IL-06: Jeanne Ives’ Campaign HQ Open House September 14

If you’re in the Wheaton area this afternoon, you are invited, per the Ives’ Campaign’s Facebook page:

The Wheaton College Thunder are not playing football today with an off week, so McCully Stadium traffic should not be a issue on a mid-September Saturday.

This is at the corner of Warrenville and Roosevelt (IL Hwy 38) Roads.


IL-06: Jeanne Ives’ Campaign HQ Open House September 14 — 12 Comments

  1. When I was younger, I was always voted Democrat, because my Dad & Mom did (Dad was a Chicago Fireman (LT.))I’ll be voting for Ives. Over the last decade or so, I considered myself an ‘independent’ because the Democrats were so anti-American (hated religious people, supported late term abortion, favored illegal aliens over citizens who are already here).

    Now I consider myself a Republican. Why? The Democrats are too far left.

    I will be voting for Ives! Why? Because she stood up for normalcy against the ‘transgender’ craze.

    Now a transgenender has announced ‘her’ candidacy for Cook County judge and trashes Ives.

    Democrats have become the party of mental illness, degenerecy and and soul-sickness.

    Yes, I support Trump, too and not the clowns of the Jackass Party who are ruining the Country.

    Here’s the article —

    After the dust settled from the Cook County Democratic Party’s two-day internal melee to pick candidates for the Illinois Supreme Court and Cook County State’s Attorney, party leaders announced that they made history.
    During an impromptu press conference called to announced the results of the party slating session, State Sen. Don Harmon, who is also the Democratic committeeman for Oak Park Township, read 13 names off a handwritten list of candidates whom party members had voted as their picks to fill vacancies on the Cook County Circuit Court.

    One of those candidates was Jill Rose Quinn, a 64-year-old family attorney from the city’s Northwest Side who would, if elected, become the first openly transgender judge ever to preside over a courtroom in Illinois. She is the first transgender candidate the party has ever endorsed.

    While the power of a party endorsement is limited in higher-profile races, the volume and relative obscurity of circuit court judge candidates means that landing a spot on the Democratic ticket is crucial to their victory.

    Quinn’s name made its way onto Harmon’s list after years of build-up and appeals from her family, local Democratic party officials and from Phyllis R. Frye, the nation’s first-ever transgender judge, who encouraged the Northwest Side attorney to run for office.

    But Quinn said some of the credit also belongs to President Donald Trump, whose election angered her enough to lean into public life — and to State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) whose inflammatory gubernatorial campaign ad mocking transgender people sharpened Quinn’s anger into a mission.

    “You just don’t go stir up hatred like that, in a way that could inspire people to attack someone,” Quinn told The Daily Line. “I was so filled with anger — I thought we were past that.”

    In response, Quinn recorded her own video, identifying herself as a “transgender citizen” and a candidate for judge in the county’s 10th subcircuit. She called Ives’ ad “disgraceful.”

  2. Transgendered are beautiful people.

    Quit being some judgmental old coot and have a little tolerance for people unlike yourself.

    Are you racist, too?

    Seems like it.

    You’re a perfect recruit for this blog which will someday be removed from the net as hate-speech, which it assuredly is.

    If you really want to find out what’s what, you can start here:

  3. When I was younger, I always voted Democratic. I just could never support an ideology that demonizes immigrants and the working class while favoring corporations and the wealthy. Today, I will continue voting Democratic. I just could never support an ideology that demonizes immigrants and the working class while favoring corporations and the wealthy. Go Bernie Sanders 2020! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. UnderwoodNow, transgendered people are confused about their physical appearance, and want to change from one gender to another, that is their choice.

    But with all the surgery’s that are needed, to go from a man to looking like a woman, changes the physical appearance, but not the Brain.

    More life long confusion and doubts, for the rest of their lives.

    I would hope as time passes by, the victims are able to sue the Congresswoman for her aiding and promoting, with their confusion.

    As A Nurse, she should know better than to promote this as normal.

  5. I got a gay brother that left the Democratic Party because he said he has all his rights m, he is not discriminated against at all.

    He’s accepted fully by co-workers, has wonderful neighbors, and has a supportive Conservative family who advocates for ALL American citizens.

    There’s absolutely no reason to vote democrats anymore.

    They stand for nothing but stupidity, witch hunts, lies, illegal aliens, destroying constitution, destroying economy, socialism, infanticide. Only mentally ill people unaware of facts vote for that party.

  6. CFlyGirl your comment is appreciated, and true of most gay folks, Thank You.

    We need less Government, and even more the Politicians, Special Interests should be held accountable for using individuals, as pawns to get votes and donations for their cause, at others emotional expense.

    Angel and Tom, you are being watched carefully, your slippery slope of disrespect for individuals and their quest for individual rights, is going to wind up in quicksand which will, very slowly take your breath away.

  7. All my LGBTQ friends vote Democratic and are proud progressives. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Re: ” Special Interests should be held accountable for using individuals, as pawns to get votes and donations for their cause, at others emotional expense.”


    That of course would include all Teacher unions which are fully supported by the ‘pawns’.

    Unfortunately most parents hand their children off to those ‘teachers’ for indoctrination.

  9. Angel what exactly is a “progressive”, in your own words please?

    What is the Purpose of being LGBTQ,a recruitment group?

    Show a little respect for those that want to live an Independent Life, with Less Government and a private sexual life.

    They deserve better, than to be exploited about the sexual orientation.

  10. Out of owner, do you mean ‘prawns”?

    Because that’s what low life, bottom feeders they really are!

  11. What a misnomer, so-called progressives. If you read, listen to so-called “progressives” they are actually regressive in that they would institute failed socialist/communist practices and make laws that would move the U.S. in position toward failed nations such as the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, East Germany and others. The greatest danger to our nation are proclaimed progressives including the thug Hillary.

  12. Thank you professor! Your intelligence illuminates our way and brightens our democracy. It turns out conservatives are the real progressives. Enjoy the nonsense. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

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