IL-06: Jeanne Ives Interviewed on WBBM At Issue

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Former State Representative Jeanne Ives was interviewed on WBBM’s At Issue program and broadcast on Sunday, September 15. At Issue is usually taped on Thursday prior to the Sunday broadcast.

The interview with Craig Dellimore includes multiple issues and is quite informative.

Ives is running for the Republican nomination in the 6th congressional district, including all of Algonquin Township in McHenry County, currently represented by Democratic Congressman Sean Casten. In addition to Ives, former Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti and Dr. Jay Kinzler are seeking the Republican nomination next year.

The broadcast will be repeated at 9:30PM CDT on Sunday the 15th. The podcast is available online at the following address:


IL-06: Jeanne Ives Interviewed on WBBM At Issue — 3 Comments

  1. Craig Dellimore is a fake news PoS.

    Gay agendaist.

    His Facebook site says he’s a dedicated ‘Progressive”

    What more does one need?

  2. Dellimore is also a union hack according to his linked in hype.

    His many ‘softballs’ to Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jr., Lightfoot and Obama stack up.

    Biased? You bet.

    But he’s black, so it’s OK.

    Listen how he tries to make a big issue out of last year’s Ives funny TV ad.

  3. -Just another biased media ‘celebutards’ like Dellimore.

    I remember Dellimore saying there were 53 states on the radio once.

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