so the electability argument for now is with Sanguinetti if one goes by what the opposition concerns itself more.

    That would be worth discussing, too.

    I’m guessing Sanguinetti will be doing meet & greet at Cary Main Street Fest after leaving CL CofC, and possibly stopping by West Dundee for HeritageFest before heading back to DuPage(?).

  12. Sanguinetti is no Latina, neither is the laughable Lauf with her German Daddy and surname.

    When will the GOP stop putting up opportunists with fake minority lineages to try and co-opt the changing electorate.

    Good Bye GOP!

  13. UnderwoodNow, so by your logic former New Mexico Governor and Cabinet secretary for President Clinton, Bill Richardson,
    was not Latino, too, right!?

    As I said before, Sanguinetti in IL-06 and Lauf in IL-14 scares/worries leftists, and UnderwoodNow just proved my point.

  14. **Sanguinetti is no Latina, neither is the laughable Lauf with her German Daddy and surname.**

    Well this is dumb…

  15. Did Evelyn support Rauner when he made Illinois a sanctuary state for illegal aliens? If so, that is “troubling”.

    A Tribune article of Aug 2017 stated in part:

    “With mariachis performing in the background, Governor Bruce Rauner signed the TRUST Act on Monday, at a Mexican restaurant in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, officially barring cooperation between Illinois police departments and immigration officials.

    The TRUST Act, valid in all cases except where a federal judge has issued a warrant for arrest, will make Illinois more welcoming to immigrants and refugees, according to its supporters.”

    Notice the bias in the article. Legal immigrants do not have to worry about police or ICE. Illegal immigrants do have to worry about this unless a state or city grants them safe harbor which is a violation of federal law. But, the tribune failed to distinguish between these two types of immigrants AND strongly implied that all immigrants are the same. Legal and illegal.

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